Shipping a Car to Another State: Pros and Cons

How to load your vehicle when moving

As the world of the internet expands, more and more drivers are purchasing their cars online. This type of transaction has several key advantages, especially considering that purchasing a used car from a fellow private party tends to be much cheaper than going to a dealership. When you make these kinds of purchase online, you can also pull from a more varied pool of automobile makes and models.

In most cases, when you purchase a vehicle through the internet, you’ll have to ship your newly purchased car across state lines. Auto shipping is a burgeoning business that has profited from the internet car purchasing trend. Also, many people executing a long distance move pick these types of auto shipper to help manage the moving process a little better.

Shipping your Car: The Methodology

There are a few ways to ship your car across state lines, so let’s take a look at some options.

1. Shipping by Rail

This is the fastest method. Shipping by rail can help you cut down on road debris and the delays that are often associated with the trucking industry. This is also your most expensive option.

3. Shipping by Open Truck

We’ve all seen these car transport trucks. This is going to be your cheapest option, but shipping this way exposes your car to flying rocks, damage due to other drivers, and the weather.

2. Shipping by Enclosed Truck

Widely considered one of the most protective forms of vehicle shipping, this method fully encloses your car so that it’s not exposed to any of the road conditions that can damage it.

Shipping your Car to Another State: The Pros

This process, like anything else, has a plethora of pros and cons that you should consider. Let’s take a look at a few of each.

1. It’s a Great Way to Move Multiple Cars Hassle-Free

If you are buying multiple vehicles from an online private party, or you are just in need of a way to transport your vehicles to a new home, using a dedicated vehicle shipping service can be advantageous.

While this will cause the cost of the vehicle transport to increase, personally driving multiple cars across state lines will require either manpower or additional trips. In addition to this, with a shipper, you won’t have to create a convoy of vehicles, which can actually be dangerous.

2. It can be Cheaper than Hiring a Friend to Drive your Car

One of the best features of shipping a vehicle using a shipping service is that you don’t have to incur additional costs. When you have a driver transport your car directly, he or she can fold additional costs into the equation like room and board.

Also, a professional driver or friend won’t necessarily have the insurance that a professional shipper has. The U.S. Department of Transportation requires that all shippers have liability and cargo insurance, which typically covers up to 50,000 in damages to your vehicle. In most cases, a hired driver simply won’t have this degree of coverage; meaning you’ll have to foot the bill.

3. Shipping your Car is Simply Less Stressful than Driving it Yourself

Where are you going to stay? Which states have the cheapest gas? Are you going to have to drive another thirty miles before the next rest stop? You can experience any of these stressful situations while driving for long distances, so why not let someone else deal with them?

Moving can be a strain, so while it may seem adventurous, adding a 19 hour car trip can actually be a nightmare. Professional shippers know the road and are far less stressed than you might be when making a long road trip.

4. Professional Shippers Provide Professional Level Service

This is especially important if you drive a classic or luxury vehicle. Driving one yourself to a remote location puts additional miles on the odometer, and a long drive can also expose your baby to the aforementioned rigors of the road.

With a profession shipper, you know that this is their livelihood. Most shippers will take extensive care of your car, ensuring that it’s well-secured, protected from harm, and have the tools to ensure your cars well-being. In addition to this, any driver will have the appropriate licensing, like the stringently maintained CDL, which confirms that they can handle vehicle transport.

Shipping your Car to Another State: The Cons

1. You Don’t Experience the Road Yourself

The United States is chock full of beautiful vistas. If you drive your vehicle from state to state, you’ll experience many of the serene environments and small towns that can be found along the way. In addition to this, when you make your vehicle transport a certified road trip, you can bond with friends and family in a way that has become increasingly rare.

Highway travel has been the cornerstone of American travel for almost a century. There really isn’t a better way to get to know someone than travelling with them for hours while listening to your favorite tunes.

2. The Process can be Costly

This is especially true if you plan on transporting several cars. Typically shippers charge by weight, so it’s a great idea to have less than a quarter of a tank of gas in the car, so that it’s not quite has heavy. Also, remove absolutely all of your personal items from your vehicles, so that your car is as light as possible.

Even when you take these steps, the shipping process can cost quite a lot. For the most part, you can expect to pay about $50 dollars for every 100 miles traveled per car. At this rate, a trip from NYC to Atlanta would cost about 450 dollars; not accounting for weight charges.

3. Depending On How Your Ship, Your Car Can Get Damaged

As we covered in our methodology section, how you ship can have a large impact on how your car arrives. When you select an open truck style of transport, flying debris from asphalt trucks and even larger insects can cause damage to your car as it travels to its destination.

Because of this potential damage, it is absolutely imperative that take photographic evidence of the condition of your car; just In case damage does occur to your vehicle. Photographic evidence will confirm that it happened during transport. You’ll need this in case the transport company decided to fight any claims you tender.

Shipping your car across state lines is a great way to make a move easier or add a degree of protection to your online vehicle purchases. When you are preparing for this type of shipping, use this guide to decide whether it’s worthwhile to ship your vehicle rather than drive it.

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