8 easy steps for packing golf clubs for a move

 If you own a set of golf clubs, then you must know just how expensive they usually are. And when it is time to begin getting ready to move to a new home, then you want to ensure that your valuable golf clubs are well protected during the whole house relocation. Here are 8 easy steps for packing golf clubs for a move

Golf clubs tend to look unbreakable, but they are indeed anything but. Notwithstanding their hard look and feel, most golf clubs are susceptible to damage during a relocation, especially at the point where the head of the club meets the shaft.

To reduce the risk of possible breakage, follow the steps and proven tips for packing golf clubs that are located in the article below.

What you need to pack your golf clubs for the relocation

  • A travel bag: You have two options, use a soft case or a hard-shell case to move your golf equipment. Both types of travel bags have their advantages and disadvantages.
  • Cardboard boxes: You will need a strong cardboard box to serve as the final protection for your golf gear. Make sure that it is large enough to fit the soft case.
  • Bubble wrap: Bubble wrap is crucial, you are going to need it to protect each golf club individually, and to serve as cushioning or padding material while packing your golf clubs for the move.
  • Headcovers: Normally made of neoprene, head covers will protect the heads of your driver and wood clubs.
  • Cloth covering: Make use of bath towels, blankets, and thick socks in combination with bubble wrap to deliver the ultimate protection for your valuable golf clubs.
  • Packing paper: Use packing paper to fill in any empty spaces inside the soft bag, and then again inside the cardboard box.
  • Packing tape:Use to secure bubble wrap and seal the cardboard box.


Difference between Soft bags and hard cases


Travel bags for golf clubs can be either soft-sided ones or hard-shell ones.

  • Soft-sided bags are reasonably priced, take up less room and are relatively lightweight. They provide a good level of padding protection and have extra compartments for your other golf accessories. Still, their overall protection is secondary to hard cases.
  • Hard-shell cases provide the best protection for your prized golf gear. Despite their much higher price tag, hard-shell golf travel cases are usually a good investment, particularly if you intend to take your golf clubs with you on regular air travel trips to various golf courses around the country. They tend to be bigger and heavier than the soft cases as well.


A Stiff Arm

A Stiff Arm is a fully adjustable three-piece telescopic crutch that fits any golf travel bag and will absorb the force any and all impacts during transport. It is also called a golf club protection device because it effectively reduces the risk of damage to your clubs. You just put in the center of your travel bag and set it to be somewhat longer than the longest club in the bag.

This will absorb any additional pressure on the golf bag, and no clubs will be bent out of shape or break. Yes, you will require a Stiff Arm but if you do not have one, then you can use a wooden broomstick, or something else with a comparable shape and that is the right length.


How to pack golf clubs for the move

The best way to prepare your golf clubs for transportation. Here is the step-by-step guide on how you can pack your golf clubs in a bag, a soft travel bags for golf clubs.

Step 1. wrap each golf club in bubble wrap

Wrap each golf club in bubble wrap, and secure the bubble wrap with packing tape. Make sure that you wrap the heads and the shafts of the clubs along with their whole lengths.


Step 2. Guard the club heads

Place head covers over every club head. If you do not have the required head protectors, then you can also use towels or thick socks as a substitute.


Step 3. Pack your clubs in bundles

You can break a single golf club easily, but make a tight bundle of 14, and they will be significantly harder to break. Therefore, bundle all of your clubs together and use zip-ties or pieces of string to tie them together. Do not forget to add the Stiff Arm if you have one.


Step 4. Put the bundle in your soft bag

Put the bundled golf clubs into your soft bag. Make sure that you fill in all the empty spaces with towels or other pieces of soft clothing or pieces of crumpled packing paper. Pad your clubs well so they will not shift around in the travel bag.


Step 5. Perform the shake test

Pick up the soft-sided bag and shake it gently to make sure nothing can move around inside. This complete immobilization is an excellent way to prevent any damage to your golf clubs during their transit. If you do feel any movement, add even more padding materials.


Step 6. Zip up the bag

If the golf clubs are not moving around inside, then zip up the travel bag. Do not pack any expensive electronic devices such as a Rangefinder or a GPS into your golf bag. Preferably, carry such electronic gadgets with you.


Step 7. Put the bag into a cardboard box

It is time to pack that soft bag into a cardboard box for an additional level of protection. Furthermore, the standard shape and size of the cardboard box will mean that it will easily fit inside the moving truck, along with the rest of your belongings.

Put pieces of bubble wrap or a thick blanket on the bottom of the cardboard box to act as a cushion. Then, pack the bag with your golf equipment inside it. Again, use any available blankets, towels or lots of newspapers to fill in the remaining space inside the cardboard container. Close the cardboard box and seal it with packing tape.


Step 8. Pack the golf clubs last

Make sure that your golf clubs are the last thing you load on to the moving truck. Nothing should be placed on top of them, look for a reasonably safe place inside the back of the truck to put them, ideally tucked close to or between soft things such as a mattress.


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