How to Decide Where to Move – The Ultimate List of Factors to Consider

How can you know how to decide where to move? What should you think about first? Which factors should be imperative? There are so many questions and even more things that can impact your decision of where to move, and in these moments, any kind of help is welcome. Take a look at our guide before you decide where your cross country moving adventure will take you, without having any second thoughts.

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This will be like a quiz, except no one will be there to evaluate you, but yourself. Take a moment after reading each headline and ask yourself how much does that have to do with you and the current moment in your life. Every long-distance moving is demanding and there are plenty of questions to be answered. Choosing where to live will mostly depend on your reason to move. Are you moving for a relationship? Or you’re moving with kids and looking for a safe neighborhood? Do you plan on moving from an apartment to a house? All of these things (and many more) will have a lot to do with learning how to pick a city to live and find a new home. Let’s see what are the steps when deciding where to move.

So, How to Decide Where to Move and Live?

You probably had some ideas on your mind even before opening this article. The problem is the fact that you aren’t completely sure about them, or you have a few and can’t decide between them, right? The trick is in asking the right questions and thinking every answer through. This could be the best advice for a last-minute move, but we still advise you to give yourself plenty of time, so that you can make your checklist for moving to another state and organize your move.

How Do You Know It’s Time to Move?

The place you choose as your home greatly impacts your lifestyle, habits, ambitions, health, and happiness. Do not take that lightly. When you look at your day, job, surroundings, and environment, you will feel if something doesn’t fit you. It will be like a small pebble in your shoe. If you feel that you can do and make more somewhere else, or that the things around you are a bit too much for you, it’s time for deciding where to move. Don’t be afraid of relocation depression or moving stress – so many people move each year, especially in the US. Being in one town all the time can even have a bad impact on you. There’s a beautiful quote that should lead you through this process: “If the flower doesn’t bloom, change the environment, not the flower.

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How Do You Decide if You Should Move to Another State?

This question mostly brings simple answers. If the climate and people from your city don’t fit you, then the chances are that the situation will be similar in some other place in the same state, unless there’s a drastic change in different parts of the state. For example, the north and south of Italy are like different countries. On the other hand, North and South California may not seem that different, even though they offer unalike opportunities. In case one of your reasons to move is the fact that you’re moving to a different climate, then you should definitely consider moving across the country. You could be moving to the East Coast if you want snowy winters and cooler temperatures, or maybe moving to the West Coast for surfing and enjoying warm summers. It’s all on you and your preferences.

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Ask yourself what impacts your choice of choosing where to live

The Cost of Living Is the First of the Factors You Should Consider Before Moving

Relocating to New York may sound ideal to you, but can you afford it? Before you learn how to change your address when you move, take a look at the prices at the location you’re considering and compare it to your salary. Unless you’re relocating for a job that will provide you with a fat paycheck, you should definitely take a look at what your monthly costs will be. Add rent, utilities, taxes, food, leisure, and healthcare, and compare that to your salary. Does the figure look good? That will be the first pro. If not, continue searching. There’s a website that compares the costs of living in various countries and cities – Numbeo. Check it out and see for yourself if you can afford to become a resident of the place you like, especially if you’re moving cross country.

There Are Ways to Save Money and to Relocate for a Cheap Price

Whether you’re looking for the best Atlanta suburbs or for the best mountain towns to live and work, you can move there with the help of professionals, but for a cheaper cost. Moving state to state is usually expensive – it can cost anywhere from $2,500 to even $17,000, depending on how large is the move, where are you headed, and what is the time of the year. If you want to save some money on relocating and to opt for the cheapest way to move out of state, then choose the best time of the year to move, donate unwanted clothes to the homeless, and learn how to organize a garage sale. That way you’ll not only pack quickly but also pay less to the cross country moving company you choose.

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Get rid of everything you don't need anymore and save money when moving cross country

There Are Many Things You Can Buy, but a Good Climate Isn’t One of Them

Even if you can afford to live in the most expensive city in the world, be sure that the weather there is good for you. Climate greatly impacts our mood, health, and life in general, so your future home should be somewhere where you like the temperature outside. This is one of the crucial parts of learning how to decide where to move.

There are a few cities that have beautiful weather throughout the whole year, but that one period ends up ruining it entirely. – for example, winters in Boston, or summers in Miami may be unbearable to some. If you have certain health conditions, pay special attention to this part of choosing where to live. This is also important if you’re moving with pets. Ask the vet what kind of climate can your pet withstand and what is a big no for them. The same applies if you’re wondering how to move plants – some just won’t grow if it’s too hot or too cold.

Planning to Change Careers in the Future? Have That in Mind When Moving Cross Country

If you’re not close to your retirement or planning an office move because you’re moving a business to another state, think about employment opportunities in the place you’ll be residing. In case you’re planning on moving to a smaller home in a small town, there probably won’t be many companies that are hiring, or you’ll have to drive for hours to your new workplace. Do a quick checkup and see which city has the most companies from the Fortune lists in case you’re looking for a position in a corporate office. Don’t forget to check some of the relocation questions to ask the employer and prepare for interviews. If you’re freelancing, you won’t have those worries.

It’s Easy to Find Places That Offer the Best Opportunities to Live and Work

It’s almost the same in the whole world – destinations that offer the best conditions for living and working are the metropolitan areas. All the big cities have a huge advantage compared to a small town. Chasing a life-long career, changing it, or starting something new is always better in a major city. If you have no problem with living in a high rise, then you just narrowed down your choice.

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Pursuing your career is very important for deciding where to move

Is the Safety of Your Future Neighborhood Important to You?

Nobody really wants to reside somewhere where robberies and car theft are everyday things. Every community has its safe and less safe parts, so do your homework and see how your future neighborhood compares with others you had in mind. Everything is available online today, so visit websites such as Neighborhood Scout, Niche, or Areavibes to see what current residents say. Also, a good tip is to read their local news portals for a while to see what’s currently happening there. Another important thing is not to believe in everything you hear – rent a place and spend some time in the town you plan to live in. That way you’ll have more accurate information and your impressions won’t be based on something you heard from someone you don’t even know.

Don’t Forget About Schools When Thinking How to Decide Where to Move With Kids

If you care about residing in an area with a low crime rate because you’re coming with your family, or you plan to have kids soon, schools should also be another important factor in your choice. SchoolDigger is an amazing way to evaluate the performance and quality of schools in the area you’re considering. When you find the perfect one, pack all the toys and move.

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When moving across the country, be sure you're relocating somewhere safe

Culture and Entertainment Might Be the Most Important Factors to Some

You won’t always be working and sitting in your apartment, so make sure you check what will be your options for relaxation. If you want to go out, see where the cafes, bars, pubs, and clubs are. It will be a great way to meet new people, as well. If you’re more of a sophisticated type, check what are the events that are culture-related: theaters, art galleries, concerts, museums, etc. See if there are any festivals during the year, what are free options to have fun, and what else can you do outdoors.

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Cross country moving to big cities offer plenty of culture

Where Is the Best Place to Relocate? There’s No Definite Answer

No one can answer that question for you, because no one knows what you like, want, and need. Follow the feeling in your gut and move. Don’t be scared because you’re leaving your loved ones – you can always come to visit them, and in the end, there are some advantages of moving far from your family. You will become more independent and self-aware. Make a list of the places you’re considering, filter them through these factors, and narrow down your choice. A reliable moving company with the experienced state to state movers will help you with the packing of your belongings, leaving them in a storage unit if needed, and even provide auto transport. The only thing left after choosing where to live is moving there and starting a whole new chapter.

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