How to Keep Clothes From Wrinkling?

Knowing how to keep clothes from wrinkling was a part of human interest since ancient times. In China, in the late 1st century BC, people used metal pans filled with hot coals to straighten their robes, and the electric iron we know today was invented in 19 century. Nowadays, with all kinds of devices and help we get from technology, learning how to prevent wrinkles in clothes still seems like rocket science sometimes.

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A considerable part of every relocation has to do with packing and folding your garments. And if you wish to have a stress-free relocation and easy unpacking after moving, knowing how to keep clothes wrinkle-free is key. Nobody wants ironing as one of the things to do after moving. With our moving tips, you will learn how to keep shirts from wrinkling and how to pack everything, so you prevent this from happening.

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Why Are My Clothes Always Wrinkled?

The answer depends on the type of garments you are wearing and how you do your laundry. And if you wonder, “why are my clothes so wrinkled after drying” or “how do I stop my clothes from wrinkling,” know that there are some tricks you can implement so your clothing always looks ironed. There is a proper way of folding, ironing, washing, and drying items. And if you do all the steps correctly, you will spend less time doing laundry and have straight clothing all the time. If you are moving to a new state, don’t just put all your garments in a bag or box without folding them. It would be a nightmare to sort everything once you relocate. Wash and fold everything while you are packing, so you can store everything in your new closet without extra work.

A shirt and linen on a drying rack
Doing proper laundry is a crucial part of making garments creasing-free

What Is Wrinkle Resistant Clothing, and What Is Not

If you wish to have garments without wrinkles, you need to know what materials best prevent creasing. You probably have many garments made of materials that creases. Cotton, linen, and rayon are all-natural materials that are maybe more comfortable to wear but ask for more attention when washing and drying. Here are some of the best crease-resistant materials that usually don’t need ironing:

  • Denim,
  • Polyester,
  • Wool,
  • Permanent press,
  • Cashmere.
Girl in denim jeans
With the right fabrics, you will be free of creasing

Devices and Ironing Aids for Real Home Assistance

Alongside the right fabrics, some devices and ironing aids are gold in reducing the creasing. For example, wrinkle remover spray is excellent if you don’t have iron near you. Just spray your fabrics and shake them out vigorously and watch the magic happen. You can make a spray with a cup of water and one tablespoon of fabric softener. If you hate ironing shirts, buy a steamer for clothing. This device is great because you don’t need an ironing board – you can just hang your shirts and straighten them within a couple of minutes.

Dress on a hanger
Just spray and hang your dress and you will be good to go

Simple Tricks to Avoid Wrinkles When Washing

The first rule of creasing prevention is not to wash your garments at high temperatures. In fact, the best advice is to follow the labels on your dresses when washing. If you are long-distance moving and don’t have time to do the sorting, wash all your garments together only at low temperature to avoid creasing.

After washing is over, add a softener and do another cycle of rinsing. Then dry everything at high temperature, take your laundry right after drying is over, fold it, and pack it in boxes. Use packing paper while dealing with delicate shirts or dresses. The paper will stop wrinkles from appearing.

How to Prevent Clothes From Wrinkling in Dryer – How to Iron with Ease

Some fabrics will come off the dryer all straightened if it’s dried at a high temperature. On the other hand, many shirts need to be ironed no matter how good your drying machine is. But ironing will be much easier if you steam them first. Some of the best modern dryers have this option, but you can just put a wet towel near the end of your drying and steam shirts this way.

You can spray your shirts with some water and then dry them – they will straighten a bit, but you will still have to do the ironing. When taking your garments from a dryer, fold them right away and straighten them with your hands. Watch the following video for more tips on how to use your dryer instead of ironing.

How to Keep Clothes From Wrinkling When Traveling

If you are cross-country moving and you decide to drive to your new destination, it will be helpful to know how do you keep your shirt from wrinkling when sitting. Or, in this case, driving. Wear the right size of clothing and pull your shirt tight when you sit down. Make sure to dry your outfit well before wearing it. On the other hand, if you are moving at the last minute for a job position, the better option will be to hire a long-distance moving company for auto transport and travel by airplane. Put your outfit in a garment bag to avoid any creasing.

Pack Your Bag of Essentials Properly and Wrinkle Free

One of the things to do before the move is to pack your bag of essentials – garments, hygiene products, bedding, important documents, cleaning supplies, and others. You will wear these outfits until you unpack everything your cross-country movers unloaded in your house. And of course, you will want to have straight and clean clothing. Especially if you are moving with kids and they need to go to school. Do not pack too much stuff in one bag. If possible, pack creasing-free garments, roll all the outfits you are bringing, and place them side-by-side in your bag.

Rolled shirt
Roll your garment when traveling

Find Long-Distance Movers Near Me if You Wish to Have Clothing Without Any Creasing

When it comes to knowing how to pack clothes wrinkle-free, there is no better solution than to hire professional long-distance movers. Just make sure when you hire them for long-distance moving services to ask them if they will bring wardrobe boxes as part of their packing service. It would be good to wash and iron all of your garments before movers come. So when your movers start to pack everything in professional wardrobe boxes, one of the best types of packing materials for this purpose, if everything is straightened and folded correctly, unpacking will be a breeze.

On the other hand, you can always try and do this alone, but buying wardrobe boxes will probably cost you more in the long run because all reputable moving companies provide these boxes as part of their services. And with professional help, you will be assured that your garments are properly packed and stored. And best of all, no matter if they are going on a truck right away or to storage facilities, you will know that all your belongings are covered with moving insurance.

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