The Best Tips for Moving to Another State Alone

Moving to another state alone is a huge step, and it can seem impossible when you realize what you’ll have to go through. It’s easy to get demotivated and scared, but there’s no room for that here. The key is to be organized, of course, but how? Try our tips for moving out of state alone, and you will see how the problem disappears.

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December 25, 2020 Posted in How-to

Cross country moving is difficult enough because of all the moving stress and relocation depression, and many people don’t know what to do when moving to another state. The only thing more difficult than relocating with someone is probably moving to a new state alone. All the tasks fall on your shoulders, while you also have to struggle with being on your own, not knowing anybody or anything. Here’s what you should do before getting cross country moving services as the best way to move to another state.

The First Step Is to Accept the Fact That You Must Make This Move

This is a crucial part of learning how to move out of state alone. It doesn’t matter what made you decide – it could be that you want a new start and a complete change, or you could be moving after college, looking for jobs – but you did make this decision, and moving cross country is inevitable. Every time you feel like asking should I move to a new state alone, just remind yourself that you chose this and that you can do it.

Make the Best of This Situation

“Always look on the bright side of life” should be a guideline in tough events such as this one. Moving state to state by yourself or with somebody is overwhelming, and it impacts your mental health, so try to be positive. We know it’s easy to say “smile and have happy thoughts,” but it’s very important and helpful to try to think that way. Changes are a good thing in life, and moving across the country doesn’t have to be an awful experience.

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Staying positive will be very helpful now

Have You Already Visited Your New City Before Moving to Another State Alone?

Regardless of what might be your reasons to move and to learn how to organize important documents at home, you should try to go and visit the cities you are considering. That way, you will have no problem with figuring out how to decide where to move and how to pick a city to live in. Once you see first-hand how the city looks and spend some time there, you will feel more comfortable about living and making it your new home.

Read All the New and Trending Articles About Moving to That Place

If you wish to get the full insight into how it is to live somewhere, see what others have to say, especially the people who recently got long-distance moving services and moved to the destination you’re going to. There is plenty of useful info available online, from how to move efficiently to how it is when you’re moving to a different climate. You can find out the demographics, average rents and salaries, is it one of the cities with the best public transportation and much more. This research will help you single out your favorite locations if you don’t already know where you will be relocating. If you do, you’ll be better at learning how to adjust to a new town.

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Being well informed will mean you didn't choose wrong

One of the Most Important Tips Is to Do Everything on Time

This is a well-known remedy against stress. Since you’ll be doing everything by yourself now, the stress is unavoidable but you can lower it by not getting into tight schedules and short deadlines. Once you’re completely sure that you will be calling a cross country moving company, start your preparation. It’s crucial for learning how to organize your move – once you create a moving across the country checklist, everything will run smoothly. List chronologically what you need to do and cross each task once you finish it.

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Procrastinating isn't a good habit in this situation

Be Careful When Making a Budget

A big part of the answer to How can I move to another state alone is planning your finances. Not having enough money can only worsen the situation and add more stress, so start saving and figure out how much you will need until your first salary there. Talk to your friends or people you know that are living there or know someone who is. That way, you will get a better idea of how high your monthly costs will be.

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Learn How Much Does It Cost to Relocate to Another State – It Might Be a Big Figure

Don’t forget about another task that should be on your moving to-do list – the cost of relocating. Call and ask how much do movers cost for a one-bedroom apartment or how much do movers cost for a two-bedroom apartment. Professional state to state movers will provide you with an all-inclusive price, and you’ll have no additional and unexpected costs.

The Price of Your Future Home Will Be the Biggest Expense, So Choose Wisely

One of the vital things about figuring out How do I move to a city by myself is finding the perfect apartment. It’s always best to see it in person, but if you can’t, make sure you ask for a video instead of photos. Rent is always the highest cost, so you might consider staying in a motel first and leaving your things in storage before you get to know the neighborhoods in your future city. That will save you money, and it will help you decide whether you maybe want to buy a home there.

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Don't let money ruin this for you

Finding a Job Before You Move Is Crucial for Figuring Out How to Move to Another State by Yourself

Speaking of money, one of the things to do before moving that will be incredibly helpful is finding a job before you arrive. It will save you weeks or even months of searching, stressing, going on interviews, and worrying about money. You will have a sense of stability, and moving to another state alone will seem less scary. Take a look at the video below to see what’s the best way to get a job in another state.

The Move Itself Can Be Smooth With the Right Long-Distance Moving Company

When talking about how to move to another state alone, we can’t forget one of the main parts that cause stress – the process of relocation. Moving scams and bad cross country movers can not only rip you off but also lose your belongings or break them. That’s why you need to do your homework before hiring long distance movers. Read the reviews and go only with someone who seems reputable. If you plan on taking your car with you, ask do they offer auto transport services as well.

Since You’re Moving to Another State Alone, Consider Getting a Full-Pack Service

You’ll have a bunch of stuff on your shoulders and it will mean a lot if somebody did something instead of you. Luckily, with long-distance moving, there are more services you can get, such as packing. Movers can handle every single item you wish to relocate, from the smallest ones to large furniture. You won’t have to waste time on learning how to relocate fragile items or how to pack books for moving if you decide to get professional help from the movers.

Decluttering Will Save You Money and Time

Also, another one of the moving tips is not to take any unnecessary items with you. If you have stuff that you didn’t wear for more than a year, don’t put them on the relocation truck. The same applies to all of the items around the house that aren’t really necessary. Leaving them behind is one of the moving hacks as well because you will save a lot of money by not carrying everything with you.

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Professional movers will know how to handle each item you own and wish to relocate

Leave a Few Days to Say Goodbye

A big part of emotional baggage that makes moving to another state alone difficult is learning how to cope with moving away from family and friends. Seeing them sad and leaving them might make you rethink your decision and maybe even cause you to feel guilty. At that moment, you shouldn’t let emotions win over the rational decision you brought. If you really want to be living somewhere else, stick with your plan, and follow your dreams.

The Truth Is That You Won’t Keep in Touch as Much as You Would Like To

You will promise all of your friends and family that everything will stay the same and that you’ll be in contact with them as much as you are now, but that often isn’t true. No matter how much you would love that, you will be busy working and coping with your new life. You will meet new colleagues and friends that will also want to spend time with you, so calling old friends every day just won’t be possible. It would be lovely to keep all the contacts you have now, and if you do that, congratulations. However, it is common that it doesn’t happen, so don’t be disappointed – that’s how life is.

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True friendships will last even though you don't see each other often

Once You Arrive, Embrace Your New Life

You made it – you’ve moved, learned how to change your address when you move, and now you’re unpacking after a move. All the opportunities you have now make this even more exciting, so the only thing left is to dive into the ocean of new possibilities. Moving to another state alone will help you grow and prosper while getting to know yourself in a completely different light. You will become more mature and responsible, and you’ll get to see what it’s like when you are the only one that has the key to your success. Even though it is hard, all of the pain pays off at the moment when you realize how much you’ve grown and thrived.

In Case You Decide You Don’t Like This, You Can Always Go Back

This doesn’t have to be your final destination. If after some time you see that you’re not feeling good and that you want to go back, then do it. It is a much better option than to suffer alone. Your loved ones will wait for you, while you can always give moving to another state alone another try, perhaps at some other time or in another place.

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