What Are the Most Common Types of Packing Materials

If you’re thinking about moving and packing your things, or you’re just wondering what the types of packing materials are, you’re in the right place. There are many different types, so we’ll list the most commonly used ones and explain how they are used. Once you wish to pack something, you’ll have no doubt!

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April 28, 2020 Posted in Plan the Move

Paper Is One of the Most Common Types of Packing Materials

It’s no wonder it’s one of the most common, cheapest, and the most accessible of packing materials. Paper has multiple uses, and it’s convenient, particularly when it comes to household relocation. It can be a good wrap for dishes or any other breakables like glass or ceramics. You can use it to pad boxes or to reinforce their walls to make them more secure. Many products come wrapped in paper since it’s practical and economical.

Use It as an Additional Layer of Protection

It’s like you’re wrapping a gift – paper can be used to cover each item individually, and then you can use it as a buffer in a moving box. Sometimes it’s not enough to use just paper, so it’s best to combine different types of packing materials when you’re moving, protecting glasses, or relocating fragile items.

paper covered stuff
Paper was invented in China, and even then it was used to wrap things

Bubble Wrap Protects All of Your Breakables

It has proven itself as a fantastic way to keep fragile items like glass undamaged. This brilliant transparent plastic sheet provides cushioning with its air-filled pockets. It became popular in the sixties, and we have continued to use it ever since. Make sure you’re using it the right way so that it would be effective. The side with the bubbles should be facing towards the object, and it should be wrapped multiple times while covering every part of the item.

Bubble Wrap Has Many Other Uses

No, we’re not talking about popping the bubbles. It can come in handy as a way of keeping your plants safe from frost as it can protect them from snow and keep them warm. It can prevent scratches on dishes or protect your pipes from freezing and breaking. Wondering how to pack your antiques or how to pack your guitar for shipping? This would be a perfect way. It’s a reusable plastic material, so if you’re a bit creative, you’ll think of some other ways to use it.

bubble wrap
Popping bubbles has always been a great stress relief

Protect Your Belongings With Shrinkwrap

A great way to secure something or to keep it fresh longer, shrinkwrap has proved itself as a multipurpose material. It can adapt to any shape or size due to its variety of thickness and strength. Many industries use it every day since it’s suitable for all surfaces. It will keep your boxes sealed and your food fresh. Even banks make sure something is well contained by using shrinkwrap. It works by heating polymer sheets, which allows them to stretch, and when cooled off – to shrink.

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If You’re in Search of Something That Covers Any Kind of Packaging – This Is It

No matter the size or the shape – shrinkwrap can cover everything from food, books, magazines, and boxes to furniture, electronics, and any kind of product. Once you cover an object in shrinkwrap, you can be sure that it will be sealed, and it will stay that way until you remove the cover. It’s hard for items to get damaged because of its durability and sturdiness. Some types even come with UV protection.

It's essential for protecting products in the food industry

Blankets Are Mostly Used in Moving Business

Another way to pack and protect something is with textile blankets. When it comes to the safety of your items, blankets are a great way to keep something safe and clean, and they’re easy to work with. You can have maximum protection of your belongings since these blankets are designed in the way that they offer perfect coverage. They can be used for any type of fragile items or the ones with sensitive surfaces that can be scratched or broken. Glass, pictures, mirrors, furniture – it doesn’t matter. Transporting any kind of object will be a safe process if you cover it with moving blankets before placing it into the packaging.

They Are Great for Wrapping Everything, Even Tools!

They are very hard-wearing and multi-practical, so another excellent use for them is packaging tools. Power, garden, or hand tools can be tricky to transport, so moving blankets have shown to be effective in covering and protecting them. If you’re having trouble finding out how to prepare electronics for your move, you’ll definitely need blankets.

boxes and a blanket
Blankets are practical for DIY moving

Cardboard Boxes Are the Best for Packaging

We all knew that, but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t take some time to explain how great cardboard packages are. They are so widely used just for that reason. They can be any size you want, with firm or softer walls, they’re recyclable and reusable. If you get moving services to relocate to another state, the first and most important thing you’ll get for packing are boxes. Get moving boxes from a specialized company or find them for free – it’s your choice. If you’re not satisfied with how solid the walls are, you can always strengthen them and then put your valuables inside.

Some Other Uses for Cardboard Packages

Instead of throwing them away or recycling them, cardboard can be re-used in many creative ways. Depending on the quality, it can be cut in pieces and glued and taped together in some other shape. You can make an organizer for the files on your work desk or some small stuff like pens and jewelry.

boxes of cereal
Your favorite products are usually packed in cardboard boxes

Foam Is Also Great for Breakables

Easily damaged items are always a nightmare when it comes to transporting them anywhere. Foam rolls or foam wrap sheets are practical when it comes to covering anything that needs extra protection. It can also come in the form of foam peanuts, which are suitable for filling empty space and making sure that the items have stable protection during transportation.

What Should I Opt For?

The truth is – there is no right answer. Your choice of protective materials depends on the types of items you need to pack, your budget, and your personal preferences. Whatever you choose, make sure you know how to use it right, so as to maximize protection.

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