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Moving your home often includes car shipping, and whether you are relocating somewhere nearby or cross-country, it requires some logistics and planning put in place. Shipping companies are the first ones you should contact for the necessary information on how to ship your vehicle and for the price quotes. We have reliable experts in the field and years of experience to back us up and prepare for any possible situation ahead. All you have to do is contact us and find the best solution for the transport of your machine. You can get the best rate quotes for the service you need.

People often overlook car shipping services because they fear it costs too much or worry about safety. However, we at Trico Long Distance Movers always emphasize the importance and value of auto transport. It’s safer and easier for you and gives us a chance to prove we’re one of the best relocation and shipping companies out there. If you trust us, you won’t regret the choice, so read more if you’re interested in having your vehicles shipped.

Why Ship Your Vehicle With Trico Long Distance Movers?

Trico Long-Distance Movers is a moving and auto shipping company. We’ve learned that people who are cross-country moving mostly prefer driving long distances instead of simply allowing a company to ship their cars. Driving and owning a car is expensive, so it’s understandable why someone may not trust their precious four-wheeler with just any company.

Since learning that about people, we’ve done our best to improve and create the ultimate auto transport experience, and one that isn’t just safe and reliable but gives our customers the option to balance between budget, needs, and preferences.

We’re equally proud to mention how hard we work on transparency and honesty with our customers. This is why you can submit a free quote on our website that could give you insight into the costs in advance. After submitting your quote, our customer service team will help you arrange the details. You’ll have a say in absolutely every part of the transport.

Is It Worth It to Ship a Car With an Auto Transport Company?

We feel that shipping with auto transport companies is one of the smartest decisions to make. Many problems could occur while driving, especially when moving across the country. Long distances aren’t good for cars, even though vehicles are made to be driven and cross distances of any length. Still, if you plan to drive wherever you relocate, the car you own must be in good condition.

You may already know how difficult it is to maintain a car and pay for all the services it requires with time. From gas refills to oil and engine changes, it costs a lot to upkeep a vehicle. Since that depends on the number of miles it crosses, the bigger its mileage, the more it costs to maintain it. This is a great reason to choose an auto transport company when cross-country moving.

Giving money on shipping means saving money on gas, oil and tire changes, and general upkeep. All you have to do with us is allow our movers to board the car onto a carrier and wait for it at the destination.

What Do I Need to Know Before Shipping a Car?

Before you move out, consider the factors that could ramp up or lower the price. If you have multiple cars or a car and a motorbike, think hard if you’ll need all of them. Additionally, consider the destination – is the new home smaller or bigger? Do you have a big enough garage or driveway? Do you even have them at all?

Cross-country movers can ship vehicles anywhere, to any kind of property, so when and where mostly depends on you. Sometimes, the age and make of the vehicles will be considered, along with their size and weight. When you contact our customer service team, you’ll get help calculating the right price.

Choosing a Suitable Carrier For Auto Transport – Open or Enclosed?

With Trico Long-Distance Movers, auto transport is adapted to each customer. We can offer cheaper and more expensive options, which aren’t that different in quality. We wouldn’t promise high-quality services if our carriers weren’t up to par. So far, people have been satisfied with our shipping service no matter the carrier, but it’s still important to learn about both of them.

Open Carrier Transport Reduces the Shipping Cost

The purpose of our carriers is pretty self-explanatory – one is open and one enclosed. Open carriers don’t have a cover around them, but the cars are secured, so nothing unexpected happens.

Open trailers can fit more vehicles than the enclosed ones, and they’re more affordable. If you wish to save money on transportation, these are a good opportunity. These trailers’ biggest risk is that cars could sustain some external damage during transport. If they have to cross a considerable distance, it’s possible some dust and debris could stick onto the cars.

This is why cars on open trailers are insured for external damage for a sum of up to $100,000.

Enclosed Carrier Transport Increases Vehicle and Shipping Safety

The second carrier option is the enclosed one. Enclosed trailers are more protective than open ones, so no external damage could come to the cars inside them. This is a classic transport trailer, but its downside is the price.

Despite a higher cost, there are some other perks with enclosed trailers. Since it’s impossible to get dust and debris on the cars inside, any external damage that occurs is insured for a sum of up to $500,000. You can claim this if you feel the movers were negligent, but they’ll likely be checking and documenting any prior damage and scratches.

For both insurance policies, other perks of open and enclosed trailers, and rules when it comes to transporting vehicles, contact our customer support to get more help and detailed information.

Get Pickup and Delivery According to Budget, Possibilities, and Preferences

We are a long-distance moving company that also offers options for pickup and delivery of vehicles. As the trailers ship your car, they can deliver it to one of the two locations – to your door or driveway or a local company terminal at the destination. If you combine the services well, you can get optimal transportation and pickup safely and for a reasonable price.

Door-to-Door Pickup and Delivery Is Suitable for the Customer That’s Pressed for Time

Typically, low effort auto shipping services cost more, but they are overall more convenient and suitable for those that don’t have time to waste or simply want comfort no matter the costs. Door-to-door pickup and delivery is the service for those kinds of customers.

This is a service that does exactly what it says – it carries your vehicle directly from and to your driveway or door. This means you won’t have to put effort into driving anywhere; you’ll just have to be there when the movers arrive to pick the vehicle up and deliver it.

One important thing to remember is that some driveways and streets aren’t accessible by truck, which means that door-to-door services would have to be amended a bit. If our truck can’t get to your home, we’ll arrange delivery at the nearest parking lot. All this can be easily verified by sending a free quote on our website or calling us to get informed about it.

Terminal-to-Terminal Pickup and Delivery Is the Best Option for Those Looking to Save Up

There is another option for the penny-pinching customers who don’t mind a bit of driving and traveling around. That is the terminal-to-terminal pickup and delivery, which is essentially transporting your vehicle from the local terminal at the origin to the one at the destination.

Most car transportation companies have terminals in the area they service, so when you contact us, our representatives will let you know where the nearest terminals in both locations are and how to reach them. Of course, this service is a little more complicated, but only if you see it that way.

Instead, try to think of it like this – driving around town before relocating will give you a chance to experience it for the final time while getting to pick it up at the destination will provide the same opportunity, but you’ll be seeing everything for the first time instead.

How Much Should It Cost to Ship a Car? Answers to the Most Common Questions

We understand you may have many questions about our long-distance moving services, especially if you want to ship your vehicle with us. The first question may be the cost itself.

We’ll tell you a bit about how the price is determined, and you can then learn the rest by either submitting a quote or calling our office for information since it’s hard to say anything directly when a lot depends on some crucial factors.

The factors that determine how much it will cost to carry your vehicle are:

  • Distance/mileage,
  • Time of year,
  • Weather conditions,
  • Trailer choice,
  • Pickup and delivery choice,
  • The time frame in which you need your car delivered,
  • Vehicle size and weight,

Sometimes, the make of the car may play a part in pricing, but overall, the make doesn’t matter if the weight and size are suitable for the trailers. Larger cars take up more space on the carriers, which are typically designed to carry standard-sized vehicles. Having something like an SUV or truck will definitely impact the price.

Can You Put Things In Your Car When You Ship Them?

The one thing companies have to warn you about before loading and transporting cars is leaving items inside. You shouldn’t, under any circumstances, leave anything in the car because movers are not responsible for any items that get lost during car transportation.

There may be a small number of essential items to keep inside, such as the first-aid kit, but we’re mainly referring to full boxes of things and anything over 100 pounds. You wouldn’t be able to file a claim for them at all, so it’s best not to leave anything to chance and empty your car before we take it on a trailer.

How Do You Prepare Your Car for Transportation On a Trailer?

There are ways in which you can prepare your vehicle for transportation besides fully emptying it. They are:

  • Don’t forget to close all the windows, since rainfall or other weather conditions could damage the inside. Insurance doesn’t cover that sort of trouble, so there’d be nothing we could do for you,
  • Check for any prior scratches or damages. Take photos before and after to make sure no additional scratches were made. If you see some damage that wasn’t there before but don’t have proof of it, there’s no way to file a complaint.

Can You Ship a Car With a Full Tank of Gas?

Your car having a full tank while being transported will put more pressure and weight on the trailer than if the tank were empty. You don’t have to go through the trouble of refilling your tank before giving us the car since it won’t be driven. Additionally, we mentioned that weight is often a price-determining factor, so a lighter car will weigh and cost less.

Sometimes, companies warn people about gas in the tank simply because of safety concerns. Don’t leave anything to chance and ask our movers how best to prepare your car for transportation.

Trust Trico Long-Distance Movers to Be One of the Best Car Shipping Companies In the Game

Hopefully, it’s clearer why we’re proud to be one of the best, if not the best car shipping company around. Our services can be customized and tailored to your every need, and our movers are professionally trained to handle any sort of cargo and help customers move efficiently. We’re serious about how we do our job and constantly strive to improve any service people require for a move.

If you look for long-distance movers near me, you’ll see that Trico Long-Distance Movers is always the better choice. Whatever question or dilemma you may have, call us and allow our representatives to make relocation easier and even enjoyable. Ship your car with us and see why so many people have trusted us so far.

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