All There is to Know About Packing Paper for Moving

We think that the packing paper for moving doesn’t get the smallest part of the attention it deserves. It’s a silent hero and the ultimate good guy in every story. Whenever someone mentions packing, wrapping, or protecting, it shows up. All professional long-distance movers use it for every move, and its simplicity allows even amateurs to be good at packing. What it is, where to buy packing paper for moving, and what can it be used for? A long-distance moving company has all the answers, and so do we.

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November 29, 2020 Posted in Moving Tips

What Is Packing Paper for Moving?

Researching what materials you will have to get and what are their characteristics is one of the main things to do before moving – it will help you avoid moving stress and solve a problem called “how to organize your move.” So, what is this fabulous thing we’re talking about, and why should it be on your moving across country checklist? Simply put, this is an unprinted paper that is light and easy to tear if you hold a single sheet, but once you put a few sheets, it becomes professional protection for any kind of item that needs to be transported safely.

Why Is Packing Paper for Moving So Good?

Apart from being one of the most useful things you can find when moving state to state, it’s also one of the cheapest items on your moving to another state checklist. We can agree that there aren’t many things related to cross country moving that are cheap, so this incredible item comes as a breath of fresh air to your wallet and savings. When creating your moving inventory and trying not to leave behind all the most commonly forgotten things to pack, you should also create a list of everything that can be broken that you have to cover well. The chances are that you will require a lot of packaging paper, but don’t worry – you will get something that’s sustainable and eco-friendly! After unpacking, you can crumble it and fill shoes or bags in your closet so that they hold their shape. Another idea is to use it for cleaning and wiping windows – unlike cloths and towels, it won’t leave any lint.

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Call your recycling center and let them know that you have a lot of paper you'd like to recycle after using

Some Products Are Sold With Packing Tissue Paper. What Is That?

If you were looking for the best-sized boxes for moving, you probably checked first if you have some at home that can be used for your moving essentials. While doing that, you probably noticed that some boxes have a thin, almost transparent paper inside. That specific type is called packing tissue paper, and it’s super handy as well. You can find them in color, printed, or just simple and white. It’s perfect as a thin layer of protection for some delicate materials that aren’t quite breakable but can get stained easily. That’s why you can mostly find it in shoe or clothes boxes, or as both decoration and protection in some boxes for presents.

Where to Get Packing Paper?

When you start going through your moving to-do list, you’ll see that one of the first things is to go to the store and pickup all the packaging supplies, and you can’t ask when to start packing for a move if you don’t know the answer to where can I buy packing paper. It depends on whether you want to buy it online, or you’re in a hurry because of last-minute moving, and you want to have it immediately. Big retail shops have better prices, and you can even get a discount. If you were wondering does Walmart sell packing paper, the answer is yes, so you can check them out as well. Keep in mind that ordering online is much simpler, and you’ll have a wider choice.

Where Can I Get Free Packing Paper?

If you have a lot of stuff, you don’t want to spend much money covering all of them, and you’re looking for the cheapest way to move out of state, find this packaging supply for free. You can ask your local UPS store to see if they have some of this material that they don’t require or watch the following video to get one more idea.

Wrapping Paper for Moving Is Great for Every Fragile Item

Now that you bought the amount of papers that you require, you can start using it for everything delicate that needs to be covered. You’ll get all in one – a perfect paper for packing dishes, amazing glass wrapping paper, a huge help with your office move, and also in learning how to pack toys for moving. In case you’re moving a business to another state and you plan to open a new office there, you’ll have to ship the computers as well. When you figure out how to prepare electronics, packaging paper will be of the utmost help with learning how to pack electronics for moving. Since it’s amazing for packaging fragile items, it will be the best answer to dilemmas such as how to pack glasses for moving, or how to pack plates for moving, and definitely how to pack dishes for moving.

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How Much of It Do You Require?

It will all depend on how big your home is and how much of your belongings are you shipping. This packaging supply is sold by weight – usually, it’s around 20 sheets per pound. Keep in mind that small and delicate items require at least three papers; you’ll need it for cushioning and for filling empty spaces in the box. Here’s how much you might require according to the number of things that fit standard sizes of apartments:

  • Ten pounds is for a studio or a one-bedroom apartment; it’s approximately 200 sheets.
  • Twenty five pounds is enough for a home with more than one room or a dish collection; about 500 sheets.
  • Fifty pounds is perfect for a larger home or for an apartment with many fragile things; around 1,000 sheets.
  • A hundred pounds is for homes with more than six or with many breakable or valuable collections; roughly 2,000 sheets.
Packaging paper, bubble wrap, tape, and other packaging materials
It is a crucial material for covering all delicate pieces you own and plan to ship

Is It Better to Go With Bubble Wrap or Packing Wrapping Paper?

The combination of these two types of packing materials is the best one possible, especially if you want to know how to pack quickly for a move and not to risk any damage or breaking. However, it might happen that you’re left with a small amount of one or another and that you have to choose. That’s when you need to know which one is better for what when protecting your belongings for moving across the country:

  • Paper is better for protecting surfaces and avoiding scratches. It takes less space, so you can stack up things that fit into one another like plates, bowls, pots, and more.
  • Bubble wrap is, well, bubbly, and the air inside takes a lot of room, but it comes in handy for wrapping heavy items that need protecting but aren’t going to break. For example, if you have a bag full of big pots and you don’t want them to bump into one another, just make some firm cushion out of bubble wrap.
  • When it comes to electronics, they really have to be covered and protected well, so if you’re left with paper only, you’d have to add some more materials to be sure that nothing breaks. If you have only bubble wrap, you’ll require a lot of it. It does work better with these kinds of items because of the air that prevents any bumping when moving cross country.
A package full of wrapped dishes
Packaging papers are always better for the protection of surfaces

What Can I Use Instead of Packing Paper?

This is where all moving hacks and moving tips you learned come up. There are alternatives to packing paper for moving, more or less effective, but keep them in mind just in case. If you’re all out of papers, look around the house for the following items:

  • Bathroom towels make a great replacement for papers. They’re thick, soft, won’t leave any stains, and can protect your breakables after calling the state to state movers.
  • Blankets aren’t that easy to handle as towels (unless you have small baby ones), but they’re also good protection for dishes, plates, pots, and pans. Maybe even some electronics such as computer towers.
  • Instead of crumbling papers at the bottom of the package, try putting pillows. It will save you more paper for glasses and other fragile pieces with thin walls.
  • You can also use winter scarves if they’re thick enough.

Sheets of Newspaper Can Also Solve the Problem

Newspapers are a far less reliable option, but they can be helpful in the right amounts. Most people don’t like to use them because the newsprint will stain your hands, box, and, most importantly, the item you’re trying to protect. However, people also pick to use them because they can get them for free in large quantities. You can also work with paper from any magazines you don’t need anymore.

A pile of newspaper with newsprint
Remember that the newsprint leaves stains

What Other Supplies Will You Need for Quality Packaging?

Packing paper for moving isn’t the only thing you’ll have to get before cross country movers arrive. Except for bubble wrap, you will require the following supplies:

  • Cardboard boxes of different sizes. They should all be sturdy with thick walls. If you find free boxes and you notice that there are some loose parts, make sure you tighten them up.
  • Learn how to use plastic wrap and buy some for compressing the size of your clothes or protecting furniture
  • Moving blankets are also a great thing to have. They’re great for artworks, furniture, or as an additional layer of protection for the breakables.
  • Get some tape to seal each box.
  • Foam peanuts are good for filling the extra space left in the packages.
A woman holding a vase above a package full of foam peanuts
Foam peanuts are great for padding

Professional Movers Always Recommend Using This Supply

No matter what your reasons to move are, you might want to get some help from a reliable moving company. When you learn how to choose a moving company and hire a reputable cross country moving company for long-distance moving, you can also ask them to provide you with packing services. Then, you will see that they also use packing paper for moving in large quantities and that they don’t do one move without it. Every company that offers you cross country moving services should also give you their storage unit in case you require it, and offer you auto transport. Pick the right long-distance moving services and enjoy your relocation while your items are well-protected with packaging papers.

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