Choosing the Best Sized Boxes for Moving – Tips and Tricks

If you think about it, the best-sized boxes for moving do not actually exist. Your items are of different sizes and weights, and it would be impossible for them all to fit into one type of crates. That is why you should create a home inventory before you get materials for your relocation. The trick is to go through everything, decide what to keep and what to donate or sell. When you are done, you will finally know how many crates and in what sizes you need.

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One of the best tips is to hire a relocation company to assist you in handling your objects. They know how to take care of delicate and bulky items, and have all the right materials for it.

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Best-Sized Boxes for Moving – How to Choose?

While you are looking for materials, you should obtain a variety of crates, filling, and padding materials. Before you go out and look for supplies, consider all the things you should do before moving. Create a personalized “to-do” moving list that will have things like decluttering and creating a home inventory on it. All of this will help you gain perspective on how much material you need.

Go through your home, select the items you want to get rid of. You can either donate them or organize a sale and earn some extra cash. When the decluttering is done, walk around your home, take note of the oddly shaped and large objects, and make sure you find crates that will suit them.

to do list
Put everything into a box or storage, while checklists will help you with organization

Search the Internet or Get Them from a Store

Are you wondering where to look for free moving boxes and other materials? Unless you hire a trustworthy relocation company that offers packing services, you will have to obtain materials by yourself.
If you are worried about your budget and the ways you can save up, start with materials. First thing first, ask your friends if they have some duct tape, markers, or any other supplies that they can spare. While you are at it, spend some additional time with your friends, it will help you cope with emotions prior to your relocation.

Take a walk around the block, ask around in the local stores if they have some different types of packing materials you can use. Shops are the right places to find crates of different shapes and sizes.

Also, go online and browse sites like Facebook and Craigslist – you might find people who are giving away materials.

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Ask local stores if they have an extra box they don't use

The Right Size and Material of the Box

Depending on what you are putting in the box, you will require not only different sizes but containers made out of different materials, as well.

If you are packaging fragile items, you will want sturdier crates to protect them. Think about your favorite belongings – maybe you want to pack your golf clubs or even pack your guitar? Having sturdier containers is a perfect solution.

Using wooden containers to protect antiques or your family heirloom is a smart thing to do. But you don’t need heavy containers for everything – if you are packing soft goods, you can use regular ones.

You can pack things you have at home in wooden crates

Standard Box Sizes

Using cases when you are relocating is one of the necessary steps. Their purpose is to keep your belongings protected and secured from external factors. If you need to box up things like kitchen appliances, sheets, and drapes, you will use large containers that measure 20 x 20 x 15 inches. With extra-large crates that measure 23 x 23 x 16 inches, you can protect pillows, sports equipment, and comforters.

Small and Medium Moving Boxes

Not all of your belongings are cumbersome – using small and medium-size cases can be a great thing if you want to pack up everyday objects. Just don’t overfill your containers. If you don’t have the proper equipment for a safe move, you might get injured during the lifting. This is why maybe you should consider hiring professional moving services to handle your relocation for you.

Small crates come in measures are 16 x 10 x 10 inches and they are perfect for books and small appliances, such as blow-dryers and curling iron. Medium size measures are 18 x 14 x 12 inches, and those are ideal for towels and decorative things.

open box
Standard size crates can be used as a storage for many things in your home

Oddly-Shaped and Special-Form Crates

Are you relocating some oddly-shaped objects? Maybe a big sculpture that has passed down several generations of your family? When it comes to objects that don’t have straight edges, using regular cases might not be the best solution.

It is only logical that you want to protect your fragile objects. If you are about to pack your antiques or some other valuable thing, you should obtain specialized crates. Many relocating companies offer these types of customized containers to their customers.

bottles in a box
Using odd-shaped crates as storage for bottles any size

What Are Your Other Options

Usually, most of the things you own can fit into regular-sized crates. But there are still some things that require a unique fit.

If you want to pack glasses or bottles of expensive liquor, you will use kitchen containers that have compartments. Those partitions serve as dividers between fragile objects, protecting them from one another. You can prepare your fragile items by wrapping them in sheets of paper before storing them.

Big crates with thicker cardboard serve to protect objects like lamps. With their height, they can fit objects up to 48 inches. And if you are relocating your office documents, use file binders. They are double-walled and made to handle large files.

Wardrobe Box

Pull out all of your clothes and declutter your wardrobe. When you are done, the rest should be safely stored in wardrobe cases. They are designed for hanging clothes, and shoes and belts can be stored at the bottom. If you are transporting unique or valuable pieces of clothing, use cases – they are sturdier and offer more protection.

If you are planning on using a storage service, having your clothes wrapped and put in containers is a must. Padding materials protect them from moisture and weather changes that can happen while in storage.

Pack Electronics

Electronics are considered relatively fragile, so using sturdy crates and a lot of protective material is a must when packing them. The process of preparing electronics for your move can be stressful, but if you have the right materials and an experienced crew, everything will go smoothly.

computer on the desk
Electronics should be put in the right-sized crates

Keeping Items Protected In Your Moving Boxes

When storing your objects inside crates, you will want to ensure their safety. Using enough materials and proper cases is good, but take an additional step and follow our labeling advice. The trick is to write “FRAGILE” in big letters on every box that contains delicate things.

Color-code your crates or put numbers on them. This will help you keep track of your belongings, and it will make unpacking faster and more efficient.

moving boxes
Labeling everything will protect your belongings

Other Packing Accessories

After you have found all the right crates that are different sizes and shapes, it is time to gather other materials.

First thing first, think about padding. You will want to fill the empty space between your object and the walls of the carton. Peanut, foam, paper, and blankets are some of the most commonly used materials. One of the most useful tips is to wrap your things in bubble wrap, as well.

Think about the equipment necessary for lifting heavy things. If you are not hiring movers, be careful, use the right gear, and you will avoid injuries.

One of the helpful tips is to fill your crates with padding material

Choose from Many Relocation Kit Categories

If you don’t feel like picking up every crate and supply, that’s understandable. The process can be tiresome. That is why some companies have made relocation kits that you can purchase. They entail not only moving boxes but other supplies as well.
Every kit is made based on the number of rooms, so if you are relocating out of a two-bedroom apartment, you should get the appropriately-sized kit.

Choosing the right containers seems like a long and complicated process, but, in the end, it will all pay off. You will have all your belongings protected and ready to move.

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