How to Pack Fragile Items With the Best Professional Tips

However complicated and hard it may seem to go through the whole ordeal of the relocation process, the part that is probably the most nerve-racking is the packaging part. And packaging breakables tops it all. So, you wonder how to pack fragile items and worry less, and above all stay sane? Don’t worry, there are some awesome tips out there, that will keep both your favorite glasses and your nerves undamaged.

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November 5, 2018 Posted in How-to

We use glass and other delicate materials in our everyday lives, we drink and dine from it, and look through it from our homes, and store precious perfumes in it. Glass is made out of sand, and it can be formed in nature when lightning strikes a beach. It’s so resilient, that it will last long after we are gone (it takes a striking 1 million years to decompose,) and it’s a completely recyclable material, which doesn’t lose its purity or quality. When it breaks, the cracks move at 3,000mph, and that’s 5 times faster than an average airplane.  Now, breaking glass, or any other breakable item while we relocate to our new home, is something we strive to avoid, so let’s look at some tips on how to pack fragile items for moving.

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It’s Important to Carefully Wrap Your Delicates and Put Them in a Box

If you are an art lover or a passionate collector of fine china, the fact that these are all valuable, yet easily damaged things is enough to make you feel overwhelming anxiety, with relocation on its way. With relocating from an apartment to a house move-out day drawing near, you are probably dreading it and wondering “how do I protect my fragile packages.” Packaging fragile items must be done with care because none of us like to look at our favorite vase with cracks on it, and that’s a probable scenario if you don’t approach this task determined to do it properly. And for that, you need some awesome relocating tips to help you achieve it.

Glass vases with flowers
If you love flowers, you probably own a lot of vases

Stock up on Cardboard Boxes and Other Supplies

Every breakable item in our home must be approached a bit differently when you want to prepare it for transport, but there are some things that they all have in common. These are supplies needed to package everything, and they should be a part of every relocating across country checklist. When packaging delicate items, be sure that you have enough material that you will need to secure your belongings so they can arrive whole to their destination. Stocking up on them is one of the most crucial things to do before relocating. If you are planning on tackling this task all by yourself, give yourself enough time to do it properly and with care. You would not want to lose a favorite mirror or expensive crystal glasses just because you wrapped them all in a hurry, and that means packaging quickly must be avoided at all costs. So, what to use to pack fragile items? Here are different types of packaging materials that you will need:

  • Get your hands on lots of cardboard boxes of various sizes, and keep in mind that they should be sturdy. It’s not a bad idea to find some plastic bins with lids, too.
  • Get some good old packaging tape and lots of it. It’s way better than the plain duct tape, because it’s way sturdier, and you wouldn’t want those packages to open while they are being carried.
  • Painters tape is a perfect solution for mirrors and glass-covered artwork and photos.
  • The tape dispenser will make closing packages much easier, and after a few attempts, it’s easy to master.
  • Cushioning materials are equally important as cartons and bins. Stock up on Packaging paper and bubble wrap (arguably the best packing material for fragile items), but avoid crumpled newspaper, as it leaves marks on the glass.
  • Foam peanuts are also a good solution for cushioning and they can be used to fill empty spaces in crates with delicate objects.
  • At last, don’t forget scissors, and a marker. You should label those packages, so those who transport them will know to handle them with care.

Choosing adequate material is a vital step in ensuring your delicate belongings are safe. Having large containers doesn’t mean you have to fill them entirely. Keep in mind that heavy crates won’t be easy to lift, and they won’t fit one on top of the other if they are overfilled.

Cushioning supplies in a package
Adequate materials will keep your breakables safe

Tips on How to Pack Glasses and Other Delicate Objects

Let’s be honest, most of your breakable belongings are made of glass. So, having that in mind, you should first know how to package glasses, and if you’re wondering how do you pack fragile figurines, apply the same process. You will need to envelop each, individual glass in paper, or any other wrapping material to avoid contact between them during transport. Try to put thicker glass objects on the bottom of the crate, and avoid placing them besides packed pots and pans, because that’s a certain way to have them smashed to pieces.

If you’ve managed to hoard up variously sized crates and packages, load smaller ones with heavier belongings, such as packed plates, as well as packed dishes, and fill the large ones with lighter pieces. Also, if you are the one that loads them into the truck, make sure you put heavy containers on the bottom and lighter ones on the top.

Use Cushioning Materials for a Stress-Free Move

When wondering how to package fragile items for shipping, you want to avoid them clicking and clacking on each other. To prevent that you can use box dividers, but they might be unavailable, and another good way to stop elements from banging on one another is to wrap them up. Bubble and plastic wraps are among the essential supplies when it comes to wrapping delicate objects. If you want an easily used supply that will protect your delicate things from hits, shocks, and vibrations, bubble wrap is for you. Let’s say you have a stack of plates that need to be packed. Bundle them in bubble wrap individually. Then comes the time to know how to use plastic wrap. Enveloping those bundles with plastic is the answer to how to wrap fragile items for more security. This way, you’re preventing them from having contact with each other during transport as well as from jumping around. Finally, fill the leftover space with paper or packing peanuts, for additional safety. To see how it works in practice, check out the following video.

Packing Fragile Items for Moving – Mirrors, Artwork, and Photos Need Special Attention

An important thing that is on your relocating to-do list is taking care of larger delicate pieces, and you won’t be able to secure them properly if you don’t follow important advice. When packing large glass objects like mirrors and picture frames, you should separate them. Not all of your objects are square-shaped or round. Some of them are asymmetric and uneven, which makes them harder to put into boxes. Delicate objects that come with uneven edges should be packed with the utmost care. If you stack many of them in one box, that’s a one-way ticket to damaging everything. Start by putting the painter’s tape over the glass. It will absorb any vibrations that might make a crack in the glass, and by using the specialized tape, you’re making sure you won’t have any residue to clean afterward. Put foam frame protectors on corners of big pieces. Don’t save on bubble wrap and other materials for cushioning when you are filling the space in containers.

Label Everything Before Your Moving Adventure

To add up to the security of your belongings, try to label them appropriately, and don’t let labeling be among those things to forget when relocating. You should label the top and the side of the cartons so that the sign is visible no matter how the box is positioned. This is important, especially when you hire long-distance movers to load and unload your belongings. If your delicates arrive undamaged, you will avoid shopping for them again as one of the things to do after relocating.

Labeling the carton
Label the containers, to avoid unpleasant surprises

How to Pack Fragile Items On a Budget

If you are on a tight budget, using your household belongings to secure the delicates is a perfect solution. Gather everything soft from around your home, including blankets, towels, old clothes, and even socks, and use them for cushioning. You can place a blanket, pillow, or a piece of clothing in the bottom of the box. Then, cautiously envelop each piece in a towel and put it atop of it. After that, you should place a pillow or another blanket on it to protect your belongings from top to bottom. If you’re surprised that we’ve mentioned socks, one of the best relocating hacks is to place glasses inside them, for a perfect cushioning. It’s a great on-the-budget tip if you’re wondering how do you wrap a fragile object, but you’re short on money. Also, you don’t have to spend money on cardboard packages, any local liquor store, a retailer, or a bookstore may give them for free. You can also check out FreeCycle for free used boxes.

Place your figurines and wine glasses into socks for perfect cushioning

What if I Need Storage?

Many of us need some time to prepare our new home, before bringing all our stuff in, so placing it somewhere safe will help you move efficiently. Preparing your breakable belongings to have them stored for some time shouldn’t be any different than securing them for transport. If you’re going to need a storage service, be sure you’ve followed every tip, and labeled the packages properly, so the professionals will know to handle them with care.

Pack the Fragiles Into a Box and Consider Insurance

If you’ve searched for “long distance movers near me” and determined how to choose a relocation company that will suit your needs, you can decide to use their packing services. This way, your belongings are going to be covered by mandatory liability insurance. But, you can’t control every aspect of your relocation when moving fragile items. So, if there are some treasured and rare objects, you should think about getting a full insurance policy. Having it will ensure that you have peace of mind while your objects are being transported.

Signing papers
Getting insurance is a good tip

Hire a Moving Company and Completely Avoid Any Hassle

If you decide that you need help in the form of a long-distance moving company, do your research and pick the one that best suits your needs. If you don’t want to raise stress levels by packing your delicate belongings by yourself, maybe hiring professionals is the solution you are looking for. After all, you can manage to finish everything up by following all these tips, but it’s a time-consuming process. But if you hire long-distance moving services, they will bring all the necessary supplies with them and make the move easier for you. The best choice is to sit back and relax and let the professional cross country movers that work for a reliable moving company take care of everything. This way you can have more time to plan and thoroughly organize your move.

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