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Perhaps you already have a complete plan and organization in your head for your upcoming long-distance relocation. However, a thorough moving across country checklist will help you remember everything. Those bulky and large items are usually not a problem – you cannot forget to pack your stove or clothes on the hanger. But what about small things? That’s why we have prepared this guide to be your reminder for all the crucial things.

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October 28, 2019 Posted in Moving Checklist

Moving Across Country Checklist – Month or Two Before the Relocation

You still have plenty of time to pack all your belongings properly, but some tasks should be done as early as possible. You have probably already found a new school if you are moving with kids and notified all your loved ones that you’re leaving. But consider these things to avoid unnecessary trouble before saying goodbye.

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Decide What Items You Are Taking with You

There’s no better time to declutter your living space than while you’re preparing items for the move. You probably have some things that are old or you haven’t used them for an extended period. That’s why you should consider donating them or throwing away. Try not to be sentimental about the whole process. It will save your time and money since fewer things for transporting mean paying less for moving services. And if you’d like to know how much the move is going to cost you, don’t forget to request a quote. If you’re planning on using other services, such as auto shipping or packing, let your movers know.

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Donate or throw away old and unnecessary things

Get Your Packing Supplies for Cross Country Moving

Since you need to pack your whole household, start thinking about the types of packing materials you’ll need. Well, don’t just think, but visit stores and get moving boxes, papers, bubble wrap, padding, duct tape, and labels. You should also keep an eye out for free boxes in your area. You can always ask in retail or liquor stores or look for help on social media.

Find the Right Movers Several Weeks Ahead

Maybe you think it’s too early to look for a reliable moving company two months before the relocation day. But keep in mind that their price and availability depend on the time of year and unplanned days on the schedule. At the peak of the season, you won’t be able to get a cheap deal. Call several companies, compare the cost of cross-country movers, ask everything you want to know and choose the right one for you.

Boxes are a crucial supply when it comes to packing

Two Weeks Before the Long-Distance Move

The clock is ticking. This is where things become messy. You need to be focused and keep in mind the most common things people forget when moving:

  • Label boxes if you haven’t done that already
  • When packing electronics, take photos of the cables before unplugging them
  • Make sure your pet is ready to move
  • Dispose of hazardous objects
  • Stop buying new grocery supplies and use everything from the refrigerator and freezer
  • Call your mover sand confirm the major details of the move, such as the time, places, costs, etc.
  • Gather valuables and keep them where you won’t forget them
  • Record or take photos of valuable beloningst hat could be damaged during transport

Keep in Mind to Contact Utility Companies

Without power, heat, and water, living would be impossible. So make sure you deal with utilities and see that they are set up for when you arrive at your new place. That means you should check in advance if they are operative and whether they need to be disconnected or transferred to the new homeowner’s name.

Pack Your Items According to the Inventory Checklist

If you created your moving inventory list, you can use it for packing and tracking your boxes. Begin with those things you use less frequently and don’t forget to label the boxes in the same color as their content on the list. That will facilitate the unpacking process after you arrive at the new place and will help you in case some of your belongings go missing.

Your relocation checklist will help you during the packing process and throughout the settling in period

The Week You Move Checklist

This week should be dedicated to final checks and making sure everything is organized. Do not avoid checking even the smallest trifles as this will ensure a stress-free relocation day.

Clean Your Home

Before leaving your old place, make sure you:

  • Leave your apartment clean for the next tenant
  • Defrost the fridge and freezer the night before
  • Drain the water hoses of your ice maker and washing machine
  • Empty oil and gas from all items, such as grills, heaters, etc.
  • Try to get your future home clean and tidy before you move in. Arriving in a clean, shiny place will feel great.

Change Your Address – Don’t Wait for the Last Day

It may not seem too important, but changing your address has a bigger importance than you can imagine. It concerns many institutions and people who are essential for your everyday activities. Here are some of them:

  • Post office
  • Insurance companies
  • Tax agencies
  • Social security administration
  • Housing utilities
  • Bank(s)
  • Credit card company
  • Doctor and dentist
post office
The first step in changing your current address should be contacting your local post office

Relocation Day Checklist

When the big day finally comes, the vital thing is to get an early start. The earlier you move, the more time you will have for unpacking. Follow these instructions during your relocation day to finish this process smoothly and with as little trouble as possible:

  • Protect floors and carpets
  • Tip your movers after unloading the cargo, and thank them for a trustworthy cooperation
  • Go grocery shopping and fill the fridge
  • Thank your broker or real estate agent, since they made it possible for you to move into a new home
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