Stress-Free Moving is Indeed Possible – With the Right Tips and Tricks

Americans move more than ten times during their life on average, so knowing how to do it with as little hassle as possible can be life-saving. In order to be a champion of stress-free moving, you need to prepare, plan and think ahead, which is not always easy. But, we’re here for you, and with these tips and tricks, you’re guaranteed to become the Buddha of relocations, or at least go through the upcoming one without a nervous breakdown. So, let’s begin.

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April 27, 2021 Posted in Moving Tips

Your half-washed, half-dried clothes are sticking out of your boxes that you got for free this morning at the local store. You’ve just realized you won’t have enough time to make that call for work because you should be packing your kitchen, and the dog needs to go out. You’re hungry, and you reach for the fridge in search of anything, wondering whether any of this makes sense. If only there were a shortcut. But there is. And it’s called organization.

Come Up With a Plan Before You Start

This one might seem obvious, but if you don’t do it on time and invest some thought into the question of how to organize your move, you might slip into the scenario mentioned above without noticing. But, you don’t just need any plan. Your plan for relocating to a new state must contain the following.

Include Your Tasks and Deadlines

If you know what you’re doing, that’s half of the job done. So, write down your goals for a month before the relocation, then narrow it to a week or day prior to the D day.

Try to be as specific as possible; for example – I’ll think about how to stop getting mail for previous residents and other administrative issues, and I’ll visit the nearest post office a month before I leave to get it sorted out. The only thing left in this case is to do what you set out to.

Expect the Unexpected

Try to accommodate the unexpected and leave some room on your moving to-do list in case things go south. If your deadlines are too tight, that’s a recipe for disaster as you won’t have any time on your hands to fix problems that you didn’t see coming or cut yourself some slack if you bump into a difficulty. Take a look at the following video if you want to learn more about how to create relocation plans.

Use Tested Packing Strategies

Stress-free moves and packing are interwoven, so you can’t have one without the other. If you don’t want to deal with buying new household items as one of the things to do after relocating, you should do as much as you can to learn the best ways to go around packing and protect what you’ve already got. So, what are some stress-free moving tips?

Throw Out and Declutter

Everybody has their weakness when it comes to throwing out, and while for some the hardest would be to have to renounce clothes, others would mourn the parture with books. Still, decluttering is painful but necessary if you want to get a grip on how to move efficiently.

We’ve all been there with bags and boxes ready to be flung where their destiny takes them, which is usually donate, give, get rid of. And then the tiny voice of nostalgia calling us to reconsider the choices we’ve made. Don’t do that. There’s no need for your moving across country checklist to expand into biblical proportions, and your new life won’t be able to begin unless you let it. So save on that packing paper and wave bye to items you don’t use.

Create Categories

Packing is simply overwhelming, and that’s what stops most people dead in their tracks. It’s like wrestling a demon you’ve no idea how to combat, and it’s growing stronger as your relocation day creeps. Still, simple categories are a decisive blow to your opponent and can give you an enormous advantage.

Why? Well, if you go from how to pack pots and pans to the magic of storing Christmas ornaments to interrupting it with searches targeted at finding where to donate books from that box that you came across in the meantime, we don’t need to point out that you won’t go far. Simply because the structure is the magical word or the Felix Felicis of packing up your home.

Take What You Already Have

Before you set out to master how to use plastic wrap, acknowledge what you already possess. Being minimalistic pays off while you brainstorm how to make moving easier and less stressful because you can avoid overdoing the whole affair.

Let’s take some legendary examples to illustrate this point. You can use socks when thinking about how to pack shoes and towels are your friends too. How to pack clothes and, for example, packing plates have something in common, and as long as you keep this mindset, you’ll be doing yourself a favor.

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Try to facilitate everything and help yourself

How Can I Stay Calm While Moving?

According to a survey, more than 40% percent of Americans consider relocating to be the single most stressful event in their lives. And all the moving hacks and the best relocation tips in the world can’t change the fact that it does get hectic and that emotions are always involved when grand changes such as this one occur.

But, you can help yourself turn that frown upside down following some simple steps that make all the difference.

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Don’t Forget to Look After Yourself

Many people believe that they’ll beat the clock if they burn the candle at both ends, yet that just sounds like a solution. Even if you must come to terms with understanding how to pack quickly for a move, try to insert some me, myself, and I time into the picture, or you might end up drained and overworked. And you’d be surprised to learn that some basic self-care acts such as eating and hydrating top the lists of common things people forget when moving.

Don’t Leave Anything You Don’t Have to for the Moving Day

The sure way to wreak havoc is to do tasks last-minute or just before you spot rental moving trucks in front of your home. This way, panic is guaranteed, and you’ll risk forgetting something or simply failing in any way imaginable.

Naturally, there are objects in your home you want to pack up last because you’ll be needing them till the very end, such as your toothbrush, but if an item doesn’t fall into that category, get it over with. Being almost wholly prepared early on will give you peace and tranquility you haven’t dreamed of.

Take Notice of Your Loved Ones

In the midst of ruminating about transporting furniture, hiring top-notch long-distance movers, and being present throughout the action, it’s easy to slip your loved ones off your mind. But, it can also lead to trouble as they’ll be facing increased levels of apprehension, anxiety, and tension too.

You should consider this one, especially in the case of relocating with kids, as they’re susceptible to notice when you’re burned out and can feel left out. Try to stick to their routines as much as possible and prioritize giving time to their needs. The same goes if you’ve got a cat or a dog, as relocating with pets also means a seismic shift in their experience.

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Don't forget to treat yourself for all the hard work

Cross-Country Movers Can Make All the Difference

Another survey conducted by OnePoll reported that around 95% of respondents claimed that booking professional long-distance moving services helped them alleviate anxiety. And it comes as no surprise since these companies perfect their craft each day to make the shift as smooth as possible for their clients.

Still, finding a reliable company with all the competition and marketing can be difficult, but it’s not unattainable. These are some master suggestions when deciding about how to choose a relocation company.

Study the Prices

One of the most obvious answers to the question of why is house moving so stressful is money. Everybody is after the cheapest way to move out of state, but not everybody knows how to get there. So don’t book in haste and repent at leisure and do your research.

If you google long-distance movers near me, you’ll probably find a comprehensive list of services. The wise thing to do is to fill out at least 3-5 quotes so that you know what is considered standard. Having a clue about how much cross-country movers cost is a must as it’s the only way to understand how to budget and what to accept while negotiating.

Request an In-Home Estimate

The catch-22 in estimating how much stuff you’re transporting is that you’re most likely to get it wrong. Since most professionals determine the price by the volume of your belongings, the best idea is to call them to see themselves. And if their long-distance moving services are superb, they’ll want to come and check in person to give you reassurance, support, and trustworthy estimates.

Ensure Your Movers Are Fully Licensed and Offer Reliable Insurance

If something gets messed up, you’ll probably lose your cool, as that is a human reaction to experiencing our schemes crashing to the ground. Still, there is a resurrection stone not only for residential relocations, but also for commercial ones, that keeps them thriving. And it’s called relocation insurance.

The take-out of the story? Check and ask about insurance policies before you agree on a deal. A trustworthy long-distance moving company needs to be able to present you with all your options, regardless of whether you enquire about your belongings, auto transport, or even storage services. It’s not enough for them to be eloquent either because words don’t always mean much. Checking their USDOT number and license, however, does.

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Getting this one right is the key

Not Sure How to Pack?

Even with fierce suggestions, some tricky bits can make you freeze and panic. If you’re lost because:

Take a breath. You’ll still make it, and there’s an easy way out. Professional packing service is your friend if you believe you can benefit from expert help, high-quality materials, and a surplus of time to devote to other responsibilities. A bonus here is that you can also enquire about wooden crating, which means getting a specially designed type of box, instead of summoning the muses and gods to protect your highly breakable and valuable possessions.

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Experts will know how to handle your boxes and can guarantee a stress-free move

Stress-Free Moving is Just Another Myth?

Give yourself time and space. Is moving stressful if you’re in a relationship? Yes. Is it a period of uncertainty? Yes. Can you do it? Yes as well. Focus on the positives, be creative and let professionals do the heavy bits. Moves are designed to give you space to lose and find yourself in the new, and master a few practical tips. So, don’t stifle their potential.

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Born and raised in Miami Lucy is a content writer with a love of moving and packing. She is an expert at making sure everything fits into her suitcase.



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