How to Move Plants Successfully Without Killing Them

People often start to feel overwhelmed and stressed because of numerous tasks they have to complete before relocating to their new place. When it comes to relocation, the question of how to move plants safely becomes really important due to their delicate nature. Yet, this question becomes more challenging if you move cross-border. In this article, we will present you with some of the best practices to successfully move your beloved little green friends into your new residence seamlessly!

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January 25, 2018 Posted in How-to

How to Pack Plants for Moving to a New Home? Easy, if You Prepare Well

Relocating a whole household is challenging, but the entire process is becoming quite complicated when it comes to boxing up the greenery, especially the large ones. Nevertheless, there are multiple options on how to move with plants to another place, and here is how you can do it.

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Gather Packing Supplies

One of the best moving tips is to organize well. Organizing is the very first step you should take when deciding which of your greenish friends to take with you to your next residence. And if you want to keep them alive, you better pack them properly.

The supplies you will need to box up your greenery are:

All these supplies will keep your green friends safe and prevent any possible harm during the transport process. Besides, it will help you move more efficiently overall and avoid any unnecessary stress.

Declutter Your House – Donate, or Give Away Your Herbs to Family Members

If any of those solutions, for any reason, are not possible to perform, then consider adding one more step to decluttering your house and donating your herbs to dear people. Also, check if any of your potted greenery can withstand micro-climate conditions of a particular location and be planted outdoors.

People packing
If you like, you can give away your succulents to family members or friends

How Do You Move Potted Plants to a New House

Potted herbs are especially hard to relocate since they are usually bulky. Believe it or not, boxes are again the perfect solution for packing your dear herbs. It’s the most secure way of packaging them and preventing possible harm.

If you’re asking yourself what is the best way to move a plant – we have an answer. We present you with the best way to move house plants across the country, a few useful pieces of advice on how to box up your herbs properly and get them to your new residence alive:

  • Prepare your herbs – Before relocating, clean your greenery out of dead leaves and branches, and make sure to remove all the weeds, dust, and pests.
  • Re-pot them – Instead of boxing them up with heavy pots and planters, consider re-potting them into plastic and lightweight pots. Also, try to do it at least several weeks before relocation so that greenery could adjust to their newly-given environment.
  • Pack them last-minute – Box them up on the day when you’re leaving your household. It’s also a good idea to put them into plastic bags (try to find eco, biodegradable ones) so that the soil won’t spill in the vehicle you use. Don’t forget to poke a few holes so that they could breathe.
  • Pack all the potted greenery tightly – When putting them into boxes, make sure to box up them tightly so that they can not move more than is necessary during the transport. Also, don’t forget to wrap them in kraft paper. It would be helpful if you wrap them in such a way to make the cone shape.
  • Keep your herbs humid – Water and the sun are the source of life for greenery, so attaining soil conditions to be humid during the transpiration process is of tremendous importance. Make sure to water your herbs a couple of days before relocation, and don’t forget to cover the pot before boxing up. This will keep your plant safe and ready for an upcoming adventure!

Find Out How to Take Care of Your Plant Properly

Each plant is a different piece of work and requires an approach of its own. To help you with them, we prepared a guide with basic data on the preferred conditions for the most common household greenery:

  • Philodendron could get too hot or too wet during the trim. When you notice the leaves turning yellow make sure you move it to a cooler spot, and let the water drain before watering it.
  • Ficus also can get too wet or too cold. When you notice lanky or brown leaves move it to a brighter place and avoid watering it for a while.
  • Boston Fren can get brown or spindly fronds if the air is too dry or the pot is too big. Fertilize it and use a humidifier to make sure it recovers.
  • Aloe vera’s leaves can wither or topple over if the air is too dry. If that happens make sure you water it a bit more often.
herb and paper
Write down how to take care of your herbs and you won't lose them

When Moving Plants Across the Country, Get to Know the Law and Climate Conditions

If you are in the process of cross-country moving, then exploring the regulations of the state you are relocating to is the very first step to undertake.

Be aware that not all states have the same regulations regarding flora you can take with you. Since some states are not accepting the specific species, the US Department of Agriculture demands various inspections when crossing the border.

Regulations May Vary a Lot

You may find those regulations pretty strict when it comes to the following states:

  • Arizona,
  • California,
  • Florida,
  • Oregon,
  • Washington.

However, this list is not the final one. So make sure to inspect the regulations thoroughly before boxing up your herbs.

Explore Climate Conditions

Another important thing to explore is climate conditions and whether your greenery could adapt to different environments, temperatures, and micro-climate conditions. If moving to a different climate affects human health in the way it usually does, you can imagine what it does to herbs.

Woman cultivates herbs
Explore each state’s regulations regarding the herbs you can take with you and the climate conditions they need

Additional Tips on How to Move Plants

One of the most important things people usually forget when relocating the herbs is unpacking the potted greenery right away when they reach the destination. And we bet this will be one of the most useful tips for easy and efficient unpacking, without any undesired consequences. Taking them out of boxes and releasing them from wrapping papers is essential for keeping your herbs in good condition.

While this is a starting point for organizing your relocation, there are many more. So, check out the video and find more useful tips that could help you when relocating herbs across the country.

Keep in Mind That Long-Distance Movers Don’t Transport House Greenery

There are few things professional movers will refuse to transport. Liquor, food, pets, and greenery is on that list, except if they are exclusively specialized in transferring them. So, in order to avoid any misunderstandings, check in detail the policies of professional relocation companies.

How to Relocate your Plants Safely?

When figuring out how to move house plants long distances, know that in most cases, a cross-country moving company will not be able to support your request to take care of your herbs due to their delicate nature. However, their professional cross-country movers could advise you on how to box up your greenery properly and keep them completely safe during the transport process. Don’t forget that safety is the most important part of every long-distance moving service.

Choose the Right Means of Transport

So, the possible solution will be finding out how to transport plants. Or more precisely, choosing the right method of transport. Transporting them with your car or cab is an acceptable decision when you are relocating to another neighborhood. However, long-distance moving requires considering some other options such as:

  • Shipping your herbs via US mail, UPS, or FedEx,
  • Hiring a truck regardless of the long-distance moving company, or
  • Shipping your plant via airplane, which can be a pricey project.

Don’t forget that choosing appropriate transportation means for your greenery is as important as proper preparation, and professional long-distance movers can provide you with a solution. So, while they do the packaging of your belongings, you can take proper care of your potted greenery, and there is no reason to worry if your herbs will be safe and alive before you reach your new home.

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