How to Organize Your Move – Best Moving and Packing Tips

If this is not the first time that you’re moving cross country, you probably know the drill. If it is, get ready for the mess. The good news is that the chaos can be avoided if you learn how to organize your move the right way. Stay with us and check these tips for a stress-free relocation.

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You’ve decided that you’re relocating, you found the right place and chose on what date the move will happen. But relocation is quite a complex task, and things often don’t go as planned. To ease the process of relocating an entire household, prepare yourself and come up with a sound plan.

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Create an Inventory List

Knowing what you want to move to your new home and what stays behind will help you a lot by giving you an idea of how much the move will cost and how long it will take to pack everything. Once you create a list of the things that will follow you to your new address, the so-called inventory list, make a few copies of it. That way, you will have an insight into all the belongings that are up for moving, and you won’t forget anything, especially the essential stuff.

Consider Downsizing

Relocation is a great time to get rid of the unnecessary stuff from your house and save yourself of additional costs and effort. Therefore, check every corner to see if there are any items that you don’t use anymore. Besides throwing them out, you might want to donate or sell those things that are in good condition. A garage sale is a convenient way to downsize and make some profit, as well. Just remember that some of the items you intend to sell will need dusting and cleaning before you can put them on display.

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Organize your inventory list by rooms

Choose a Reliable and Reputable Moving Company

After making an inventory of the stuff you’re shipping, find a good relocation company with moving services that fit your budget. It would be best to book a spot on their schedule and have no worries that you’ll have to make any last-minute decisions. A reputable company is properly registered and insured and will give you a guaranteed price, with no monkey business.

Feel free to ask the people from the relocation company if there are any additional costs that you’re not aware of. Also, ask for a USDOT number or look for it on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)’s website. That way, you’ll know if the company is properly registered, and you’ll avoid scammers. Another way of checking the reputation of the company you are considering is by reading the reviews left on their website by previous clients.

Let your movers know if you have any heavy items or anything that will require special handling or custom crating. Check out the guide to what movers won’t move to be sure that you’re not asking for the impossible.

They Can Also Offer You Storage

Just in case you haven’t found a permanent place yet, or you need to wait for any reason before you move in, relocation companies can offer you storage services. Storage units should be climate-controlled, secured, and come with surveillance cameras. Some companies even provide this service without any charge for a month.

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A good relocation company will keep you updated on where your items are during the move

Come up With a Packing Strategy

Take a look around your home and think of all of those things that need to be packed somehow and transported to another state. Not an easy task, right? Don’t just start packing random stuff and realize a day before the move that you urgently need something that’s in some box somewhere. Pack the items you definitely won’t need first, like the stuff from the basement or seasonal clothing. Depending on how much time you’ve got, decide when to start packing for a move to avoid an extremely unpleasant scenario called: a last-minute move.

Measure the Size of the Bigger Things in Your House

Bigger items can usually be disassembled, but in case they can’t, make sure that they can fit through the doors. You can keep the measures in the inventory list because some relocation companies might ask for them.

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Check the dimensions of your new home to see if your items can fit the way you want it

Pack the Boxes

Packing is optional – you can pay for the packing services and let the movers do it for you, or you can choose to pack on your own. You’ll need packing supplies and boxes that are firm enough. In case they’re not, you can always reinforce the walls of the box with additional cardboard and tape. You can also rely on tips for choosing the best-sized boxes for moving.

Put all of your smaller stuff in boxes, but dishes, glassware and anything fragile and breakable should be protected and treated with utmost care. Put the clothes in wardrobe boxes, and make sure to leave enough clothes in suitcases for a couple of days, just in case you need it on the day of the move and in the first few days in your new home. Don’t forget to label the boxes so you’d know what’s inside without opening them. You can add that information to your inventory list, as well.

Pack Your Moving-Day Essentials

All the essentials like personal hygiene, clothes for a few days, and everything that you need on the day of the move should be packed last and should be by your side at all times. The same applies to jewelry or any valuables that you care about. Keep an eye on those bags and try not to misplace them. There’s also a checklist of moving essentials you’ll need to pack that might come in handy.

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Relocating to another state can sometimes last for a month, so single out the essentials and keep them with you

Now You Know How to Organize Your Move Like a Real Pro

If you do everything in this order, you should have no problem with planning your relocation. Finish all the administrative tasks such as sending your medical records to the state you’re going to. You should also get familiar with the procedure of changing your address when moving. Double-check everything a couple of days before the day of the pick-up and keep your inventory list with you. You should have the contact number of your relocation company with you as well, in case you have some questions.

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