Moving Insurance

Once you’ve researched “long distance movers near me” and found the best ones for the job, you ought to consider the company’s moving insurance policy. Although the chances are your move will be without problems, it’s always better to be on the safe side. And there’s no better way to ensure a safe move to your new home than by purchasing a liability package.

There’s No Reason to Stress – the Best Cross Country Movers Have You Covered

When it comes to moving, one thing is sure – relocation is one stressful undertaking. There is so much to take care of, keep in mind, and get done. Amidst the hunting for a new home, rental cleaning, and all those bureaucratic endeavors one has to keep track of, it’s best to share a portion of your obligations with professionals. And with those obligations, make sure to let go of at least a portion of the stress, because with us – you really won’t need it anymore.

Whenever you hire Trico Long Distance Movers for a service, rest assured that you’ll be provided not just with top-notch assistance but admirable coverage as well. Why go through the trouble of hiring third-party companies to insure your objects when you can get everything done at once with us? Although it’s highly unlikely you’ll need one, we will still provide you with the best possible coverage, and it won’t cost you anything. So, let us tell you everything about the insurance we supply each customer, as well as about the upgraded protection packet.

What Does the Mandatory Moving Insurance Coverage Imply?

Although the chances of something happening to your belongings while in transport with us are slim to none, we want our customers to feel safe each step of the move. That’s why we always provide mandatory insurance with our cross country moving services, and we do it free of cost. However, as a customer obtaining long distance moving services, you surely want to know what does such a free-of-cost, basic packet imply?

So, as previously mentioned, with our basic relocation packet, each customer is provided with a liability packet. Such a packet ensures that each of your belongings that was packed by our professionals, and is transported by them will be insured at a rate of 60 cents per pound of your belongings. That means that if, for example, a new table you own was broken or even damaged while in our truck, you’ll get compensation for the damage.

How Do Our Movers Calculate the Compensation for a Damaged Item?

Let’s keep the example of a damaged table. Here is how you can calculate the said compensation in the following way: if the table that was scratched, broken, or lost, weighs 30 pounds, we will calculate the insurance in the following way: $0.6 x 30 = $18. That goes for each and every item that ends up as a casualty of transportation and rocky roads. However, because our packers are meticulous in what they do, and our drivers know the roads of our country better than the back of their hand, the chances you’ll have to do any calculations of compensation is low to none – because with us, problems never happen.

If You Don’t Think the Standard Protection Is Enough, Obtain Full Value Moving Reimbursement Insurance

When you’re relocating your entire house inventory, the chances are you’ll be transporting objects of great value – whether the said value is emotional or financial. That being said, it’s completely understandable why a portion of people decides on upgrading their reimbursement packet. Some customers feel much safer transporting belongings knowing they have an all-encompassing insurance for moving companies that surpasses the mandatory reimbursement packet.

And we do think this is a good idea, and even recommend the upgrade when and if you are transporting objects of great value, such as artwork, vintage furniture, or rare objects. In that case, you would upgrade the basic packet to a Full Value Replacement Insurance (FVRI). FVRI is an upgraded insurance option our team can supply for you upon request. With it, the items we packed, if damaged, will be reimbursed in their full monetary value. It’s important to know that you can’t get the full coverage packet on the day of the move. Rather, you should purchase it at least a day prior to the move.

Are There Any Exceptions to Our Long Distance Moving Services Liability Policy?

Whether you obtain an upgraded liability package or stick with our basic policy, there are some objects no companies will be able to cover. No moving companies, whether it’s Trico Long Distance Movers or a completely different company, are allowed to insure anything other than personal belongings. That means that we can’t insure stuff like money, personal documents, valuable heirlooms, or jewelry. That being said, such objects are oftentimes in adequate sizes, and some are even necessary to take with you, like money and documentation, so it may be safer to just have all of these with you. They won’t be any trouble to take care of, and you’ll know nothing wrong can happen with them under your watch.

With the Help Of Our Long Distance Moving Company, You’ll Be Safe and Protected Through the Entire Relocation

Now that you know how coverage works and what type of protection you’ll be under by purchasing our services, all that’s left to do is contact us to book your move. Of course, our line is open for you to obtain a free quote, as well as get an answer to any further questions you may have about the protection packages we offer. We are waiting for your call!

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