Learn How to Pack Dishes for Moving Easily With a Help of our Simple Guide

If you have a favorite mug, cherished wine glasses, or unique plates you want to keep safe when relocating long distance, learn how to pack dishes for moving like a pro. When you master all the techniques, it will be easy to handle even the most delicate objects.

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September 22, 2020 Posted in How-to

Moving across the country may seem like a long and scary process, especially if you are prepping fragile belongings for the long trip. However, if you know the answers to questions like What is the best way to pack dishes for moving? or How do you pack dishes for moving without paper?, you won’t be too stressed. To make it easier for you, we made a simple guide that will help you choose the right supplies and packing method for all of your breakable stuff.

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Supplies Needed When Packing Dishes for Moving

Moving state to state can take weeks. That’s why figuring out when to start packing is the first step of a successful relocation. First out of the two most popular options when it comes to moving cross country is hiring long distance movers to handle your stuff. However, if you are looking for the cheapest way to move out of state, consider DIYing the whole thing.

Start by collecting supplies that will protect your items during the long trip. Boxing up tableware means you will need some of the most common types of packing materials such as:

  • Paper
  • Bubble wrap
  • Dish boxes
  • Cartons of different sizes
  • Tape
  • Markers or sharpies
  • Labels

There are many things to do before the relocation, especially if you are moving into a smaller home. Before you start picking the best sized-boxes, it is crucial that you declutter and create moving inventory. This way, you will be able to tell how many crates and other supplies you will actually need. Additionally, to avoid forgetting to pack some essentials, create a to-do list and stick to it. Remember, some materials you can borrow from friends and family, while others you can get from nearby shops for free. However, some supplies like dish boxes should be new, because the new cardboard is sturdier and more resilient.

How to Pack Dishes When Moving Using a Dish Box

The list of materials you are gathering should include dish boxes because they are designed to hold tableware and other fragile objects. That’s why they are thicker and more resilient than other crates. Made out of a double-layered carton, they do cost more than ordinary crates, but they are worth the extra investment. Extra padding absorbs shocks and makes for safer transport. If anything is to happen, your stuff is better off in these types of crates.

Crates with dividers for packing bottles
Gather all supplies, and your relocation will go without a hitch.

How to Pack Dishes for Shipping With a Bubble Wrap

There are different sizes and types of bubble wrap you can use. However, the first step is figuring out if the bubbles should go in or out – the right answer is IN. Air pockets should face the object they are protecting because the pattern keeps the article in one place.

Put the material on a hard surface and place the object you want to protect on it. Then, start wrapping carefully. When the whole article is bundled, use tape to secure everything. Make sure the tape is not too loose or too tight, and then you can place the object in the crate.

What Should You Start Packing to Move When Using Bubble Wrap

This is one of those materials you can use for almost all of your household objects. However, while packaging fragile items, bubbles should be the most important material. While you are going around your home selecting items to box up, know that bubbles can be applied on:

  • Chinaware – protecting delicate objects means you need to bundle them up in a protective layer of bubbles.
  • Glasses – are fragile and easily damaged during the trip, so pay special attention to them. Those glasses with long and thin stems or crystal ones should be wrapped individually to prevent any friction between them.
  • Vases and antiques – these might not be the part of tableware, but they are pretty delicate and require special attention during the boxing up process.

When you are done boxing up, don’t forget to write with big, bold letters “FRAGILE” and “HANDLE WITH CARE” on your crates. This way, your cross country movers will know to be extra careful with your belongings.

What Exactly Are the Advantages of Using This Material

When it comes to practical supplies, there is nothing better than bubbles. Not only does it provide excellent cushioning, but it can also fit any shape, and it is easily secured with the tape. That’s why it is widely used by every professional long-distance moving company that offers packing services and every person DIYing their move.

It provides safety because the air-filled bubbles give superb protection against vibrations and shocks. When you wrap your items in it, they are protected from chipping, dust, and scratching. This material is easy to use, and you don’t need previous experience to know how to put it around all of your sensitive objects. Additionally, bubbles are cheap and great for your budget.

How to Pack Dishes for a Move With Packing Paper

Choosing the right type of paper is an essential factor in successful packaging. When you are buying supplies, go over the hardness and thickness of the paper because the thicker ones will be better for padding, while the softer ones will be easier to put around items.

When handling tableware, be prepared for a lot of bundling. Whether you are putting the material inside the glasses or around mugs and plates, it all comes down to having as many protective layers around items as possible.

How to Pack Dishes for Moving Without Paper

Your packaging process shouldn’t stop if you run out of one particular supply. If you use up all of the paper when boxing up your belongings, don’t worry; there are a few tricks that can help continue. For starters, newspapers can be great substitute material. With them, you can pad crates and fill empty spaces between articles. Also, if you have old shirts, towels, and rags, they can be great bundling material.

Box filled with padding paper.
The right thickness of the material will add protection to your stuff.

How to Protect Stemware and Other Glassware Before the Relocation

During the whole interstate moving process, you should pay special attention to keeping safe the delicate objects you have in your home. Stemware is the most fragile tableware because it is made of thin crystal and glass, making it very sensitive and easily breakable. Before you put these objects in crates, you should know how to protect them properly. Start by stuffing them with padding to strengthen them. Then bundle them in the paper, and add another layer of protection by putting bubbles on top. Don’t forget to visibly mark boxes your stemware is in so that state to state movers know to pay extra attention to them.

What Is the Fastest Way to Pack for a Move When Boxing up Glasses

When moving interstate, the question of how to pack glasses will come up at some point. Get pre-made crates with cardboard dividers so that your glasses don’t bump one another during the trip. If you don’t have dividers, try to put enough padding material inside of the crates. Towels, shirts, and sweaters can be used for cushioning if you are out of peanuts. Grab each glass individually and put it in paper first, then in bubble wrap. When you are done, and the glasses are in the crates, fill empty space, and secure boxes with tape.

More than a few fragile items ready for packing.
Stemware is very delicate, and you should pay extra attention to it.

How to Box up Plates in a Few Easy Steps

No matter how large or small your household is, you surely have some plates that need boxing up. To avoid losing them during the long trip to your new residence, the boxing up process is essential. Start by preparing the crates. Reinforce the bottom and sides of the box with tape, and then test their strength with your hand. This is an important part of the process. You don’t want to pick up your crate and then have all the plates fall out of it from the bottom.

Once you are certain the container is ready, put some padding in it, creating an additional layer of protection. Wrap every plate individually, and then put the pile in the crate filling empty space with the padding material of your choosing.

Should You Stack Them Vertically?

One of the quick tips that will save you a lot of trouble is – stack your plates vertically instead of on top of each other. This reduces the pressure on your delicate objects, meaning there is a smaller chance that they are going to get broken during the trip. When you put them inside the crates, just make sure the empty space is filled with padding material before you seal it.

Couple using bubble wrap to pack stuff in boxes.
Bundling will save you the trouble of buying new tableware.

A Few Tips on How to Pack Dishes for Moving

Relocation can be overwhelming, there are so many things to think about and so many things to do. If you want to be more efficient and less stressed, go over some of the best packing tips:

  • Get rid of things before you start boxing everything up. This way, you will not only use fewer materials, but you will save time on handling things you don’t actually need in your new place.
  • Use paint buckets to protect round shaped items like plates. Just stick them on top of one another, and fill the empty space with padding supplies. These buckets are sturdy, and you won’t have to worry about them breaking open.
  • You might not have restaurant racks, but if you can get them, they can be excellent tools for transporting tableware.
  • Styrofoam can be used as padding between breakable dishware. Place them between objects and secure them with the tape.
  • Don’t forget to label every crate and write down the room they should go to. This way, unpacking after the move will be a much easier task.  When you know which container belongs to which room, you won’t have to rummage looking for your stuff.

Cleaning Your Home Will Be Easier After You Box Everything Up

When the clutter is gone, and boxes are ready to be loaded onto the truck, all that’s left to do in your old place is clean up. Without furniture lying around, you will easily reach all nooks and crannies of your home and clean them, leaving it spotless.

Boxes properly labeled and neatly stacked by the wall.
Following our tips will ensure your whole relocation process runs smoothly.

Movers Know What the Best Way to Pack Dishes for Moving Is

If you want to overcome the moving stress caused by a tedious relocation process, ask yourself, “should I hire long distance movers near me to do all the grunt work”? Professionals will not only box up your delicate belongings they will bring high-quality materials, and make sure that the moving process goes smoothly.

Call your relocation company and ask for a free quote. When you know how much movers cost for a one-bedroom or two-bedroom apartment, it will be easy to calculate whether you can afford professional assistance. If you can, the professional cross country moving company will make sure all of your belongings are safely transported, no matter if the crates are going to storage or to your new home straight away. All you will have to do is kick back and relax while your delicate belongings are in experienced hands.

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