When is the Best Time to Move – Pick the Right Season

If you have the luxury to choose the time of the year for your move, you are truly lucky. And if you are wondering when is the best time to move, know that it all depends on your specific needs and the amount of money you are prepared to spend for relocation.

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August 25, 2017 Posted in Moving Tips

Just so you know, the costs of the move can vary throughout the year, and the reason summer is usually the most expensive period is the favorable weather and plenty of time off work. Even though warm days are more popular, it doesn’t necessarily mean this is the right choice for you. In case you are looking for professional movers, and you wait until the last minute, it’s going to be costly regardless of the period of the year. But if you have a choice and you want to make the right decision, stay tuned and find out what are the pros and cons of relocating during each part of the year. We also offer some tips on how to pick a date that suits you the best.

How to Decide When Is the Best Time to Move

Before we dig deep into the advantages and disadvantages of each different season, we need to point out some of the most important factors which should impact your decision. In the world of moving, things work a little differently – there are only two periods there – the peak season and non-peak season.

Consider the Cost of Moving to a New Home

Going to a new home is a big step for you and your family. If you have been waiting to relocate for quite a while and you’ve got good reasons for that, you have probably realized how expensive it is to execute this process. Even if you want to invest in the relocation, there is no need to waste money if you don’t have to move during the hot, boiling days that coincide with the peak season. Come up with a checklist and look into moving quotes offered by different companies. You can use the spare money for more exciting events or you could spend it on a vacation. Plan in advance if you can and decide whether the summer is the right moment to move or you are ready to wait to save some money and move in bad weather?

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Whether you are relocating on your own or with the help of experts with long-distance moving services, you need to get moving boxes and other high-quality supplies to protect all your goods. If you are wondering what this has to do with the season, well, it does. Finding good supplies will be much harder in the peak summertime when everyone else is relocating, booking movers and looking for the same stuff as you do. Just imagine thousands of people googling the best protective items – the prices have to go up eventually. Unless you make the reservations ahead of schedule, you will have to spend hours wandering and searching for the shop that has all the supplies you need for the move. You might need to look for them even a year in advance if you are planning to move next summer.

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Finding a Professional Company for the Moving Day

When planning out your relocation, you also need to decide how you want to do it – are you doing the packing on your own, or you are choosing the packing services of a professional company. If you opt for the latter, you have to act quickly! The best ones are booked out fast during peak days – you might end up with a third-grade company just because you are keen to move in the peak period. The best way to go about it is to start planning early. If you are willing to wait, get familiar with different professional movers, and give this relocation at least a year of careful thought.

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Choose Between Flexible Winter Move vs. Peak Summer Relocation

Even though summer is usually praised as the best period to relocate, there are some serious downsides to choosing it. You will certainly have a harder time finding a good company, and even the ones available will be too expensive. The peak period starts around the beginning of May and ends somewhere at the beginning of September. The warm and dry weather will make the entire process less enjoyable. On the other hand, choosing summer also means you can worry less about the wet boxes, icy roads, and delayed relocations. Like it or not, the weather does have a huge impact on the relocation process.

If you are thinking about changing your home in the wintertime, there are certain challenges you will have to face. The freezing hands and feet, while you are unloading the boxes, will probably make you regret selecting this part of the year. One thing is for sure – you can save a lot of money by choosing winter as your relocation period. Even if you are thinking about hiring movers, you can get the good ones without paying too much. Most companies will have greater flexibility during the winter.

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Happy Times – Spring Relocation

People usually forget that spring can be a great alternative to a boiling July relocation. Most companies will be a lot cheaper, and you will be able to find excellent supplies without spending a fortune. Besides, who says that April will be rainy – we don’t know that. If you are lucky enough, you will have lovely spring days and affordable and stress-free relocation to your new home. There won’t be the scorching heat, and this move will be pleasant. If you are moving with children, make sure the days you are supposed to relocate are not booked for tests and exams at your kid’s school – that can be somewhat frustrating.

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Yellowish Trees and Leafy Streets – Moving in the Fall

The end of September can be an excellent choice to move. With the temperatures cooling down, and available professional companies, you can schedule a seamless move before the cold December kicks in. If you want to save some money and have a decent relocation, the fall is the perfect choice for you. One of the most important tips is to check the forecast – you might even skip the fresh fall days if you schedule a late September relocation. The leafy fall streets will probably make the new beginning a lot easier. We suggest you skip the beginning of September when the kids start school. They probably need more time to adjust than you do – talk to them about the relocation before you make the final decision.

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