Where Can I Donate Clothes for the Homeless?

If you’re like most people, you probably have piles of clothing you practically never wear. You can sell the things you don’t want – either online or by organizing a garage sale. You could give them to friends and family for free. Items that are not exactly wearable anymore could be used as protective materials for packing or you can simply throw them out. However, the best thing to do with garments you don’t wear is to donate them. You might be wondering: Where can I donate clothes for the homeless?

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August 19, 2019 Posted in Moving Tips

Whether they are gifts that you didn’t really like, things that don’t fit anymore, pieces that are out of style, or simply garments that you completely forgot about, now that you’re moving, this is your chance to free up space in your closet. If you’re not sure where to send your stuff, don’t worry – Trico Long Distance Movers has the answer!

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Clothes That Should Make the Donation Pile

Before we delve deeper into where you can donate your old garments, let us take a look at what it is precisely that should end up in this pile. 

Old Clothes You Don’t Wear

The first item on this list are things you simply don’t wear anymore. Make sure that the pieces you are considering donating are still in good condition. Of course, a missing button doesn’t make a shirt non-donatable, but a big hole across the chest does

Items You’ve Never Worn

If there are any garments you have owned for a while but never worn, it is a safe bet that you can give them away. Since they are as good as new, you won’t have to worry about their condition making them unfit for donation.

Garments You Haven’t Worn in a Year

If you are struggling to decide whether you should give away a particular item, here is a tip: if you haven’t worn a specific piece in over a year, you should give it away.

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Places Where You Can Donate

Now that you know what to donate, it is time to look into places, organizations, and shelters that accept clothing. There are numerous options to choose from, and here are some of them. 

Money-Based Organizations

Some charity organizations, such as Goodwill and The Salvation Army accept donations, sell them, and then use the money to help the homeless and other individuals in need in various ways. 

Organizations for Job Seekers

Do you have a lot of professional apparel you don’t wear? Then look into organizations such as Alliance of Career Development Nonprofits and Dress for Success. These charities accept apparel that they later give for free to people in need of attire for a job interview. 

Elegant Dresses

There are charity organizations that focus on wedding gowns, bridesmaids’ dresses, prom dresses, and other elegant wear. If this is something you need, take a look at The Glass Slipper Project – a Chicago-based charity, or Project G.L.A.M.

Children’s Apparel

We all know how quickly kids grow out of their clothes. Instead of tossing them out, give them to your local family shelters or SAFE (Stuffed Animals for Emergencies). A great thing about shelters is that they do more than just offer monetary aid. Shelters are also a safe space for those who have suffered.


Got any old jerseys in the back of your closet? Then contact Peace Passers. They accept sportswear such as jerseys, socks, or shorts for soccer, as well as soccer balls, sports bags, and more.


There are charities that focus on shoes. For example, you can give footwear to Soles4Souls at the closest drop-off location or by shipping. One World Running accepts donations of running shoes for those who can’t afford them. 

Donations for People with Disabilities

Some organizations are focused on helping individuals with disabilities. For example, The Arc uses their donations towards improving the lives of people with developmental difficulties.

The Best Option

With our list coming to an end, you might be wondering: so what is the best option? Truthfully, there is no single best charitable organization. The answer largely depends on the types of things you would like to give away, as well as your personal preference regarding the final recipient of the donation.

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Other Options for Donating Clothing and Money

If none of the organizations we’ve mentioned above seem like the right choice, Trico Long Distance Movers has some other options you might want to consider.

Give Things to Someone You Know

Do you personally know anyone homeless or not too well-off? If so, consider helping them by giving some or all of your donation piles to them.

Sell and Donate the Money

When it comes to more expensive pieces, it might be a better idea to sell them than give them away. The money you can get for a name-brand coat could easily be used for buying a whole generic-brand outfit.


Remember those non-donate-able garments we mentioned? They might be useless in the condition they’re in, but if you have some time on your hands, consider re-purposing them. You could patch them with a fun design or use them to make something completely new.


Contact your local church and ask if they are currently in need of clothing donations. They might be open to receiving other items and forms of help as well.

Donate Online

Some websites, such as The Freecycle Network, specialize in online donating. One downside to this is that you can’t really know if the person receiving your donation is in need.

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Thrift Store

While donating to the local thrift store isn’t exactly the same as donating to the homeless, it does make a difference. Thrift stores are the go-to places for those who aren’t too well-off. While they can’t get items for free, they can purchase them at a very low price.

We hope this comprehensive list helps you decide what to do with your unwanted clothing items (and other items). If you are still on the lookout for a reliable moving company to handle your relocation, know that you can rely on Trico Long Distance Movers. Give us a call to get your free moving quote today! We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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