Moving to Another State after College

Graduating college

The hard work and effort paid off! You find yourself celebrating the final graduation. Years of studying and dedication have prepared you for this moment, but the question arises what to do now. Do you finally go on that Euro-trip that has been a dream during long nights studying? Is moving back in with the folks a good alternative, or maybe a completely new environment, and the scenery is needed? This blog is for the adventurous souls that have decided to push themselves and are moving to another state after college. The exciting and somewhat scary life of grown-ups is upon you and it’s time to make decisions on your own and take responsibility. What does it take to move to another state? Trico Long Distance Movers has put together a guide to help the leaders of tomorrow to adjust to these changes. 

Trico’s Guide to Moving to another State

Trico has put together a helpful guide for the brave souls setting off into the world of adulthood. Follow these steps when moving and you will be on your feet in no time.

Secure Employment  

Secure a job
Secure a job

Before embarking on a journey to another state, make sure you will have a way of securing resources once there. Look at the job market there and see what kind of jobs meet your skillset, experience, and needs. Look through a couple of options and make sure to have alternatives if you are not hired there. Setting off to another state is exciting, but it should not be done without a plan and means of covering costs and expenses there. Keep in mind –  it’s not all about the money. There are many other things that affect work satisfaction. Is there room for growth? What is the working environment like? Think about it!

Do Some Research

Take time to research
Take time to research

Many people find themselves sieving through a few places and weighing their options before committing to a certain place. Once you have a couple of destinations that seem ideal, take some time to look into them and see what they have to offer. Research what the area is like, and whether the environment there meets your needs and hobbies. Is it close to larger cities, and if not, are you ok with that? Take the time to really see what a place is about, and imagine already being there. Does it excite you? Good! Start with official websites if they exist, then move on to reviews or google maps. Get the look and feel as much as possible from the online resources.

Secure a Place to Live

Get a place to live
Get a place to live

Depending on the budget you have available, there are various housing options always available. Many choose to rent in their first years alone, and that is a great option since it doesn’t tie you down to the location right away.  Call a couple of places and see what the average rent is for that city. Once there are a couple of places that you really like, move to the next part of the process. Make the appropriate calls to find out the condition of the housing. Try and get in contact with the owner, get a skype call if possible. If everything is up to par, then feel free to mark this task as done.

Contact People you know There

Having someone to talk to and show you around when arriving in a new location is quite refreshing. Ask the people you know, such as family members or friends if they have any relatives or friends that already live in the area. This person doesn’t need to be your friend. Get in touch with them and have them show you the ropes of the neighborhood. He or she may be of much assistance with some tips, such as finding the right place to get a good and cheap meal or being a guide for the dreaded public transportation systems, etc.

Get the Edge

Make things happen
Make things happen

This step can be done either beforehand or when you reach the destination. Take the time to get resources that can help you adjust. These can include maps to help get acquainted with the city, apps to help learn bus routes or find stores of use nearby, exploring neighborhoods and meeting locals with the free time you have will help you fit right in.

Get the Right Movers

Once all the pieces are in place for the move, there is only one thing left to do and that is to find the right moving company to help you get there. Make sure to get professional movers to handle the relocation process. Take the time to do research on the company, any information available online such as reviews and the services they provide will help make a decision. If the company is credible and provides quality moving services, then move on contacting them and getting an estimate for your move. Ask for either a quick or detailed estimate, before making a decision.


We hope that this guide helps the young and ambitious people looking to expand their experience transition smoothly and effectively. Trico Long Distance Movers is here to help in any way we can. Contact our customer care team and see what kind of services and prices we have to offer.

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