The Best Advice to Plan a Last Minute Move

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So you just got an amazing job offer in another city. You have to move as soon as possible, or someone else will snatch up this amazing opportunity. Or you need to take care of an ailing relative in another part of the country. Maybe, your lease expires in a few days, and your new home is miles away. Emergencies and short-notice situations like these usually require that you bundle all your things and move out of one house and into another in record time. A typical move takes about two months. You may only have a month or a few weeks. Worse still, you may have just a few days.

This, however, should not be a stressful time. The move could go smoothly if you plan well and execute the plan flawlessly. Failure to plan your move may result in damage to property. That 42-inch TV you bought to watch football matches with, it could break into pieces. Your expensive refrigerator could arrive in your new home damaged beyond repair. Or your family portraits could be smashed in the process. You could lose a lot of valuables if you don’t execute the move correctly.

There are two options available for last minute movers. The first choice is to do everything yourself; pack up and move without professional help. The second option would be to hire professional movers to assist with everything. Professional movers do not come cheap. Both options can work well for anyone if they plan well. They could also fail terribly. Below are a few tips that will make moving very easy whether you do it yourself or with a moving company.

1. Ask for help

Do you have some friends who can be enticed by a few beers? Call them up. Do you have helpful family members? Tell them to help you pack. You will not be able to stuff all the contents of your house in boxes by yourself so have friends around to help you. To make the process simple, you could buy boxes and label them beforehand. Then your friends will just throw things in boxes. Have some food to motivate them. Have them put all essential items in one box and label it. You will unpack this first when you get to your new home. Apart from being completely free of charge, you could have a whole lot of fun in the process.

2. Hire Packers for your valuables

Do you have some valuable items that may get damaged easily? You and your friends may not know how to pack these things safely. Enlist a professional packer to pack these valuables. It may cost you more in the long run, but it will save you the agony of replacing a damaged item.

3. Designate a storage area

Stumbling over boxes bursting with items is no fun, and it could cause a lot of confusion. Once your boxes are fully packed, put them in a particular area if you still have a few days in the house. Remember to store them with labels facing forward. It will make it easier to know what is in which box.

4. Determine the type of vehicle you want

If you have few items a cargo van from a car rental company would be sufficient for your move. They may even have a small box truck. This would be cheaper than hiring a moving truck. If you have a lot of items that need to be moved, you will require a moving truck.

5. Conduct your research on moving trucks

Just because you are moving on short notice doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get a good deal. Most companies put their quotes up online. You can get the estimates from various companies and compare before you choose one.

6. Contact the company, get details and book

Most companies’ trucks are usually fully booked on certain days of the month. Confirm with the moving truck company if they have any available. You could also work out a price with them based on the distance that you are moving your things to. Inquire if the truck comes with a full tank and a driver. Some companies do not offer drivers. In such a scenario you may have to hire an experienced truck driver or drive it yourself.

7. Enlist friends and family

You have packed up all your things safely. You have hired a truck at a great price. Now it’s moving day. Who will fit all those boxes into the truck? Again, entrust this task to your family and friends. If you have some well-built muscular friends, you are certainly going to appreciate their help.

8. Unpack essentials first

You have arrived at your new home. You are no doubt exhausted. Unpack the box with the essential items first. Unload and fix everyone’s bed. You can unpack the rest of the boxes at your pace.

9. Conduct a thorough research

You are going to be paying the professional movers a whole lot of money. Therefore, you should choose only the best company available out there. Very few companies offer last minute moving services. Most require that you book early in advance and will charge exorbitantly for last minute requests. Therefore, ensure you select a company that specializes in short notice moves. Get estimates from many such companies. Make a comparison and choose that which you can afford.

10. Get recommendations from friends and family

Do you know anyone who has used a moving company before? Ask them how they found the service provided. Friends and relatives will often give very honest opinions about the companies. This will make the selection process very easy. If you can’t get recommendations from people you know, go online and search for reviews. These reviews will inform you of limitations and merits of hiring a particular company. You could also get references from the company itself. Do not allow yourself to be shortchanged because you are relocating on short notice.

Once you have decided on whom to hire, contact the company. Check for their availability on the day that you want to move. You can also let the come to your home and look at what you have to pack and move. They may even give you better estimates once they have seen your property.

Ensure you pack a few essential things yourself. Pack the items that you will need immediately you get to your new house like toiletries and a few clothes in one big box. Put these in your car and travel with them to your new house.

The moving company will usually pack all the other items for you if you hire a full pack package, so you needn’t worry about the rest. If you choose to self-pack however, your friends and family will come in handy to help you pack the rest of the items. You could also select the half-pack option where you pack all the light unbreakable stuff, and they pack all the heavy, breakable things.

Last-minute moving can be very stressful. It may also cost you a ton of money. Your items could be destroyed if you don’t plan your move well. These tips are going to help you move quickly and save a lot of money in the process.

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