How to Create a Moving Labels System

Relocating to another place will be only as difficult as you make it out to be. Bad time management and poorly structured relocation will make you regret losing precious time spent on the move. Some valuable items will be gone missing if there isn’t a system for moving labels in place.

August 28, 2017 Amber Hughes

Relocating to another place will be only as difficult as you make it out to be. Bad time management and poorly structured relocation will make you regret losing precious time spent on the move. Some valuable items will be gone missing if there isn’t a system for moving labels in place.

No one has inborn excellent relocation skills – it’s just a matter of practice and knowledge of the process. Even if you lack relocation experience, there is no reason to stress out – there are so many ways to learn. You can familiarize yourself with the labeling method by referring to some of the tips provided below. Moving for a fresh start will never be a problem again if you stick to these labeling techniques.

Once you get the supplies you need, it’s all about the effort you make.

Shipping with Ease: Gather the Proper Labeling Tools

Don’t even think about starting the packing process before you obtain all the necessary supplies. If you have the tools to pack your items and wrap them carefully, you also need to make sure you have proper labeling devices which will ease the unloading process later on. Look around your home; there might be some free tools – markers from the kids or coloring tools. Any tools you find will be useful – sticky notes, color-marked pens or color tapes. If there is nothing in the house, make sure you purchase them before you load the boxes into the truck.

Label a Box with High-Quality Markers

There are a lot of decisions to be made for this relocation. If you have many containers to move, you need more gadgets to label all of them properly. Make sure you have a set or two of permanent markers to label the boxes and your containers. It will be tempting to purchase the cheapest markers, but don’t do that! Besides, you don’t move that often, the one time you do it, do it properly. Those high-quality markers can be used even after the move is finished. Their long-term duration will serve other purposes.

It’s Not Just About Labels: Start with High-Quality Waterproof Boxes

You cannot blame the cheap markers if other supplies are not meeting the standards. Even if you go after the most expensive and well-known labeling devices, you also need to get high quality moving boxes. The fact that you have waterproof markers won’t help that much if your cardboard gets wet during the shipping process – even the labeling can get too smudged to read in such cases.

Moving Without Regrets: Don’t Feel Sorry About Labeling with so Many Color Codes

If you like to color, this is your opportunity to show off and make sure your containers have different color labeling schemes. Purchase a set of markers in the store that have at least five different colors. If you need more, get more! Don’t be thrifty with the gadgets; you need to make sure everything is well-marked.

Avoid disappointment by tackling box labeling smoothly. Do it step by step and you will eliminate the errors.

Item Arrangement Before Moving: Decide What Goes Where

The way you color or number depends on the way you pack. If you decided not to use professional packing services and developed your own packing technique, make sure you have one for the labeling part, as well. In case you are shipping your entire home using moving services or on your own, there will be a lot of boxes – just imagine how many items there are for one room. Each one of them requires a label. So, to facilitate the unloading process, and the coding part as well, decide right away how you will pack your items.

Number your containers to get around easily.

Numbering: Give Each Box a Number

There is no harm in being extra cautious. The extra step would be to label each box with a number corresponding to your inventory. This can help you a lot when you start unpacking, which, by the way, is one of the things you should do right after you move.

You will know right away how many containers are supposed to be delivered to each room in your home. Number all the items you have inside the box, but make sure everything is clear. Don’t overwrite the containers with too many colors, labels, numbering, and everything else. This is intended to help you, not to confuse you even more!

What is your favorite color? Match the containers and the items - this is the opportunity to be creative and make this move interesting and engaging. You can always animate the kids with color-coding.

Develop Your Own Color-Coding System for Boxes

Everything you do, do it in your way! It’s up to you to decide whether you will mark delicate items with one color or you want to mark the containers according to the packed rooms. Blue for the bedroom, red for the living room, and pink for fragile gadgets – you will know what works best. As you arrange the containers, mark them with a different color. By using coloring tapes, your labeling will be raised to another level. The colored tapes can make the box identification easier when you start the unloading process in your new home.

How you label will determine how easily you unpack. Make long-term plans and you are set for your upcoming relocation.

Moving Labels: How You Label Your Boxes Does Matter

No one wants to make a mistake when dealing with the packing process. The truth is that you won’t make a mistake if you apply a method that works best for you. There are no rules as to how you should do the labeling, but the above mentioned tips can undoubtedly speed up the process and help you get around. This should be a stress-free part of the process, so no need to rush into anything.

Choose the labeling method that works best for you. If you prefer to do the color-coding, you don’t have to number the containers unless you want to. So, step one on your to-do moving list is to determine the way you are going to deal with every part of the move. Step two is to start arranging. The best way to attach labels to your containers is to put packing tapes over them, so they don’t fall off or get damaged during the shipping. If you have an excellent glue material, that can be the option B for the colored labels. If you have separated the extra fragile containers, mark that down. In case you have friends helping you with the unloading process, labeled containers will be a great way to know what should be moved gently and which boxes don’t contain such delicate items. Take your time and choose the method you find most appealing.