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Things to Know About Packaging Fragile Items Safely

When packaging fragile items, make sure that you have enough packing material — stock on everything from boxes to pencils and tape. If you are planning on tackling this task all by yourself, give yourself enough time to do it. You would not want to lose a favorite mirror or expensive crystal glasses just because you wrapped it in a hurry. If you decide that you need help in the form of a professional company, do your research and pick the one that best suits your needs.

How to Pack Glasses for Moving Things to Know About Packaging Fragile Items Safely

Packaging Fragile Items – Box Delicate Objects the Right Way

When packing delicate items, think in advance and get moving boxes of different sizes, since not all of your belongings are of the same proportions.

Having large containers doesn’t mean you have to fill them entirely. Keep in mind that heavy crates won’t be easy to lift. And they won’t fit one on top of the other if they are overfilled.

Buy containers ranging from small to large. Then, load smaller boxes with heavier belongings and fill the large ones with lighter pieces. Also, if you are the one that loads them into the truck, make sure you put heavy containers on the bottom and lighter ones on the top. 

Pack Your Cardboard Boxes the Right Way

Not all of your objects are square-shaped or round. Some of them are asymmetric and uneven, which makes them harder to put into boxes. Fragile objects that come with uneven edges should be packed with the utmost care.

Take the box, set a blanket, pillow, or a piece of clothing on the bottom. Then, take a cautiously wrapped piece and put it atop of it. After that, you should place a pillow or another blanket on it to protect your items from top to bottom. 

Don’t Let Your Belongings Shift During the Move

When transporting easily breakable pieces, you want to avoid them clicking and clacking on each other. To prevent that you can use box dividers. But the best way to stop elements from banging on one another is to wrap them up. Pack everything up and try to fill the void between objects with rags, towels or other cushioning materials. 

Label Everything Before Your Moving Adventure

To add up on the security of your belongings, try to label them appropriately. You should use markers to write “fragile” on top and the side of the cartons while making sure that the sign is visible no matter how the box is positioned. This is important, especially when you hire professional movers to load and unload your belongings.

Packaging Fragile Items - Box Delicate Objects the Right Way

Bubble and Plastic Wrap

Bubbles and plastic are among the essential supplies when it comes to wrapping delicate objects. 

If you want easily used supply that will protect your fragile things from hits, shocks, and vibrations, bubble wrap is for you. 

Let’s say you have a stack of plates that need to be packed. Bundle them in bubble wrap individually. And then envelope them with plastic, preventing them from hitting each other. Fill leftover space with paper, and you will be ready to move dishes. 

Don’t Bubble Wrap Your Items Too Tightly 

Easily breakable pieces must be appropriately packed. But it is also important not to wrap them too firmly. By doing that, you can put objects like glasses at the risk of breaking. The pressure that is created when they are firmly pressed together can make them crack or break entirely.

It is important to secure every piece of glass individually with paper or bubble wrap.

Other Packing-Related Materials 

Choosing adequate material is a vital step in ensuring your delicate belongings are safe. Boxes and bubble are among the most used supplies, but depending on what you want to protect, you can use:

  • Duct tape – keeps the containers closed and your belongings inside protected
  • Foam peanuts – it can be used to fill empty spaces in crates with delicate objects. If you don’t want to use paper or rags, pillows, and towels, this is the solution for you.
  • Craft paper can be used as a protection or a filling material.

Try to get at least some of these supplies if you are relocating on your own. It will make the process more efficient and your belongings intact. But if you are hiring a company that offers packing services, they will bring with them all the necessary supplies and make the move easier for you. 

Other Packing-Related Materials 

How to Pack Glasses and Large Items

Let’s be honest, most of your breakable belongings are made of glass. So, having that in mind, you should first know how to pack glasses for moving. You will need to wrap each, individual glass in a paper, or any other wrapping material. Try to put ticker glass objects on the bottom of the crate.  

When packing large glass objects like mirrors and picture frames, you should pack them individually. If you stack many of them in one box, it will take more manpower to move it. Start by putting tape over the glass. Duct tape will absorb any vibrations that might make a glass crack. Use foam frame protectors on corners of big pieces. Don’t save on bubble wrap and other material when you are filling the space in containers. 

Should You Get Insurance? 

No matter how dedicated you are to ensuring the safety of your belongings, you can’t control every aspect of your relocation. So, if there are some treasured and rare objects, you should think about insurance. Having it will ensure that you have peace of mind while your objects are being transported.  

Packing these things is trickier than it seems.

Hire a Moving Company – Request a Shipping Quote

If you don’t want to raise stress levels by packing your delicate belongings by yourself, maybe hiring a company is the solution you are looking for. 

Now you have to pick one that is trustworthy, efficient, and fits your budget requirements. To do so, you should contact a few companies, check what kind of services they offer and ask for a quote.

When you get all the estimates, choose a company that offers the best services at most reasonable prices. Have in mind that when relocating, you will need not only packing but moving, storage, and car transportation services. That is why you should pick and contact a company that can do it all!