How to organize a sale


 How to organize a saleGarage sale

Are you about to make a long-distance move soon? If so, there is much to think about. It’s essential to think of your budget and possible unnecessary expenses, so be careful about hiring a moving company. You need a reliable professional company that is familiar with all the rules and regulations and with a skilled crew to do your relocation in the best possible way. You don’t need to search any further. Trico Long Distance Movers has made hundreds of long-distance and cross-country moves. We are proud to say that our customers’ feedbacks keep us go on good work and keep each one of our client happy.

Considering what people have to go through, we have thought about the ways how to save and get some extra money to help your budget. Everybody knows that a garage sale or a yard sale is a great way to get rid of all the necessary stuff. Anyway, it is maybe your first time to organize it, so how to do it right? Trico Long Distance Movers has made a list of the things to help you avoid possible headaches and host a moving sale successfully. Clear a bunch of junk out of your house and increase your savings at the same time!

         Check on a permit to run a sale:

Some cities require a permit so check first if you need to have one. Just go to the local government’s office to get informed since you don’t want to be fined. There is maybe a chance to get it online. Look on the homepage of your town if you can apply for such permit online.

         Pick a day for your sale:

Most people choose weekends for their yard sales since you will gather more people then. It should start early, at about six o’clock so that everyone has much time to be at your place and make some other arrangements for the weekend. Choose the weekend after you have heard the weather forecast. Avoid sweating on a hot day or getting wet on a rainy day.


         Gather all the goods you haven’t used for some time:

You might think you will need some of your belongings, which is a usual mistake. Most people are emotionally attached to the stuff they keep for some time. Some of your stuff may remind you of growing up or raising your kids, or some of the items could be memories from your childhood. If you haven’t used them so far, why paying to deliver them to your new home. You also have some items that seem worthless to you, and you are ashamed to expose them for sale. Don’t worry; something that seems useless to one person is worth buying to another one. That’s how the entire economy works.

         Price everything:

You could think that it is better not to set the price so the customers will come to you. No way! Most people won’t ask for a price because they don’t want to bother asking many times for every item they are interested in. It is a bother to you, too. You could also make a mistake if you tell a different price for the same item to a few customers. That’s not fair of you, and some people could leave your home angrily without buying anything.

         Make all the things visible and nicely ordered in lines or circles:

If all your clothes, toys, and other items are too close to each other or on each other, people won’t be able to notice something they like. Each thing should be easily seen to draw somebody’s attention. It would be good to separate more expensive things from the ones which are just a dollar or two.


We are sure your moving sale will be successful. Meanwhile, we would be thrilled if you contacted us. Trico Long Distance Movers is waiting for your call!