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Auto Transport and Car Shipping Service

Moving your home often includes car shipping, and whether you are relocating somewhere nearby or cross-country, it requires some logistics and planning put in place. Shipping companies are the first ones you should contact for the necessary information on how to ship your vehicle and for the price quotes. We have reliable experts in the field and years of experience to back us up and prepare for any possible situation ahead. All you have to do is contact us and find the best solution for the transport of your machine. You can get the best rate quotes for the service you need.

We at Trico Long Distance Movers will consider the distance of the shipment, the type of transporter used, the unloading point, the make and model of your car, and the condition it is in. Then we will present you with all the possible choices and their advantages. If, on the other hand, you don't have a budget in mind but only the safety of your car, or the fastest shipment system possible, we have a range of services that can ensure that. There is no need for you to add up to the stress of relocating your assets. Let the professionals take care of that for you.

How to load your vehicle when moving

What Can Our Auto Transport Company Do for You?

Trico Long Distance Movers can make the process of relocating your car effortless. We have an elaborate system in place for cross-country auto-shipment. You can choose from many options, and that will, in the end, determine the price of our auto transport services. You can choose between open-air and enclosed auto transport, Door to Door or Terminal to Terminal delivery, with or without insurance. All of these factors add up to the final cost of our service.

How to Choose the Right Shipping Service at the Right Cost?

The best way to choose the right service is to contact us and explain your situation. Maybe a good starting point is to estimate your budget if finances are the issue. If not, determine the factors that are most important to you for the shipping of your car. Is it the safety of your car from the weather, is it the delivery location, or the insurance during auto transport? You can get a quote from us on how Trico Long Distance Movers Company can meet all your needs. Reviews from our satisfied customers can tell you a lot about our business.

What Type of Carrier Should You Choose to Ship Your Car?

There are two types of carriers used for car shipping, the open-air carrier or the enclosed carrier. Both of them have their benefits. The prices differ, so you might as well get informed on what each type of transportation offers you. Open-air carriers are more frequent and more affordable but will leave your vehicle exposed to the outside elements. Enclosed carriers have better insulation from the weather and outdoor elements, but cost more to hire.

Why Do We Recommend Open Air Carrier?

Open-air carriers are a very popular and cost-effective solution for car shipping. Since they are without side or rooftop protection, they can carry more vehicles and the driver of the truck has better overall visibility of the cargo on board. Usually, this type of truck has a capacity of 9-10 cars. They are much faster and more frequent, and since they can carry that many vehicles, they are a less expensive solution for auto transport. One more benefit of this type of transporter is that many companies use it and it is easier to find one even if you try to book it last minute. However, it is better to be prepared in advance than to deal with the possible problems afterward. 

Choosing the right auto transportation firm is crucial since your machine is more exposed on the open-air carrier. Therefore, possible damages are more likely to occur, especially if the inexperienced and unprepared firm is doing the transport. The fact is that you can never be 100% sure if weather elements will surprise you and damage your car. Therefore, it is crucial to choose a company that can haul your vehicle in a professional and timely manner. Booking on time, once again, is essential here. Contact us to get a free quote for this type of trailer, and book on time.Auto Transport and Car Shipping Service

Why Do We Recommend Enclosed Carrier?

While the enclosed vehicle carrier is a bit more on the pricier side, it has a lot of advantages over an open-air one. Enclosed carriers usually carry a maximum of 4-5 cars. Therefore, the rate is higher. The upside is that it’s easier to organize a lower number of vehicles for the specific destination. The most significant advantage is the total insulation from the elements. You can be sure that there is little to no possibility of damage during transport. Since enclosed transporter has complete insulation from the outside, the only damage you should be worried about is during the loading and unloading, and possible storage. But, that is where insurance and professional transporters come into play. 

The most significant argument against this type of transportation is the rate, but if you are prepared to pay a little bit more, you can save yourself a lot of stress. After reviewing your situation, you can get a free quote for this service from Trico Long Distance Movers.

Door to Door or Terminal to Terminal Delivery?

The place of delivery can also affect the price of our assistance and sometimes, Door to Door shipment isn’t even possible. Both services have their advantages and based on your needs, you will go for one or the other. There are some factors that you should consider in this instance. Do you plan to arrive before or after the contracted time of shipment? Is your destination close to a highway or not, and do you have a specific budget in mind? 

Door to Door Delivery

Door to Door is very convenient, but sometimes it is not even possible. It depends on the final location, the vicinity of the highway and the possible transit routes of the vehicle transporter. If it is possible and you have the time and the finances for this type of shipment, it is the most convenient solution. You can easily avoid all the hassle surrounding terminal unloading and pick up by delivering your car directly to your chosen destination. 

The drawback of Door to Door service is that it’s not always applicable. But your costs will be greatly reduced if you live near a highway or some other easily accessible location. Even more so if your chosen location is closer than the nearest terminal. The proper way to pick the right shipment method is to contact us for a rate quote and check which solution best suits you.

Terminal to Terminal Delivery

Terminal to Terminal delivery can be very convenient if you won’t be present at your new address at the expected time of the delivery. If you need to stay behind and organize the rest of your stuff to be shipped, it can be a perfect solution because you can ask for storage services for your car there. 

As it is a straightforward point-to-point shipment, this type of delivery is the less expensive option. If you have the means to reach the terminal location, you can save some money. Terminals are usually regional storage facilities that are well equipped for handling big cargo. So you can be sure that they have the means to unload and store your car safely until you arrive to pick it up.

Sometimes storing your machine in an enclosed space at the terminal is not an option, and that could be a deciding factor for you. We always recommend getting additional insurance in this type of situation because the relocation firm is usually never responsible for the possible damage that may occur during the loading, unloading, and storage at the terminal. If you contact us, we will provide all the details of this service and offer you a quote free of charge. 

What is the Cost of Transporting Your Vehicle?

Many factors affect the final rate of the transportation of your car, and we already went through some of them, but it is not that simple or upfront as it seems. When you ship your car, you should contact auto transportation companies to get price quotes and estimates. However, you should know that Trico Long Distance Movers can guarantee the best possible rates for high-quality services. 

The Distance of the Transport

Distance is the first and most obvious factor that affects the price. Although you will surely pay more to ship your car to a farther destination, the mileage is cheaper compared to local relocations. The expenses may differ if you go for international shipping. Get a quote from us for your desired location.

Shipping Location

Although companies in metropolitan areas have a better network and more transport vehicles, we have special prices for relocating to small towns. If you are living in an area that is a bit far from the highway, you can arrange a meeting with our driver to pick up your car somewhere in the vicinity of the main road.

Type of Auto Transport Carrier 

Whether you want to ship your car in an open-air shipper or an enclosed one, you should be prepared for the difference in price. Both have their benefits, but the main difference is the price and the security that goes with each type of truck.

Make and Model of Your Vehicle 

Make and model of your automobile might not seem relevant for the rate of shipment, but some cars require additional space and security in or on the trailer, which can add up to the rate. 

Do You Plan to Ship Your Car Interstate?

What can affect your rate significantly are the fees if you are relocating to another state. You should carefully explore the legislation and the shipment conditions for your designated state.

Get Price Quotes From Multiple Shipping Companies

Do your research, acquire as many rate quotes so you can determine what company you can actually afford. It is also very important to go through the reviews of the firm you are planning to hire for the shipment. Some companies may have better prices at the start, but the expenses may pile up with additional services. The cost is not the only factor that should decide what the best solution for you is.

Request Quotes For the Cheapest Services

If your only concern is your budget that is already drained from the expensive relocation, you can request a quote for the least expensive shipping. What you have to bear in mind are the factors mentioned above that determine the final price. Another important factor is the season when you plan to move. Avoid the peak moving season in the summer.

Trico Long Distance Movers is a fully licensed and insured car shipping company with highly-skilled staff and all the necessary equipment. We have years of experience in the business and we will make sure that your car arrives at its final destination without a single scratch. Contact us for all the additional questions and requests you might have, and we are sure we can find the best solution for you.