How to Create the Ultimate Moving Inventory

Packing your belongings and relocating can be quite stressful. Excellent organization and using a moving inventory are crucial in this process. That is the only way to make sure that you don’t leave anything behind. If you are planning to use professional moving services, having this checklist will help movers during the relocation and make the insurance claims process way easier. We’re here to share some tips on how to create it and be sure that nothing goes missing during the transport between your old and new home.

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January 18, 2018 Posted in How-to

The First Step – Document Your Items

Before packing, you should write down all your belongings, especially the valuable ones. Doing this will help you decide what items to get rid of before you move and tell you, for example, which clothes to donate to the homeless before relocating. The fewer things you bring, the less you need to pack and the transportation price will be lower.

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Record and Photograph the Articles in Your Home

You don’t need special preparations to document all your belongings. Simply use your phone’s camera. Additionally, by creating an audio diary, record all the essential details:

  • When the item was purchased
  • How much it is worth now
  • How much you paid for it originally

When taking pictures, feel free to document everything – kitchenware, garage tools, furniture, and so on. Recording the prices and values will help the insurance agency in determining the financial worth of your belongings. It can also be useful in case some of your items go missing.

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Consider video recording and taking pics of your things

An Existing List of Household Items Can Be Useful

If you already have the checklist created by your insurance company, it can come in handy for your written notes. Also, an electronic version made in Notepad or Excel is an excellent template that can be modified later. Keep in mind that the information should be detailed and cover as many features as possible

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Form your inventory and consider all crucial details

Make a Home Moving Inventory and a Packing Checklist

Before you start packing anything, ask yourself what the most efficient way to track everything you’re taking with you is, be it in an accurate spreadsheet or on a few pages in your notebook. Don’t forget to leave enough space on paper for tracking each box, writing down its contents, and the room to which it belongs. It is recommended to make an electronic version of the list in case your paper copy gets lost somewhere. You can try using an app such as Digital Locker if you prefer to have a digital inventory. During the packing process, you can use the same colors and numbers for each packed box and notes on your list.

What Should Your Moving Inventory Contain

The important thing is to be as specific as you can. In general, the inventory should include:

  • Descriptions of every item

Model or serial number if you are packing electronics

  • The room you keep it in
  • Original price
  • Year of purchase
  • Any additional tips for the movers

If you’re wondering why you should prepare this list, some of the reasons are:

  • It gives you an accurate account of your inventory
  • Saves your time while relocating
  • It can help you to get an estimate of the weight and the final price
  • It will help you get the appropriate insurance for your things
  • It can help you to keep an eye on the most commonly forgotten things to pack.
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The checklist for your household belongings should be well-organized

Use Color Codes for Each Room of Your New Home

Choose a unique color for each room or unit of your new home. After that, using spray paint, markers, or collage paper, attach a color to each box. Make sure the contents and places match. When you reach your new home, this will help you find the right room for a specific box. Also, you will be able to check if anything is missing right upon arrival. And if it does, you can raise your concerns with movers right away.

Additional Tips – Copy the List and All the Important Documents

After you’ve created the inventory, don’t forget to make copies of everything. In fact, all your personal and essential paperwork need to be duplicated or even digitalized: birth certificates, wills, deeds, insurance policies, marriage certificates, etc. Keep the originals with you during the trip, and you can leave the copies with your friends or family or just pack them with the rest of your belongings.

Use the List to Obtain a Moving Quote and Insurance Rate

If you are wondering how much your move will cost you and how can you prepare it properly in time, then your inventory will come in handy. This updated checklist with all your household items can be used to get an accurate moving estimate. Going through your mover’s offer, you will also find out if you need extra insurance for your belongings.

Making a checklist of your household things is an indispensable part of any packing and moving process. It won’t just help keep things in order but will make things easier for you. With the paper version, you will be able to catalog things as you pack each room. It will be helpful for a moving company to prepare to provide you with appropriate packing services. And, finally, if you notice anything is missing, you will be able to inform your movers and insurance company in time.

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