Things to Know About Moving After College

Did you know that almost 4 million students graduated last year? If you’re one of them, and you finally have your degree, pursuing a career and moving after college is the natural next step. As a young adult, you have many options to pursue, but before you rush to the relocation process, you should do your research. Go over the essential things like picking the perfect city, finding a supportive community that will be with you every step of the way, landing a job in a prominent company, and renting the first apartment. With the help of our tips, your transition to adulthood will hopefully be smooth and efficient.

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You Will Have to Do a Lot of Research

American financier J.P. Morgan once said, “the first step towards getting somewhere is to decide you’re not going to stay where you are.” Make the first step towards a bright future by conducting thorough research.

Information is everything nowadays, and if you know where to look for employment or housing, you will save precious time. Reach out to your friends and acquaintances or people online and find those who have already relocated after graduating. Many folks can help you overcome relocation stress with invaluable first-hand advice; you just have to know where to look for them.

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Reach out and Find a Supportive Community

Graduating and leaving the dorm life can be a significant change for a person. If you feel overwhelmed by the unknown path that lies ahead of you, reach out and find a supportive community that will help you deal with stress that always accompanies such life-changing decisions.

Support can come in the form of a childhood friend, parent, or an online group of people who have relocated before. Remember, you are not alone, and even though you can tackle the relocation tasks all on your own, it doesn’t mean that you have to.

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Just search for all available information about the places you're considering

Find the Best Cities for Securing a Job

Are you wondering how to pick a city to live in? When moving after college, choosing the right spot to call home can be essential in your career advancement. That’s why you should think about it carefully and pick only after you have gathered all the necessary information. The financial and business news website Business Insider made a list of cities that are the best fit for young adults who are looking for employment.

There Is a Right City for Every Career Chaser Who’s Moving After College

The places that are on the Business Insider list have a high share of young population, low unemployment rates, and high median earnings, making them perfect for all ambitious career chasers who are thinking about moving. Let’s see what those locations bring to the table:


is a midwestern business hub with almost 21% of the young population, which has median earnings of $32,000. The local economy is mainly based on finance, commerce, trucking, and rail services, with the addition of publishing, food processing, and high tech.


with 24% of the young population, has high median earnings of $45,000. This Texas location is in the heart of the booming oil and gas industry. Besides, the lowest unemployment rate in the US makes it perfect for all of those looking for employment in the petroleum industry, education, and healthcare.


is a place with almost 10% lower cost of living than the national average. If you want to save up, this is the place for you. With 30% of the population being made up of young people, you can easily adjust to a new town and find employment in insurance, education, and healthcare sectors.

Washington DC

is the center of government and several federal agencies, and it can be a perfect starting point for all of those who would like to climb the political career ladder. With median earnings of $39,000, higher than the average cost of living won’t be that much of a problem for all of those who decide to relocate to Washington DC.


is home to many national and international companies such as Microsoft, PopCap, Microsoft, and Big Fish Games. A mix of old and new industries makes the city a perfect spot for everybody, no matter what kind of employment they are looking for.


is a center for engineers and people with computer science degrees, not only because many who studied at the University of Texas decided to stay in the city, but also because of the vast offer of companies that attract people from all over the country. Enterprises such as Dell, Aspyr, and Wolfpack Studios (Ubisoft subsidiary), have headquarters in Austin.


is one of the leaders in higher education, with its more than a few national colleges and universities. Here you will find that 43% of young people have at least a bachelor’s degree. If you want to be one of them, start packing and looking for employment in some of the best national and international companies located in Boston.

San Francisco

or more accurately, the heart of Silicon Valley, is where you go if you wish to work in the tech industry. The cost of living might be higher than the national average, but high paychecks make up for that. Also, you will be living in San Francisco, the city that gives you not only excellent employment opportunities but entertainment ones as well.

No matter where you choose to settle down, finding a job might seem like a scary and unknown process. Just prepare a CV, go online, do some research, be prepared for networking, and you will find employment in no time.

Networking Is an Essential Part of Job-Hunting

Did you know that 85% of employment positions are filled through networking? Data collecting site Review 42 shows that 70% of people found a job through connections in the desired company. Numbers never lie, and they are clearly showing the importance of networking when it comes to job hunting. If you want to land a dream job, you might have to schmooze with people over drinks or contact them via sites such as LinkedIn.

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Search for the right place to call home, it will be worth it.

Know How to Rent an Apartment When Moving After College

You’re fresh out of school, so you will probably need some first apartment tips to help you find the best possible accommodation. The most important thing to consider is your budget.

When you know how much money you are willing to spend on rent, it will be easier to locate the perfect apartment. Go over all the documents most landlords require when they are renting out flats, and be prepared when the day comes to sign the lease. If you haven’t saved up enough to live on your own, consider sharing the space with another person.

Living With a Roommate Has Its Benefits

To save up some cash, you might need to share a flat with somebody. Nevertheless, having a roommate is not the end of the world. Before you dismiss this possibility, think about all the benefits that living with somebody brings:

  • You will save some cash on rent and utility bills
  • You will have a partner in cleaning and cooking
  • You might make a friend for life
  • You will save some money on furniture

If having a roommate is not possible and your budget too tight for you to live on your own, there is always an option of going back to your parents’ house, at least until you can get on your two feet.

Moving Back With Parents Is Not a Failure

Don’t despair if you have to stay with your folks for a while. According to a survey done by financial services company TD Ameritrade, almost 50% of Millennials are planning to return to their parents’ homes after they graduate college.

Sharing a space with your parents might not be an ideal solution, but you will have the chance to relax for a bit. Parents can be a great support system when you are finding your footing in the grown-up world, and after all, when you save up enough, you can move out; nobody is stopping you.

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You can have a roommate, go back to your parents, or live on your own; it is up to you.

Make a House Feel Like Home

No matter where you relocate, you should always feel comfortable in the place you call home. That’s why you need to make a new apartment shopping list even before the actual move.

New items will give your space a vibe that is uniquely you. If you want to save up, ask your parents to lend you some things they put in storage – they certainly don’t use them, and you can greatly benefit from them. Why would you spend money on a couch, if your folks have one that they don’t use nor need? If you feel like it, get some color and paint walls. Also, hang some art on the walls, put lamps, and bring your favorite books with you; small touch-ups will make the space really feel like yours.

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With a few touches and special items, a new apartment will feel like yours in no time.

Prepare to Be a Real Grown-Up

“You’ll understand when you are older” – remember how parents used to say? Well, now is your chance to finally figure out what they had meant. Besides getting a well-paid job and not going to classes, your life will probably be subjected to other subtle changes. Bedtime will more likely than not become your favorite time of the day, and movie nights with friends will top crazy nights out. Nevertheless, when you start thinking about your finances, bills, and savings, you will know that you’re well into adulthood.

You Will Have to Buy Groceries and Pay Bills

Now that you are on your own, you will have to cook for yourself, and pay bills. That shouldn’t be such a big deal, but it takes time to get used to the fact that at the end of the month, you need to pay for electricity and water you used. Also, when you start looking forward to staying in and cooking for yourself, you will know that you finally became a real grown-up. Let’s face it; adulthood brings some changes. It will get you to appreciate 2-for-1 deals at the market, as well as those big boxes of cereals and huge packs of toilet paper.

You Won’t Party 24/7

Yes, you are still young and full of life, but the way you partied at dorms will be long forgotten when you step into the real world. Now, instead of cramming for exams, you have to get up early and go to work. Your life will be bound by your work hours and your day-to-day obligations. Sure, you can still party, but those wild nights of binge-drinking will probably be reserved for an occasional weekend.

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Adulthood brings some adjustments to your lifestyle that might surprise you.

Life Is Just Starting to Get Good

No one told you life was gonna be this way,” the song warned us, right? That’s why, when you are done with long hours of memorizing facts and numbers, it is time to put that knowledge into good use. The world is yours to conquer, and don’t let the unknown stop you or scare you. It might not seem like that at first, but having a job that you love and your own money will give you a feeling of independence. You might exchange drinking benders for a game night with close friends, big hoodies for tailored suits, fast food for a home-cooked meal, but all of this means that you are evolving and preparing yourself for the next chapter of life. College days were fun, but what lies ahead is so much better; give it some time and you will see it for yourself.

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