How to pack softgoods when moving

How to pack softgoods when moving

How to pack softgoods when moving

Are you going to relocate soon? Since the moving day is approaching, it’s time to plan the whole move in details. You can feel both stressful and excited thinking about all the things that have to be done, so why not hire a professional? In the end, it will be the least stressful and the cheapest way to sort things out. A skilled crew is capable of making this process a pleasant memory. Call Trico Long Distance Movers to hire the best movers ever. Our experienced and friendly staff will do its best to keep you satisfied. Our client’s needs are our priority, and we aim to fulfill your expectations.

If you start packing, you will have to use different methods for each of your belongings. It mostly depends on the material. Let’s see how you can pack some of your following items:

–          Linens and bedding: You should protect them from moisture, mold, and insects. The best way is to fold them and pack them in big plastic bags before you put them in a box. Line each box for these items with clean packing paper. Label the boxes with the number of the room that you are going to place them in your new home. Set aside some towels or blankets that are not in good condition anymore. When you decide you won’t use them anymore, don’t throw them away. They can be used as wrapping material to protect some electronics or for semi-fragile items. They are a good substitute for expensive bubble papers.

–          Curtains: The ideal solution for them is a wardrobe box. When you place them lengthwise over a padded hanger, it will keep them wrinkle-free. If you don’t have any wardrobe box, just iron them and fold them carefully before you pack them in a plastic bag.

–          Rugs: Make sure you clean them before you roll and wrap all your carpets in plastic. If you can afford the cleaners, get them cleaned and the rugs will be already well rolled, prepared for your move. They must be utterly dry to avoid bacteria to grow up during the move, which causes mold to grow. That’s why it is better to get the professional cleaners to do it. After they are cleaned, protect them from any outside influence with plastic bags. Wrap them in plastics, and you are sure that they will stay clean and not exposed to any moisture. Don’t forget to tape the ends of the rug after you wrap them with plastics.

–          Pillows: You can use your drawers and dressers to place all your pillows. They are not heavy at all, so they won’t cause problems while carrying this furniture. Put them in plastic bags and use a clip or a clamp to keep it sealed before you place them in the drawers. Since they consume quite much space, you can shrink by using a vacuum-sealable bag. They will be shrunk to one-third of their size. Pillows can also be used as an extra layer if you place some extremely fragile item in a box, just place them first in a plastic bag and seal it.

Do not hesitate to contact Trico Long Distance Movers; set up your moving date and join the large group of our satisfied clients!