A List of the Most Commonly Forgotten Things to Pack When Moving

Why is there a need to focus a fraction of your time on learning about the most commonly forgotten things to pack? With everything that needs to be done during the relocation, failing to remember some belongings or even tasks is not unusual. However, with the cross-country move, the consequences of your forgetfulness could hardly be undone. Luckily, you don’t have to boost your memory abilities to prevent it – just copy our checklist, and you will be good to go!

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October 7, 2019 Posted in Moving Checklist

If your goal is to find the cheapest way to move out of state after you decide where to relocate, the last thing you would want is having to buy something you forgot to bring along. So, instead of questioning: “What did I forget to pack?” cross the following components from our list and give yourself a chance of having a stress-free relocation.

Relocation Essentials – Most Important Things Not to Forget When Packing

If you wonder what are the most forgotten items when traveling between homes, you’ll probably want to look at those belongings you are going to use until the last day of staying at the old house. Even if you organize the move to the fullest, that doesn’t mean that the chaos on the relocation day won’t play games with your mind. However, forgetting some relocation essentials could really aggravate you during the move, so ensure to have them always with you.

Medicine and First-Aid Kit – The Most Essential Essentials

If you have some prescribed medications you take daily, you may put them away mechanically, which can result in overlooking them when it’s time to go. Health always needs to come first, so make sure to have the medications as well as prescriptions, if required. In addition, try not to make the common mistake of forgetting to purchase and bring medication that could help you with pain, nausea, or sleep during your cross-country moving – there is no need to add physical discomfort to already existing anxiety about moving out.

A first-aid kit is also a must, especially if you don’t want to find out how car shipping works and decide to go on a little road adventure. Plasters, bandages, hydrogen peroxide, and some antibacterial cream are necessities you should have by yourself in case of an injury. However, with the global pandemic that refuses to lower down, having hand sanitizer and face masks at your disposal is also considered crucial.

A person using a hand sanitizer during cross-country moving
During the cross-country move, you must be protected from viruses

Don’t Forget to Deal With Important Documents

Gathering all of the essential paperwork and organizing important documents are tasks that people often neglect when relocating. Both birth and marriage certificates, alongside the insurances, bank statements, and tax documentation, if not organized, are probably somewhere in your house. You just have to remember to box them up separately from other belongings – they should come with you, not cross-country movers. The problem arises when you finish relocating to a different state only to realize that you forgot to gather medical documentation for the family members or school records if you are relocating with kids – firstly you have to remember to collect them so that you could box them up later.

If you choose to drive yourself across the country when relocating to a different home, you’ll have to book accommodations during the move. That’s why the paperwork pile should contain printed confirmation emails. With them, you could react fast if faced with some misunderstanding about booking. It may sound like a negligible task, but forgetting to do it could cause some unnecessary relocation stress along the way.

The Importance of Electronics and Chargers

There is a very slim chance of your telephone, laptop, and tablet not being packed – after all, they have become a part of who we are, and we learned not to go anywhere without them. Unfortunately, their chargers may not share the same faith. It often happens that people plug their electronics the night before the move and accidentally leave the chargers behind when they exit homes. Double-checking if you have all of the electronics and their portable chargers with you must be on the checklist for relocation to another state. After all, how would you survive the trip without them?

White chargers on the table
Putting chargers for all of your electronic pieces in your relocation bag is easy to overlook

Necessities for the New Home You Don’t Want to Forget

You should choose some of the best-sized boxes for relocation when it comes to your move-in essentials. It would be best if you could apply the skills of boxing up fragile items as well as packing up plates into those boxes that will come with you during the move. Of course, you’ll remember boxing up your dishes in general, but forgetting a glass and a plate for all family members alongside some cooking utensils is very frequent. Yet, you’ll need those utensils from day one, so ensure to use the packing paper as well as the plastic wrap or any other packing materials to protect them carefully.

As well as in the kitchen, you could name several essentials for each room in your new house – you could use some bedding for the first night of rest or the towels for the shower after the exhausting day. One of the most common moving mistakes is forgetting their importance and boxing up those necessities with everything else. There could be some period between your arrival and arrival of the movers from the long-distance moving company – ensure you’re not left without those essentials.

Lastly, people often overlook those items movers won’t move, such as cleaning supplies, so when the relocation day comes, they end up thrown away. However, if you remember to box them up and bring them with you, you could cross them off your new apartment shopping lists and save money when deep cleaning your new home.

A person cleaning a house after long-distance moving
Cleaning supplies should come with you during the relocation

What Not to Forget When Packing – Belongings That Are Good to Have Nearby During the Move

The following objects are not necessities per se, so people don’t remember to bag them and bring them along. However, they could do wonders and increase the quality of your cross-country trip. Whether you’re relocating after college, making a college packing checklist, relocating with your family, or moving to another state alone,  having these belongings by your side could make you feel a lot better.

Clothes and Toiletries Will Make You Feel Refreshed

Boxing up your clothes is a no-brainer when relocating. Bringing a change of clothes on the relocation trip, however, is a different story. If you don’t want to feel dirty after the first few hours of travel, we suggest you find a place in the bag for a few wardrobe pieces.

Learn easy ways on how to keep clothes from wrinkling and adjust your style when moving to a different climate. Ensure to box up warm clothing when moving in winter or if you choose to settle in some of the best mountain towns. On the other hand, pick something lighter if you move in the summer. Don’t make the common mistake of forgetting weather-appropriate gadgets such as umbrellas or sunglasses.

Different toiletries, such as shampoo, toothbrushes, toothpaste, hairbrush, and alike, should be part of your luggage as well, so don’t box them up with everything else. You could indeed buy them almost anywhere, but why waste any money when you probably have some half-used product that could serve their purpose just fine during your travel?

Choose Only Best Snacks to Boost Your Energy

Most people fail to remember that not all food is good, so forgetting to bring some quality snacks is a common occurrence. Instead of picking some cheap potato chips and chocolate, choose healthy snacks such as protein bars, nuts, or almonds which have high nutritional value. It is also important to remember to stay hydrated, so pick a reusable water bottle and have it full whenever you can. And don’t forget about your furry friends if you’re relocating with pets – remember they also need their treats.

If you have no idea what kind of snacks to bring along, check out the video below and get some ideas:

Why Is Entertainment Important?

If you are moving with kids, bringing entertainment for them is a necessity. Forgetting to pack toys could lead to many nasty looks from other plane passengers. And furthermore, having favorite toys with them from the beginning will help your kids adjust to a different town and a new house easier.

If you get a reliable auto transport quote and also choose a moving company to help you with relocation, a large weight could be lifted off your shoulders. It also means that with a trustworthy moving company and its long-distance moving services, you’ll have many free hours at your hands during a long cross-country move. That is why entertainment pieces could be good for you, too.

Forgetting to bring some form of entertainment leads people to overthink about the relocation itself and if everything is going to work out the way they hope – remember that more stress could cause some type of relocation depression. Instead of rethinking everything, use the time to read that book, listen to your favorite music or play games that will help you relax – long-distance movers will take care of the rest.

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Out of Sight, Out of Mind – Remember Items That Are Not at Your Fingertips

Hiring professional packing services could be an excellent choice for getting rid of relocation stress. They will help you move efficiently by boxing up the belongings, moving furniture, and relocating each piece to a new house, so you wouldn’t have to move by using a rental truck. However, even the best professional packers can’t box up something that is out of the house or just out of view, and neither could you. When thinking about which belongings are most commonly forgotten, rethink if you have:

  • Belongings in some storage units
  • Hidden valuables
  • Stuff you borrowed to a friend or a family member
A row o storage red units
A common moving mistake is forgetting your belongings in storage units

What Should You Not Forget When Packing for a Trip Between Homes – A Few More Tips

We prepared some more advice you should remember if you want for the relocation to go smoothly, so keep in mind that:

  • Nowadays, people have become dependent on virtual money, so forgetting to put some cash during the trip has become a common mistake. Ensure that it doesn’t happen to you – always have some banknotes in your bag.
  • Keeping some multifunctioning tools, such as a Swiss Army knife, could be a lifesaver in unexpected situations.
  • Of course, If you’re relocating with a newborn, remember to prepare a baby bag.
  • Ask a question: “Which of my belongings long-distance movers near me won’t move?” so you could remember to box them up. For example, you must learn how to move plants on your own because they are often not movable objects for movers.

If you are looking for an easy way to learn some of the best tips about moving plants cross-country, watch the following video:

Boxing up Tips That Will Help You Deal With the Most Commonly Forgotten Things to Pack

Thinking about what to pack when you’re going on a trip is not the same as thinking about boxing up your belongings before the relocation – the second is way more complex. Remember to follow the next moving tips so you’ll be sure that everything is packed:

  • Create a list of the relocation inventory – it would be beneficial for boxing up it will make unpacking after the move
  • Keep in mind the size of your inventory and decide when to start boxing up to finish everything on time. Organizing a last-minute move or having to pack quickly are the usual reasons for something getting forgotten.
  • Cover rooms one by one and keep multitasking to a minimum,
  • Ask for help – two pair of eyes see more than one,
  • Be prepared to double-check every area and surface before you lock the doors
a woman writing an inventory list for a cross-country move
Creating lists is the best way to stay on track

Enjoy Your New Home From the Beginning

It is crucial that, after you pick a city to live in, you maintain a positive attitude and focus on the benefits of moving. That, however, could be impossible if you become frustrated and annoyed because something is left forgotten. No matter what are your reasons to move, assuring that everything is packed should be on your relocation to-do list. Only when you cross out every item we previously mentioned, you’ll be able to say goodbye to your old house and continue with your relocation cold-headed and with a feel of the excitement for everything that awaits.

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