Moving in Winter – Best Tips for an Amazing Experience

Even though it may seem that moving in winter is a real nightmare because of the snow and cold weather, it doesn’t have to be. You would probably rather prefer staying inside cuddled up under the covers with a good movie. However, if you have to carry out the relocation process in December or January, you might discover that a transition in this time of the year is not as tough as you thought so

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December 2, 2019 Posted in Moving Tips

You probably know that the most popular months for any relocation are during the summer season. What you don’t know is that huge relocation flows in the summer lead to traffic jams and overbooked relocation companies, leaving no space for flexibility. If you opt for winter months, you will have more available dates and a more flexible schedule. In case you decide to contact a professional company and request their moving services, you might even get a lower quote.

Moving in Winter – When Should You Start Planning

Moving in winter doesn’t have to be daunting at all. To minimize the level of stress, you need to start planning the relocation process way ahead of the planned date and create a checklist for relocating across the country. Since you are relocating during the coldest time of the year, you have to be a bit flexible and count on unplanned events. Note down the most important days and work around them. The sooner you start, the easier it will be to create a good strategy.

forest during the winter
Cold January days.

Make Sure Your Old Home Is Set up for Moving Out

To have the entire process running smoothly, you should create a home inventory and do some downsizing before the big day comes. Make sure you get rid of everything you no longer need and leave enough space in the house to take out the items safely. Before you start loading anything into the truck, car, or storage container, create a safe environment. As far as the items you’re getting rid of are concerned, you could donate clothes, appliances, or any other stuff you don’t use.

Prepare Your Home and Protect the Floors

Lay down sheets to protect the floors inside your house or an apartment. When the loading process starts, you will have people going in and out of the house, and this can damage your floors if they are not protected. On the relocation day itself, you will have many other concerns – don’t let mud on your carpets be one of them. If you plan and act accordingly, you won’t have a reason to be concerned at all.

Protect Your Belongings with Weatherproof Materials

You need to make sure your items are protected from the cold. If there are items that are susceptible to low temperatures, make sure you protect them with double sheets of packing paper and enfold them in blankets as well. Minimize their exposure to the freezing weather. Take care of the delicate goods first, then move on to the heavier items. If you are unsure how to tackle the items, look for tips from someone with more experience.

winter in a forest
Sunrise in winter.

Make Sure Your New Home Is Move-In Ready – Turn on the Heat

Before you start the shipping process, pay a couple of visits to your new home. Make sure you are familiar with the indoor space, and you know exactly how the items will be unpacked. Just imagine what will happen if you arrive and start leaving boxes outside in the snow? You can even leave all the boxes in one room if you cannot decide right away how the items will be arranged inside.

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Popular Tip – Make Sure That the New Home Utilities Are up and Running

After spending some time traveling in the freezing weather, the last thing you’d want is to enter a chilly home. So, have utilities arranged in advance. Double-check if electricity, water, and heating are turned on and functioning correctly at least three days before you move in.

snowy lake
Choose the best route for your relocation journey.

Clean the Driveway and Walkways in Both Homes

Shove away any snow and create a passage between the front door and the path leading to the street. Besides delicate goods, there will also be some large furniture pieces which require extra space. You have to ensure there isn’t any ice on the walkways – you can easily get hurt if you slip while carrying a heavy piece of furniture. The same stands for your future place – go there a few days before the relocation day and create enough space for people to circulate.

house in the forest
Choose the place you have always wanted.

Find a Sitter for the Kids Before You Head to the New City

As much as you enjoy the process of starting a life in an unfamiliar place, your kids can be confused and scared by everything that’s happening. When moving with kids, keep in mind that they need more time to get used to the unknown environment – take them to their future residence a few times before you actually move. While the relocation is taking place, someone should play with them. You will be busy coordinating and managing everything – find someone to keep an eye on them.

lonely tree
Get everything ready before you start the move.

Manage Your Time

It is vital to manage everything promptly. As you start the process, you will see that some things don’t depend on you, and there are situations when you cannot do anything. All the tips in the world cannot save you from a snowy day or a blizzard.

Start Your Move to a New City Earlier Than You’d Normally Do

We need to stress out that preparations play a vital role in keeping things running on time. In case there is a huge storm coming, come up with a plan B. Start the move earlier if the opportunity arises, don’t wait until the last day to have everything ready for the move.

Allow Extra Moving Time

If it’s been constantly snowing for a few days, it would be hard for the movers to reach you and safely transport your belongings to your new address. Don’t risk the safety of your goods and the movers just because you have to delay the move for a few days. Wait until the weather calms down and get back to the process.

snowy road
Time is passing by, get started with the relocation right away.

If You Hire Movers, Choose the Ones with Years of Experience

If you think that changing your address without expert help will be tough, contact trustworthy movers that have extensive experience with winter relocation and professional packers to help you out with packing fragile items or electronics. Get familiar with the way relocation companies operate, do a USDOT number check to dodge any scams and choose the best residential movers to carry out your move and bring all the necessary packing supplies.

man walking on a snowy road
Choose the best movers to help you relocate.

Leave Unwanted Items in Storage and Think About Insurance

In case you have some extra items, and there is not enough room in your home, you can rent storage units and keep the items there until you decide what to do with them. For your own peace of mind, you can also get insurance for the stuff you’re about to transport cross country. Don’t rush into anything! It is better to spend a few extra dollars than risking the safety of the things that have been in your family for generations.

ship covered in snow
Keep an eye on the details of the process.

Prepare Your Car for the Winter Trip

Even if you have a brand-new car, you should have it serviced before the relocation starts. By doing so, you will be sure that everything is running properly. To be extra cautious, pack some blankets, hats, and gloves in the car with you. In case anything happens, you will have clothes to stay warm until someone comes to help you out. Of course, you can always opt for auto transport services and have your car shipped to your front door.

snowy field
Grab your warmest jacket, and start packing.

Dress Appropriately for Your Winter Relocation

This is common sense. Choose the best clothes and shoes – you need maximum comfort while you are going around carrying heavy boxes. You will probably get warm as you move around all the time. Don’t let that trick you – you still need a warm jacket and gloves, or you can easily catch a cold.

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