How to Pack Glasses for Moving

If you are in the middle of moving, there are a lot of things you have to be extra careful with when packing. One of the trickiest steps that you’ll encounter is how to pack glasses for moving.

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September 2, 2019 Posted in How-to

It might get so challenging at times that you’ll be tempted not to bring them at all. But there are those pieces that hold sentimental value, some of them are even worth good money, and you shouldn’t part with them just because they are hard to pack properly. There are useful tips and tricks out there that will help you pack these glass possessions much easier and not worry about them until they reach your new apartment.


First Step – Declutter Before You Start Packing

We accumulate a lot of stuff throughout life, and it is very important not to bring all of your possessions to your new home just because you own them. Some things we bought, some we got as a gift, but we end up with double or even more of the items with the same use. It is different if they have some value, but if you are not using them, and don’t plan to, it is best to get rid of them. That is why you should dispose of the excess when you have the opportunity.

If you find it easy to dispose of certain things, then you really don’t need them. This way, you have the chance to be cost-effective when moving, and make room for some new stuff you wanted to buy. When you get rid of the excess, packing the items you are really going to use will get easier.

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How to Pack Glasses for Moving

What is important to remember is that fragile items shouldn’t be cramped in a box and not wrapped individually. This is the whole philosophy, but to make it easier, we are going to break it into a few steps.

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Sort Your Glasses Before You Start Packing Them

If you have many glass sets, try to sort them out according to size, weight, and sensitivity. You wouldn’t want to put some of the heavier, bigger ones on top of your fragile champagne glasses in the box. Heavier, more durable ones should be on the bottom of your box. They should be able to endure the weight of your thinner, fragile pieces on top without a problem. When stacking glassware in a box try to use as much space as possible, but never cramp than in one box, with the wrap and all. Putting any other dishes with your glassware is not recommended because different materials can damage the glass even if it is protected.


Wrap Each Glass Individually Before You Pack It

We can’t emphasize enough that you should wrap every individual piece in paper or in bubble wrap. This is the easiest way to secure your fragile belongings for moving. Bubble wrap is an investment, while paper can be a free option if you have a lot of newspapers lying around. You might even opt for special packing paper. There are pros and cons to both options. While bubble wrap is virtually a bullet-proof way of securing your glass, it tends to take up more space in the box then paper. If you do it properly, the paper will do just fine. Be sure to cover all the fragile edges of these sensitive items.

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How to Stack Glassware in a Box Properly

Some general rules can help you a lot when stacking your wrapped glasses. They are pretty straight-forward, and it is easy to follow them for a headache-free moving experience. 

Tips For Stacking Glasses in Regular Boxes

Some of the glassware pieces are durable enough for you to wrap them in paper or bubble wrap individually and stack horizontally. However, pay attention to the free space around them as they shouldn’t be able to move in the box during transport. If there is too much space, add more paper and finally, secure the whole package with some duct tape to prevent it from opening.

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 Tips for Packing Items in Special Glassware Boxes 

The best solution for your crystal, champagne, and other fragile glass pieces is to buy compartmentalized moving boxes. This is how you can stack them vertically, and avoid breakage of the fragile stand or the edges. You can reuse your old vine bottle boxes for this purpose, but don’t be tempted to put this kind of glassware on top of each other. 

Label all the Boxes

Be sure to mark “fragile” on your boxes containing delicate items. That is especially necessary if they are going to a storage unit first since you probably won’t be present to overlook the handling of your belongings. 

Moving should be organized up to the smallest detail. If you are moving long-distance and in need of professional moving services, we are the solution for you. Contact us and receive a free price quote.

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