Everything You Need to Know About Moving with Kids

Moving with kids requires extra preparation and planning. They are a part of the whole process, and they should be included as much as possible, according to their age. It is something that will shape their lives for the years to come.

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December 8, 2017 Posted in Moving Tips

It is up to you to decide what is best for your kids, but that doesn’t mean you should exclude them entirely. Look for input from your children, at least about setting their new room as they wish. This is such a blunt example, but it will help them to feel safe and like they are actually in charge of something because youngsters love to act like grown-ups. It is a normal mimicking period of their life in which they learn from their parents’ example.

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Start Preparing Them Weeks in Advance Depending on Their Age

If you are dealing with toddlers, they will have a lot of questions, some of them will even make you laugh. Try to answer them all so that they can understand. If they have grandparents in your current city, explain to them that they will be able to visit their home for holidays, as well as neighbors, friends, favorite parks, and playgrounds. Engage your kid in this process creatively. If they can draw, make them describe on paper how they imagine their new home.

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Take into consideration the age when you are preparing your kids for the relocation

Guide to a Stress-Free Move With Kids

Preparing your child for relocation is crucial here. Start talking about all the positive changes that will come with your relocation. Ask them where they would like to go, and what places to visit. You have to implement the possibility of change in their minds and how that change can be good. 

If your youngsters love particular places or have good friends in your current city, try to visit them as much as possible. Tell them that they will be able to visit again on some vacation. They shouldn’t feel all this as a definite departure from the people, things, and places that mean something to them. 

Another important step on your part is to research kids’ attractions in your new city and shower your offspring with pictures of those places. Turn a relocation into an adventure that comes with a lot of good stuff. They should have the final say when it comes to the decoration of their room, within your means, of course. Their room is their secure place from where they will start to experience and explore their new surroundings.

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It is possible to relocate with kids without losing your mind

Common Mistakes Parents Make and Tips on How to Avoid Them

  • You may think that you are trying to shield your child by isolating it from the process of relocation, but you are doing quite the opposite. You are throwing them straight into something new that they were not ready for. If you are tempted to hide even the fact that you are relocating to avoid “stressing” your kid, you are doing them more harm than good. 
  • Maybe an even worse situation is to surprise them the day before. They won’t know what hit them from that point on, and they will be prepared to stress out and nothing else. A sleepless night is ahead of you with a lot of questions and possibly even tears.
  • Another mistake is to include them too much in the process, and even the packing part. You should let them pack their things if they want to, with your supervision. Packing all other items, especially fragile ones, is best left to the adults and professionals.
  • Taking the whole burden on yourself is not a good idea either. You will be stressed out for months before the relocation day, especially a week before and your children will feel that. Even if they are not aware of what is happening, they will feel your stress and negative energy, and that is the last thing you want before this important step in their lives. Not to mention the lack of time you will have for them.
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Avoid some common mistakes and you'll have stress free move

Additional Useful Advice for Moving with Kids

A general rule of thumb is to let your youngsters be involved just enough. You would want to finish packing the majority of their toys when they can’t see it. This will help you avoid the situation in which your toddlers take out the toys and make a chaotic mess out of all of the packed items. Staying organized is crucial when relocating.

Moving Day-Related Advice

This is the time when your relatives, friends, and family may help you a lot. You should leave your children at their home when the moving day arrives. While movers load the trucks with boxes, you will have to organize the final touches, and there will be a lot of tasks on hand. You probably won’t be able to look after your children. They should sleep well the night before, have a good breakfast and a bit of fun and play. When the stress of the relocation day is at its peak, they should be somewhere safe and sound. You should let them say goodbye to their old home when everything is all set to go.

How to Pack for the Road and Tips to Make It Fun

You can never be prepared enough for the moving day when relocating with kids. Think about all the situations that may come up and double pack for them. You should all have separate overnight bags with all the necessities like food, water, and clothes. And the trip will be a lot easier if you pack some things for amusement. You can find a lot of exciting road trip games online.

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Utilize tips and tricks and you'll have a stress free relocation

The Long Distance Relocation Is Not Simple but It Is Worth All the Trouble

Long-distance moving is a significant change for your kids, and you should respect that. Include them just enough so that they don’t feel left out and lost. They are small human beings, and they should have at least some say in the matter. Help them go through this big adventure for your family. While you are dedicating your time to the little ones long-distance moving company can do all the grunt work. Professionals can provide you with long-distance moving services that include packing, so you won’t have to worry about boxing up anything. Also, the long-distance movers can ship your car and leave things in storage if you need them to.

Having cross country movers as your partners will leave you with enough free time, you can dedicate to your children. Talk to them, explain the whole situation, and the relocation will go smoothly.

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