Best Mountain Towns to Live and Work In

Do you feel like you need a change of scenery? Replace smoggy, crowded days with hikes, fresh air, and beautiful views by moving to some of the best mountain towns to live and work in. Depending on your needs and desires, there are a variety of such places to choose from. 

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September 17, 2019 Posted in City Guides

 Are you looking for a place that has great hiking or skiing opportunities? Maybe good schools and job prospects? Many towns can fit your needs, so here is a list of some to help you make the final choice. 

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How to Find the Best Mountain Towns to Live and Work In?

Are you an adventure-seeking person looking for a new place to call home? You should take into consideration a few factors before making the decision. 

If you are moving because of work, you will probably search for a town with low unemployment rates and positive job growth. Or you need a place with cheap housing and good schools for your children? 

There are many mountain towns in the US. But the ones with a high quality of life and a variety of work and adventure opportunities are a bit harder to find. That’s why we recommend the following places to help you make the decision.

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Where to? Utah, Colorado, Idaho or Wyoming? 

All of these neighboring states have their benefits. Which one will you choose depends on your preferences. Park City in Utah has no problem attracting people as a great ski destination. And with a below-average unemployment rate, it is an excellent town to move to. Having public schools ranked in the top 2% nationally makes Park City the right choice if you consider education a top priority.

If you prefer Colorado over Utah, and its famous ski resorts like Aspen and Vail, you should check out Leadville. Resting at 10,150 feet, it is the highest-altitude incorporated city in the US. With a low unemployment rate and robust job growth, this might be the town for you. 

Not a fan of Colorado or Utah? Then Idaho Falls in Idaho might be the perfect solution for you. Positive job growth of 2.5% and a lower cost of living make this place perfect for settling in with family and building up your savings account. The proximity of Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park gives Idaho Falls an outdoors vibe that nature lovers crave for.  

Near the Idaho border, there is Jackson Hole in the state of Wyoming. It is famous for its three skiing areas and the Snake River. It kept the authentic Western culture that can be seen in bars, restaurants, or coffee shops. Also, public schools in Jackson Hole are above average. 

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Telluride, Colorado

Telluride is a small community with a population of around 2,500 that primarily lives off skiing and tourism. As such, it has every luxury facility from five-star accommodations and spas to top-class ski destinations.

This is the place for all that love nature and diverse winter sports opportunities. As for the economy, have in mind that Telluride has below average unemployment rate of 3.4%, while the job market increased by 1.9%. If you are looking for a lively place with excellent job opportunities, Telluride is a place for you.

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Boone, North Carolina

If you are looking for the right balance between work and free time, this small college town in the Blue Ridge Mountains is the place for you. The average price for a house here is $220,700. And job growth is higher than the US average, with an unemployment rate of 3.5%. Education, tourism, and retail are the top three employment industries, so you should take that into consideration when choosing your next homeWhat makes Boone a great town to live in is the combined culture and arts scene that comes with the university and the outdoor lifestyle.

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South Lake Tahoe, California

Do you like being outside and fishing? Then South Lake Tahoe might just be the perfect place for you. After a long day of work, you can enjoy winter sports, water sports, many bike trails, or hit up the casinos.

Job growth in South Lake Tahoe is positive, with an increase of 1.7%, which is a good thing. You are going to need steady employment and a stable income so you can afford the median house that costs $452,100. Home prices were up 7.9% in the last year.

Crestline, California 

Sharing the state with South Lake Tahoe, Crestline is a census-designated place in San Bernardino Mountains. Surrounded by the San Bernardino National Forest, it offers a wide array of activities for its inhabitants and tourists. If you move to Crestline, camping, hiking, and paragliding are just some of the things you could try out when you have the time.

Crestline is also home to Lake Gregory Regional Park, where you could boat, swim, fish, or ride waterslides. Are you moving with your family? Have in mind that public schools spend $9,554 per student. And that job growth is 2.3%.

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Lake Placid, New York

This place is home to a number of significant sporting events. So if you are a sports enthusiast, pack your bags and get ready to move. This is a place that offers skiing, hiking, gondola rides, and biking, and is the only one of the High Peaks that can be reached by car.

If you are looking for a place to make some money, have in mind that the average annual income of a city resident is $32,804 a year, while the US average is $28,555 per year.  

Stowe, Vermont

You don’t like what the state of New York has to offer? Luckily, just a little bit east, there is a place called Stowe in the state of Vermont. Between Mt. Mansfield and the Worcester Mountains, it is a great place for people who love the great outdoors. Especially winter sports like skiing.

The economy of Stowe is mostly based on tourism. And the unemployment rate is 3.6%, with a positive increase of 1.4%. A good reason why families should move is that Stowe has one of the best elementary schools in the state. The median price for a house is $423,800.


Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Are you thinking about moving to Gatlinburg? National Park gives you top spots for hiking or maybe camping. If skiing is something you love, there is a ski resort called Ober Gatlinburg.

The town itself offers good dining options, and there are also a few wineries and a brewery. Gatlinburg has entertainment and recreation options in the form of horse-riding, rafting, or fishing.  

If a diverse offer of activities didn’t persuade you to move here, have in mind that, Gatlinburg’s cost of living is 9.8% lower than the US average. Talk about a good place to save some money!


Homer, Alaska

Would you like to live in the happiest seaside town? The town of Homer in Alaska might be just that.

Living in Alaska comes with the privilege of witnessing some of nature’s most beautiful phenomena. In summer, the sun sets around two am and in winter, it won’t rise for four months. But with the darkness that winter brings, there are lunar eclipses, even the magnificent Northern lights.

This is the place to get tasty seafood, but if you prefer fresh fish, you can catch it yourself. Living in Alaska can be useful for your budget since each resident receives a yearly share of government revenues. If you plan on moving with a family, some programs offer money to fund education.

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Asheville, North Carolina

This is the home of the Blue Ridge Parkway, Craggy Gardens, and its fascinating floral displays. Appalachian Trail, Mount Mitchell, and the French Broad River are just an hour’s drive away. Asheville is a place that offers daredevils activities like hot air balloon rides or rafting. But if you are more into tasty drinks and the food scene, there are many great choices. Asheville has more breweries than any other city.

Are you looking for a job? Top industries in Asheville are healthcare, social services, education, and manufacturing. And with a job growth of 1.6%, this might be the place for you. Moving with family? No problem, Asheville public schools spend $8,966 per student, while the average in the US is $12,383.


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Pack Up Your Bags and Move, It Is That Simple

After you checked out our list you found the place you like, the one that fulfills all of your needs and desires. Good! Now you have to pick a reliable moving company to help you pack your stuff and relocate to one of these high-altitude jewels. Don’t wait, start your mountain adventure as soon as possible.

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