How to Use Plastic Wrap for Packing?

When someone says plastic wrap, the first things that come to mind are kitchen hacks and food, right? But, have you ever thought about how to use plastic wrap for packing? By using this type of packing material, you can save a lot of space inside of the moving vehicle, and at the same time, ensure the safe transport of your precious belongings.

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May 9, 2018 Posted in How-to

Read About The Basic Characteristics

Plastic wrap, also called saran or cling film, is one of the most popular food preserving, as well as packing materials. Even though it can be sticky and cause you a headache, at the end of the day, it is still one of the best solutions for protecting your belongings during long-distance transport.

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Benefits of Cling Film

Saran is easy to work with, inexpensive, and can be found in various sizes. You can purchase it online, and from almost any moving company and major retail stores. It is also environmentally-friendly because it’s recyclable.

Things to Know Before Choosing The Right Type

  • What is the best gauge, 65 or 80? A higher number of gauge means better protection. Knowing this, consider 80 gauge for fragile and massive items.
  • Blown vs. pre-stretched. If you are planning to pack furniture, you should think about buying a pre-stretched version of the material. This kind of protection is lighter in weight and does not require a lot of pulling when covering large items.
  • Handle, yes or no? If you want to protect smaller items, the answer is YES because wraps with handles are more comfortable to operate with. However, if you plan to pack massive objects, it is easier to use wraps without handles.
packing material
Saran is an inexpensive and environmentally-friendly material.

What’s The Most Common Use of Cling Film

Almost every household uses saran, mostly in the kitchen. But, when you find out that it can be used for protecting bigger items, you will be more than happy to try all the benefits of this material.

You Can Pack Almost Anything

Massive furniture, artwork, clothes – you name it! Saran is one of the most suitable packing materials. The only thing you’ll have to worry about is static when handling electronic devices.

packing material
Saran is suitable for protecting almost any kind of belongings.

Find Out How to Use Plastic Wrap for Packing

If you are planning a relocation to a new home and thinking about when to start packing for a move, begin by making a list of supplies you’ll need during this process. Different types of packing materials are something you should think about, and saran should be at the top of your list.

Make Moving Easier by Using Plastic Wrap

Knowing that saran can be found in various sizes, you can consider buying it to pack heavy items. It will not take long to pack all your belongings. Also, this way of handling items will save you a lot of space in the moving truck.

The Process of Wrapping

Before you start wrapping, ask someone to help you. You can start by cleaning all the items, empty them, and then start packing. The help of a friend will come in handy to hold the item while you are putting the plastic around it. However, if you are worried that you will not do it right, you can hire professionals to provide you with packing services, at least for those more fragile items.

packed furniture
The usage of saran in packing is easy and fast.

The Use of Saran for Furniture

This is an ideal material for handling massive belongings. It tends to be tear-resistible, making it more than suitable for protecting furniture.

Ways to Keep Multi-Piece Furniture Together During the Move

Saran is mostly used to protect furniture with doors and drawers. That is why, if you plan to relocate desks, dressers, chests, sideboards, and hutches, don’t overthink – purchase this material and ensure the safe transport of your belongings. Simply wrap it around and reinforce it with some tape.

man laying on the couch
Pack your massive belongings in cellophane and ensure their safe transport.

Make Sure That You Know How to Pack Clothes and Shoes

Packing clothes and shoes can be time- and space-consuming. You should find a way to pack all items and make sure that they are well-protected for the move.

Preparing Clothes for the Truck

If you have a big wardrobe, you can consider sorting all items into smaller groups, without taking hangers off, and simply protect them with saran. A few layers around clothes should do the trick.

What About Shoes

Before you move on to shoes, make sure that this material is the right solution. For some models of shoes, you will have to find a better alternative. Also, if you still have original boxes, no wrapping will be necessary.

Be Extra Careful With Leather Shoes

Leather shoes first come to mind in this situation because being wrapped up can damage them. It is also essential to plan where you will put shoes during transport. That’s why, when it comes to packing leather shoes, think about using moving boxes instead.

walk-in closet
Clothes and some models of shoes can be packed in saran.

Protect Valuable Pieces of Artwork

When you figure out how to utilize different materials, you will be able to pack almost anything without trouble, including those fragile and valuable pieces of art.

A Few Tips on How to Pack Artwork

The most important tip we can give you is to never apply saran directly to the artwork. In other words, you should first place foam padding or paper to cover and protect the paint, and only then wrap the whole thing up.

packing paintings
When you want to pack artwork, apply saran only as an additional cover.

Keep Food Fresh And Save Your Jewelry

This material is a true blessing in the kitchen. It will keep your food, fruits, and veggies fresh for a longer time so that you can take them with you on the trip to your new home.

Outside of the Kitchen, It Can Help You With Jewelry

If, for some reason, your jewelry gets tangled during the move, you can untangle it with saran. All you should do is cut off a piece and lay your jewelry on top. Then, cut down another piece and smooth it over your jewelry. You will be surprised by the efficiency of this simple hack.

A Sign of Quality

When something is good, it usually has multiple uses. Plastic wrap is an item of that sort. You can pack almost anything with it. That’s what makes it a great, easy, and inexpensive choice of protective material for all kinds of belongings.

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