What Should Be on Every Checklist for Moving to a New State

According to some survey data, about 40 million Americans move each year, approximately 13 percent of the population. People are moving to a new state for various reasons, and the most common is housing. Other motivators are family (27 percent,), work reasons (21 percent,) and 12 percent fall on other causes. So, if you’re planning to move cross-country, you are probably wondering what to do when moving to a new state. Relocating to a different territory requires a lot of work, and it is often pretty expensive. Still, with the right checklist for moving out of state and a backup plan, everything is feasible.

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February 26, 2021 Posted in Moving Checklist

Suppose you’re thinking about the best time of year to move. Actually, it doesn’t make much difference whether you are relocating in winter or changing your address in summer as long as you know how to organize your priorities during the process. Your relocation will be successful or less so depending on your desire and willingness to dive into the research related to your prospective region and adjusting to a different town. Of course, cross-country relocation is demanding, and for that reason, you should define your tasks and complete them step-by-step. Follow our checklist to do that rightly.

What Is the First Thing to Do When Moving to a New State?

If you often procrastinate, especially when you need to be organized and concentrated, there are plenty of things to do when you move to a new state to help you plan this phase before the relocation day comes. One of them is to create a moving binder. It enables you to keep dates on track and prevents mistakes in communications. Put simply, this handy organizer is a great tool in overcoming relocation depression and moving stress.

What are the most important documents you should place into your binder? Here is a list you should follow:

Jot down all tasks that pop into your head
With a to-do list, you’ll be organized and focused

Find a Job in Time or Move With Your Company

If you work in a large company, there are big chances that it will support your removal. That said, don’t hesitate to ask your employer some important relocation questions in order to ensure your stress-free move. Some of them should be related to providing you a housing stipend or paying some of your relocation expenses.

In case you’re going far away without a secure job, that can cause big stress. To avoid it, research a job market several months before your move and apply wherever possible. Being without income, especially if you are moving out of state alone, can be difficult. But, if you undertake the proper steps in time, you can thrive from the very beginning.

How Can I Move to Another State Without a Job?

One of the things to consider when moving to a new state is to find employment as soon as possible if you already don’t have it. But, don’t worry, we’ve prepared a relocation to-do list with tasks that should be performed to facilitate the process of finding a job:

  • Save enough money to cover at least three months of costs of living,
  • Research the field with ample opportunities to get employment easier,
  • Create a budget with reasonable living expenses.

To see and hear a real-life experience, check out this video.

What About Relocation Cost – How Much Money Should You Save to Move to a Different State?

When planning how to move to a different state, make sure to create a good relocation budget. Whether you’re moving out of state with a child or on your own, it’s good to have a plan and a realistic budget. Let’s find out what are priorities you should stick to.

Crucial Item in Your Checklist –  Estimate Your Moving Costs

When it comes to cross-country relocation, you need to jot down all your expenses on your checklist when moving to another state. Dealing with so many things at the same time can cause you unnecessary worries and anxiety. With all costs in one place, you will move efficiently and carefree. So, make sure these items find their place on your moving to a new state checklist:

Get ready to move Get a Quote

Will Your Company Provide a Relocation Deal?

Although no law says companies must provide a relocation deal, this actually happens very often. The relocation package covers the cost of relocating, but keep in mind there are lots of questions you should ask your employer in order to get a clear picture of what to expect. First things first, try to find out how much your company is ready to cover. That way, you can budget the rest of your long-distance move.

What Are Your Plans – to Rent or Buy a New Home?

If you are relocating to a smaller home or planning to live in a high rise, you should know whether you will rent or buy a home right away. Another question is related to your savings – do you have enough assets for all expenses, including a renter’s deposit? It’s recommended to spend several months in your new environment and check how safe is your neighborhood. You don’t want to feel sad, lonely, and insecure in your new house that is impossible to sell. Make sure to research your future city promptly and save your nerves and money as well.

Research your prospective city and have peace of mind
Rent or buy? That depends on your budget and preferences

Choose Between Long-Distance Movers or a DIY Move

Depending on your budget and needs, you’ll decide between hiring a long-distance moving company and a DIY relocation. Organizing your move by yourself might be cheaper, but know it will take much more time and nerves. Needless to say how much backbreaking work you will perform until you finish all tasks.

Thinking about when to start packing for a move and how to use plastic wrap, where to find packing paper, or how to pack pots and pans might look as easy as pie, but just if you are familiar with the right moving hacks and relocation tips. If you don’t want to take a risk, choosing a reliable shipping company will be your best bet. They can handle your fragile items properly as well as provide auto transport services. Also, with reliable long-distance movers, you don’t have to worry about how to organize your office move or move a business to another state. Just make sure to hire a company with enough experience and skill.

Evaluate Your Prospective Movers

When looking for long-distance movers near me, you’ll definitely like to avoid being scammed. So, what things should you consider and avoid potentially unpleasant surprises? Besides being licensed with the FCMSA, here are several parameters to help you evaluate your prospective movers:

  • Find out when the company was established,
  • Read all reviews and testimonials from their customers – look on the sites like Yelp and The Better Business Bureau,

Ask for several references from your friends, family, or people who used their services before.

 Find a reputable shipping company and have a smooth transition
Only a professional relocation crew will satisfy your needs

Make Sure to Update All Your Accounts

One of the most important things to do before moving out of state is to transfer all your home services and utilities in time. We’ve narrowed the list to help you perform all of them and make your life easier:

  • Change your address,
  • Set up a PO Box and forward your mail,
  • Get a new driver’s license,
  • Update your voter registration as soon as you reach your destination,
  • If moving with pets, you might need to register your pet with your county or city.
Be familiar with all obligations related to your pet before the relocation day comes
When relocating with pets, know that registering a pet is a must

Start Packing Early and Don’t Move Things You Don’t Need

If you’ve covered all the things that should be done before the relocation, including packing as well, this will help your movers speed the process up. In order to avoid the most commonly forgotten things to pack, be familiar with the tips on how to pack quickly for a move. You’ll save yourself the hassle this way – not to mention an additional charge you’d have to pay to the movers due to the delay.

That being said, if you’re planning to pack all your possessions, prepare yourself for a challenging process that will last forever. Instead of stowing all the unnecessary tidbits, try to donate books you don’t need anymore or organize a garage sale. The more you move, the more you will pay. So, try to reduce everything you can, save some money, and have an easy and efficient unpacking after the move.

Sell, donate, or trash - you can save money this way
Be organized when it comes to packing

Obtain All Packaging Supplies

Every long-distance relocation requires plenty of moving supplies, so make sure to get everything you need at least a month before the relocation day. Sometimes, it’s not easy to find free boxes and packing paper, but you can always contact your movers and order all kinds of supplies you lack.

Professional removal firm can assist when it comes to packing materials
Would you like to experience a stress-free relocation? Obtain all packaging supplies promptly

Pick the Right Season to Move

It’s well-known that the summer months are the busiest and the most expensive when choosing the right season for your move. That’s why you should pick springtime or colder months in order to avoid great expenses and movers’ overcrowded schedules. If that’s not feasible, create a backup plan if the shipping company deal falls through or you lose a reserve truck rental option.

If you want to relocate during the summer, know you should put more money aside than traveling in the winter
Relocation cost is always higher during the summer months

Research Schools and Prospective Neighborhoods

When moving from one state to another with children, it’s crucial to research schools and check out public and private educational institutions. Of course, have in mind that your prospective neighborhoods should be associated with your schooling options.

Top-rated school is important if you have kids, so try to find the one you and your kid will like
If you know what to expect in a prospective neighborhood, your adjustment will be easier

Consider Tax Laws in Your Future State

Have you wondered how to move to a new state if you’re not familiar with tax issues? If you were thinking about these things, it’s an excellent precautionary measure because it can have a significant impact on your paycheck. So, checking out income tax, property tax, and sales tax should be among the obligatory things to do before moving out of state.

Different states have different taxes. Are you familiar with what awaits you in another city?
Being familiar with taxes is essential, so try to find out what to expect after relocation in time

Create a Plan for Making New Friends

Making friends in a new state will help you cope with relocation anxiety faster and provide you with different interests and hobbies if you decide to join some new groups. Depending on your preferences, you can head to the gym or meet with coworkers.

Choose the Best Way to Make Friendships

If you’re a shy person and reserved around other people, don’t worry. We can help you with some tips on how to gain fresh friendships, such as:

  • Join groups related to your interests,
  • Be active on social media and contact people with similar interests,
  • If possible, organize your relocation during spring or summer days because this is a perfect period to meet others outside.
If you want to make friendships in a strange city, know that it’s possible - just be open to connecting with others
Every relocation means leaving old friends and old habits, but you can gain good friends easily

Is It Worth Moving to Another State?

When looking for a fresh start, new opportunities, and personal growth, relocation to a different state might be the right thing for you. Of course, you need to be prepared for the disadvantages related to every relocation, such as parting with your family and friends, adapting to a totally different environment, experiencing a culture shock, and dealing with lots of expenses and stress. Yet, if you weigh the pros and cons of going across the country, you’ll see many indisputable benefits of your relocation. Everything will be new and different, you’ll meet interesting people, and get a chance for great job options. Put simply, relocating far away will bring you an opportunity to create a better life for yourself and your family.

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