Last-Minute Moving – Tips on How to Move in a Hurry

The very thought of last-minute moving promises stress and plenty of hassle for something that shouldn’t otherwise be so impromptu. It’s a major change that affects your social life, career and the entire family, but it’s not necessarily for the worse.

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June 2, 2016 Posted in Moving Tips

According to PainDoctor and a reputable study, one of the most stressful events in life is moving away. It becomes even more nerve-racking when you have to do it in a rush. However, there are ways to approach it with a cool head.

A last-minute move is never recommended if you can avoid it, but if it isn’t, take a deep breath, don’t panic, and keep reading because we offer valuable and actionable pieces of advice that will truly make a difference.

Look for Last-Minute Moving Help

When you find out you have to organize a move in a couple of days, don’t fall prey to the first thing that most people do – start packing on their own. Actually, the first step should be assessing the situation and looking for the right kind of assistance. You need to look for professional long-distance movers who can jump in immediately, and scout for some friends and family members to save the day. More people will help you pack faster, and that way, cut the packing time by a multifold. When time is of the essence, you should let everybody organize things in boxes the way they see fit and not meddle much.

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Reach out to family and friends, as well as professional movers

Find Available Movers

You don’t have much choice when relocating the last minute. This is why you should make a call to long-distance movers and see who is available that day, to help you expedite this relocation. However, beware of the relocation scammers and watch out for exorbitantly high relocation prices.

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Book the available movers for your move

Organize Your Relocation Day

If you have less than three days to move your entire home, you must be systematic and get organized. No time can be wasted, packing should be limited to essential things first and the movers should not be disturbed.

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Don’t Panic

When it comes to a last-minute relocation scenario, it’s really important not to panic and cause a ruckus. If nothing seems to go the way you want it to go, focus on the things you can do to make this process easier. Don’t sweat the little things, because the move is happening, and ultimately everything will turn out fine in the end. It may not happen the way you imagined, but the most important thing is to focus and push through.

Use Our Great Relocation Tips

After you find some assistance, expert or not, and gather the mental strength to carry out the relocation in haste, it’s time to dig out some of the most popular relocation tips for this kind of situation. These little pieces of advice will help you get through the hardest parts of this process and settle in your new home stress-free.

Pack Only What You Need

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to pack everything. If you have trouble deciding how to approach packing, a good way of determining the essentials is remembering the last time you used something. If you haven’t used it for a year, get rid of it.

Get The Most Out Of Your Move

Being in a hurry means that you need to make a few compromises here and there. You may not have had the chance to think everything through if you only have a few days or less, but that doesn’t mean the service you’ll get will be faulty. You can still achieve the best service with the cross-country movers that are ready to help you whenever you say “go.” One thing you can do even if you are running on an extremely tight schedule is to quickly check your mover’s reviews left by previous clients and to verify their USDOT number.

Find A Great Alternative to Movers

All isn’t lost when movers aren’t available. You can look for an alternative by posting a social media plea for people in your area who will respond to it. Of course, you wouldn’t be asking them to work for free, so provide meals and drinks for everyone or even cash incentives. Neighbor’s kid will more readily accept the job if it’s paid.

Use Material From Around The House

A last-minute move usually means having no room to look for packing materials. Use anything you can find in your home: blankets and sheets for protection instead of bubble wrap, towels to pack glasses, plates, and other fragile items, and use your cupboard organizers as a substitute for the best size boxes.

Hunt For Boxes to Reduce the Cost of Relocation

If you require boxes, try your local grocery store or a big retail store. Sometimes, we can’t pack everything in suitcases and there is no time for ordering online. You need to muster up the courage and find a store that has free boxes aplenty. They won’t be mad if you ask them for some.

Explore These Moving-Related Hacks

Just like the boxes, some things you might be able to get for free, or for a low fee. These are things like tape and stickers that will ease the packing immensely. You can also use colored stickers to label the boxes, so you instantly know what goes into which box. It’s going to be a relief with the unpacking after the move as well, knowing which box to put in what room.

Last-Minute Moving Tricks

You don’t want to waste time on neatness at this point. If your moving is just hours away, start packing early. Don’t take things off of clothes-hangers, but leave them on, and just put them in a moving bag. You can use durable trash bags instead if you don’t have real moving bags.

Replace Some Stuff

If you realize you can’t physically take everything with you to your new home, you should change the tactics. If you have some old items that have served their purpose well, consider getting rid of them and replacing them once you’re in your new home. It may not be the most frugal solution, but it might help you speed this process.

Donate Things

Other things that can be left behind, you might want to donate. If you have a few minutes to spare, drive them to the local charity, you will feel better afterward.

Don’t Leave in a Rush

Once the movers have left, do a quick scan of the house. Don’t leave in a rush, even if you had to pack that way. Look for things that may be left behind, and check if all utilities are off.

It Doesn’t Last Forever

No matter how exhausted you may feel now, moving day is a passing phase. You won’t feel as stressed out once you get to your new home, and you will have plenty of chance to rest in the days after the move.

Your Every Next Move Will Be a Breeze

Our list of tips might be a long one, but it’s always good to have something to go off of when relocating at the last minute. And remember, after you successfully execute a relocation at the eleventh hour, your every next move will be a breeze.

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