Tips on How to Pack Toys for Moving

You probably don’t need us to tell you that moving is tough for kids. If you’re like most parents out there, you want to make it easier on them, comfort them, and bring along their favorite stuffed animals. Don’t fret if you haven’t moved before and don’t know how to pack toys for moving.

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August 6, 2018 Posted in How-to

There are plenty of tips on relocation that we want to share, and you can be sure that your children’s favorite playthings will be packed and safely transported to a new home in no time.

First Step When Packing Toys – Sort Them

If we imagine that you already have all your supplies sorted, that you have protective paper and bubble wrap ready, you would want to start organizing kids’ rooms right away. And if you’re relocating on a budget, look for free boxes to save up.

Perhaps the best strategy to start off this process is to assemble all toys into a single room. This makes it easier to sort them. You will need to pack most items so that they share the box with other similar things. For example, all stuffed animals will go into one large package. We will break this down further in the following paragraphs.


How to Pack Toys for Moving – Create a Strategy

If you aren’t sure where to start, or what to pack first, re-evaluate the organization of the items. Set aside categories of similar items, toy bricks, little cars, dolls, plushies, etc. You can also sort by material: plastic goes into one box, wooden items go into another, and so on. Once you’ve settled with a strategy, it’s a good time to start to pack, item by item.

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Packing Tiny Toys – Apply Protective Paper

It can so happen that your kid enjoys playing with small, thumb-size bits that you keep finding everywhere. This can be a bit of a drag trying to locate them all to pack, but they don’t require any special attention in that regard. It’s likely that they don’t need much prep for the packing and that they will be safe from breaking if they are stuffed in a box together with some protective paper.

Moving Large Toys – Disassemble or Secure with Bubble Wrap and Tape

On the other hand, there are toys that can be very hefty in size. You may be just as baffled by these as you are with your larger pieces of furniture. These things might need some disassembling.

In case the toy isn’t already fixed with screws and has some potentially loose parts or flexible arms, you may want to assure that these parts won’t be coming off. Either disassemble them (but be sure you can put them back) or wrap the entirety of the object, securing it with tape.

Find the appropriate package and stuff it with the protective paper just to be sure no additional movement goes on in the package. Even though larger dolls and toys tend to be high-quality and expensive, some plastics and glass are still prone to breaking, which is exactly what you need to prevent.


Tips For Packing Playsets – Use the Original Packaging

These may come as the biggest challenge when you need to pack. In case you don’t still have the original box that the playset came in, you might need to look for an awkwardly shaped container that will fit all of the intricate parts.

All is not lost, as we suggest that you use simple, clear organizer plastic boxes that you can find in nearly every dollar store. It’s a small investment, but highly practical. These can be used for your makeup, tools and screws, jewelry, and small toy pieces that need to be visible.

Additional Moving Tips

With our additional relocation tips, you will ensure that all of your bases are covered. So, read them carefully and apply them immediately.

Find the Right Moving Boxes and Other Packing Supplies for the Toys

At some point during the process, you might realize that you have more items than boxes to put them in. Most liquor boxes are made to sustain heavy bottles, aren’t dirty or stained with food, which will make them perfect for when you need to pack kids’ stuff. You can also look for moving boxes online that can be good for any item you have in your home, not just kids’ playsets.

One of the Best Tips – Include Your Kids

A very efficient way of reducing your kids’ moving anxiety is to include them in the process. You get some extra help, and they will be occupied by packing their favorite things to play with, which is a bonus on both ends.

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Where to Find Packing Services

Unless you’re some kind of a robot, the relocation process is bound to wind you up and exhaust you. If you realize that you can no longer continue, or that you have taken on too many responsibilities with this relocation, there is always someone you can turn to. Plenty of professional movers offer packing services, and that means that you don’t have to do all this yourself.

Getting Professional Relocation Assistance

What’s more, you shouldn’t do the entire move all by yourself, but allow for some rest and professional help when it’s needed. Be sure to go through your home and assess the situation, and if you can, call for help as soon as possible.

The earlier you schedule moving services, the less you will worry, and the more time the movers will have to help you. They need to make room in their schedule, and you need to make room in your home in order to move out, which adds up perfectly. Don’t hesitate and contact your movers immediately if you’re having any doubts about your relocation.

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