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Are you moving soon? Then we hope you’ve prepared your new apartment shopping list. Despite what many people think, it is actually better to get shopping for your place over with before moving. This is the only way to make the move-in process stress free. You will be able to settle down more quickly and begin your life someplace else. Have you still not put together a shopping checklist? Then grab a piece of paper, here’s a quick guide on how to do it.

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September 16, 2019 Posted in Housing Tips

Create a New Apartment Shopping List Before Moving

The reason why you will want to do most of the shopping before the moving date is that it will make the whole move-in process much easier. You won’t have to worry about whether you’ll have a place to store your clothes or even a place to sleep on the first night. If you are moving into an unfurnished apartment and have decided to leave most or all of your furniture behind, you’ll have quite a bit of shopping to do. So start making the list! We suggest you create this checklist by dividing the paper into sections for different rooms.

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Bedroom Checklist

Your bedroom will definitely need certain items on the very first day after moving. In other words, without a bed, or at least a mattress, you won’t have a place to sleep. So make sure you buy one before you move in. Other items you should consider buying for the bedroom include bed sheets, curtains, drawers, bedside tables, lamps, and so on. 

Bathroom Essentials

Along with the bedroom, your bathroom and toilet will likely need to be stocked up on the first day. You will want to buy a set of towels, soap and a soap dispenser, a mirror, shower curtains if needed, a plunger and a toilet brush, and anything else you deem necessary. You should check if you need a hot water heater for your bathroom and consider which option is best for you.  You can find a great hybrid heat pump or even a tankless heater for your new home. 


Living Room Items

For most people, nothing in the living room is exactly essential. Sure, you will eventually want to put a sofa there, as well as a coffee table and a TV, but in general, these things can wait until after you’ve settled in. 

Kitchen Ware

What you want to put on the kitchen checklist will largely depend on your cooking habits. Are you someone who simply warms up store-bought meals in a microwave or do you enjoy making elaborate four-course meals? Think about your eating habits and create a checklist accordingly. Either way, you will likely want to buy a microwave, a stove if there isn’t one already, some plates and basic cutlery, as well as pots and pans. Getting a trash can is also a good idea if you don’t want pieces of garbage piling up in your new house.


Other Items

Of course, not everything can be divided into rooms. This is because we tend to keep different objects in different rooms, but also because the layout of your apartment might require some additions. Here are some other items you should consider buying. 

Storage Solutions After Moving

Of course, you won’t get all the unpacking done on your first day. That is why you should think of some storage solutions for the boxes you have yet to unpack, as well as the items you’re still not sure where you’d like to put. Of course, you can always use your moving company’s storage service. If you’d prefer to keep these things in your home, we suggest you buy some nice decorative boxes or drawers that go under the bed.

Sewing Kit, Tools, and First Aid

These are things every household should have. Even if you don’t exactly sew often or aren’t a handyman, these items will surely come in useful in case of emergency. And we don’t have to tell you why having a first-aid kit at home is important.

Essentials for Pets

Do you own any pets? Then, of course, you will want to buy all the essentials for them. Depending on the animal you have, you will want to get a cage or a crate, maybe some toys or food bowls. However, taking your pet’s old toys or blankets might help them adjust to unfamiliar surroundings easily.

Bonus tip: Don’t forget to change your contact information on your pet’s microchip and collar tag.

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Toilet Paper and Other Expendable Goods

Toilet paper is one of those things we only remember we should buy once it’s gone. Don’t let this happen to you. Stock up on expendable items from the get-go. This may also include kitchen towels, napkins, dish soap, and so on.

Stocking Up The Kitchen

You might not feel like cooking as soon as you’ve moved in, but you should still stock up your pantry with some essentials. This includes items such as rice and flour, spices and herbs, bottled water, cooking oil, and anything else you use on a daily basis.

Security Systems

You will want your home to be completely safe from the very first day. So don’t forget to buy door alarms, a fire alarm, a carbon monoxide detector, and, if you deem it necessary, security cameras.

Cleaning Supplies

This is something you should use even before you move in all your things. Your home should be thoroughly cleaned before you put in furniture. Besides, you might want to get some air fresheners to fight off the smell of fresh paint and chemicals.

Toiletries and Cosmetics

Stock up on toiletries that you use for your daily routine. From shower gels and shampoos to face cleansers, oils, and so on, this checklist will largely vary from one person to another. You know best which toiletries you use.

Laundry Room

If your apartment has a laundry room, you should buy some detergent, softener, and dryer sheets from the get-go. Of course, unless the apartment comes equipped with a washer and a dryer, you’ll need those too.


Electronics and Cables

Buy enough extension cables, light bulbs, and other electronic supplies to have a spare in case of emergency.

Portable Fan or Heater

Unless you already have an A/C installed, you should get a portable fan or a heater, depending on the time of the year, to get you through the first couple of weeks.


Hardly a necessity, but definitely something that makes an apartment feel like home, the decoration also deserved a place on this checklist.

Anything Else that Comes to Mind

Is there anything we haven’t covered? Then feel free to add it to your checklist.

Hannah Michaelson

Hannah is a freelance relocation writer from NYC that has become an expert on packing and unpacking.



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