6 easy ways to organize an office move

6 easy ways to organize an office move

6 easy ways to organize an office move

Moving into a new office is often the beginning of a new stage in a business’s development. A smooth and trouble-free move is, therefore, essential for the successful start of this new period in the company’s life as well as its future progress. Moving your office, however, is a complicated project that requires careful planning and organization, everything has to go smoothly so that the moving period is kept as short as possible, enabling normal business operations to resume within a few days. To achieve this level of efficiency, you have to streamline the office moving process, consider every little detail, get professional help, and develop an airtight business moving plan. You can easily accomplish this with the help of these 6 easy ways to organize an office move which will guide you through every stage of the moving process so that you do not forget anything significant, or overlook an essential moving task. This list will help you to be organized and keep your business running during the chaotic moving period. Here is how to plan your office move and ensure the successful transition of your business:

Things to do three to six months before the office move

  • Determine the time frame and schedule of your office move project: Decide on the date that you want all of your staff and equipment to be out of your office space and create a detailed moving schedule with all the moving tasks that need to be taken care of before that date.

  • Find a new business location: Think about where you want your new office to be situated, what type of building will be most appropriate for your requirements, how much square footage you will need, etc.;

  • Distribute tasks and responsibilities: talk about the move with your employees, delegate individual tasks and responsibilities to each member of your team. Make sure that they know what is expected of them and that they know how to perform their duties favorably and efficiently. It is a good idea to set up move coordinators within every department and organize weekly moving coordination meetings to keep an eye on your progress as well as discuss potential problems.

  • Create a detailed inventory of your office furniture and equipment: you have to decide which of your office items to take to your new business location and which ones have to be sold or decommissioned.

  • Establish a preliminary relocation budget:  Think about how much moving your office will cost and create an initial monetary plan for your upcoming move.

  • Make a list of all the businesses, people, institutions, organizations, etc. that need to be informed of your change of address.

Two months before relocation

  • Create a detailed plan for your new office space: Draw up a plan for what item you will need for your new office. Make sure to order any necessary new office furniture, equipment, and schedule wiring.

  • Plan for telecommunications and networking: Contact your network and telephone providers, and coordinate the moving of servers, make sure you have Internet access at your new office location, and get new phone numbers or redirect existing ones.

  • Change your business address with the USPS: Make sure that you contact the USPS and change your business address, inform the IRS, Employment Development Department, Franchise Tax Board, your bank, insurance providers, subscriptions, vendors, of your new place of business.

  • Review your existing lease: Review your contract and check for requirements and conditions for your current space and take accorded measures.

  • Find out if any of your office items requires specialized moving services or approved vendors to move it.

  • Hire reliable and experienced office movers: Look into office moving companies in your area, get office moving cost estimates from three or four reliable companies that seem to best suit your requirements, consider the many offers, and pick the right office moving company for you.

  • Get appropriate moving insurance: Make sure that you have insurance for your more delicate artwork, sensitive electronics, and other company valuables.

  • Begin having weekly move coordination meetings with your employees: Hold a meeting with your employees to confirm that timelines are being met and that everyone understands their role and responsibilities.

One month before moving date

  • Transfer utilities: Make sure that the utilities in your old office are disconnected on the day after your move and the ones in your new place of business are turned on by the time you move in.

  • Make a moving office announcement: Hold a public relations campaign with press releases to inform the public of your new location and send letters to all your business partners and key customers to let them know of your new address. Change your company’s website information to show the new office location and phone numbers.

  • Create packing guidelines and decide on a labeling system: Hold a meeting with your employees to discuss your moving preparations and make sure that everyone is familiar with the correct packing methods and labeling codes.

  • Inventory and tag all furniture and office supplies that will be moved to your new place of business: Decide what you are going to do with the rest of your things, which of your old office items you would like to sell or donate, which ones you need to recycle or throw away.

  • Determine security procedures for the move: Set up security procedures and be very careful with your personal information, company data, important documentation as well as the information of your employees.

  • Hire professional cleaning services: Hire some professional moving services to clean your old office space on the day after your move leaving your old office space clean for your landlord so you can.

Two weeks before moving day

  • Start cleaning up and packing common areas: Ask employees to clean up their desks, cabinets, and workspaces, get rid of any items you no longer need and pack everything they will not use until moving day.

  • Back up important documents and company information: Make paper copies of all your essential company documents, scan all of your necessary paperwork, store critical data on portable digital media or in a cloud, etc. Set up passwords on your computers and other electronic devices that will be entrusted to the moving company.

  • Create a list of essential contacts: Create a list of contacts that includes your chosen moving company, new building management, telecommunications, etc. and provide every team member with a copy of the list.

Office move week

  • Make a meticulous inspection of your new office premises: confirm that all of your requirements are met, and mount floor plans and color tags and labels on the walls.

  • Give out new keys and access cards to your employees. Make sure that of your all confidential records are safely stored in plastic crates, sealed with tamper evident security seals.

  • Disconnect significant appliances and electronic devices and prepare them for moving. Separate anything that is not supposed to be packed on the moving truck.

Moving day

  • Assign move coordinators to be on-site during the relocation and do not allow other employees in your office on moving day to avoid injuries and delays.

  • Meet the moving crew and provide them with all the information they need: Show the movers around, point out special items, give clear instructions, and stay around so that you can answer any questions your movers might have.

  • Assign a person to make a final check of the vacated space to see if there are any forgotten items or property damage.

Now that you have read the 6 easy ways to organize an office move we hope that you are more prepared for your office move. Moving office is a challenge that will not end on moving day, and you will still have to unpack, install your office equipment, and organize the right working atmosphere in your new office. What’s more, you will have to find a way to make the new office a foundation for the successful future of your business. If you are looking for a moving company to help you with your office move, then Trico Long Distance Movers might just be the company for you. We are a reliable moving company that can help you to move to and from anywhere in the nation. Contact our representatives to organize your move and get a free moving quote. We look forward to helping you with your move.