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Things You Should Do Right After Your Move

When moving to another place for whatever reason, most people are excited about their significant change, and they can’t wait to get to their new house and do what it takes to make it a perfect home. We’re sure you are one of those people. But, we have to remind you that, before you start thinking about what will help you be more comfortable in the new house, you should first make sure that you take care of some more significant things which shouldn’t wait. Don’t worry – we at Trico Long Distance Movers are here to tell you what to remember to do right after your move.

things you should do right after your move

Unpack the Essentials

The first thing you have to do is unpack your essentials box and other essential items. Luckily, we at Trico Long Distance Movers have created a comprehensive unpacking plan that can help you settle in after moving. Each of your family members should have packed an essentials bag containing: 

  • toothpaste, 
  • toothbrush, 
  • sheets, 
  • towels, 
  • a few changes of clothes 

After the essentials box unpack the items, you personally need in order to live in your new house comfortably? You might have to unpack the home office as soon as possible, or you may be more concerned with unpacking the kitchen. You know your habits and needs best, so decide what you need first and begin there.

Update your address

Right after your move, you should contact your local US Post Office and update your address in person or online. You might have to contact government agencies like the Social Security Office, IRS, or the Veterans’ Affairs Office to change your address directly if you are concerned about receiving important payments or letters, or if the change in address will affect your business registration or tax returns.

Pest-proof Your New House

First of all, before you get down to unpacking your boxes right after your move, don’t forget to pest-proof all the rooms. We suggest that you set off a bug bomb or have an extermination company spray your whole house. In fact, the best would be to do that even before movers bring your boxes to the home, but we understand that that’s not always a possibility. So, if you leave it to take care of the pest-proof task after your move, just make sure you protect your belongings from the chemicals.

Take Care of the Utilities

Furthermore, remember to contact your new utility companies to take care of gas, electricity, and water. Once again, you could have them deal with the utilities the day before you move in, but if that is not possible, make sure that they do come on your move-in day.


For safety reasons, you will need to familiarize yourself with your household utilities. In case of emergency, you have to know how to turn off the water and the power to your house. You should also find out how you can shut off your gas and oil, and even the water heater and furnace.

Clean Your House

Right after you get to your new house and before all those large moving boxes get all the free space, clean your new home. You should clean your: 

  1. cabinets, 
  2. shelves, 
  3. drawers, 
  4. floorboards, 
  5. floors, 
  6. windows, 
  7. counters, 
  8. mop the hardwood or tiled floors, 
  9. steam clean the carpets, 
  10. the oven,
  11. the refrigerator, 
  12. and dust the house.

It would be much more challenging to do all that once you start unpacking the boxes.

Check All Delivered Items

When your moving truck gets to your chosen destination, and the movers bring out your boxes, first, inspect all the household items that have been shipped to your new house. You should keep a detailed inventory list so as to keep track of all your belongings. First of all, you should make sure that nothing is missing, but don’t forget to check whether some of your items have been damaged during transportation, too. If you find any damage, notify your moving company immediately.

Get Some Sleep

We know it may seem obvious, but when you are faced with this huge change, people often forget to take proper care of themselves. So, no matter how urgent everything you need to take care of upon your arrival might be, do not forget to get some rest and sleep enough so as to recharge your batteries for the day to come.

Get a New Driver’s License and Register Your Car

You will have to do these at the same time, as you cannot register your car without a new license. Research ahead of time and find out what you will need for proof of residency and identification. Not all states have the same requirements. If you have moved within the same state, you won’t need to get an entirely new license, but you will have to register your car in your new town.

  • Transfer your medical records

Let’s hope that you will not need them, but it is a good idea to prepare for the inconvenience. Right after you move to find a new doctor and transfer your medical records to them.

  • Update your voter registration

You can often take care of this at the same time when you go to register your car. Just make sure that you request for the voter registration paperwork. If you do not, you can usually update your voter registration easily online or at your town office.

Install a Home Security System

Something you should do right after your move to a new neighborhood is installing a home security system. What are your new neighbors like? How safe is your new area? Find a good home security system to help you to give you a better sense of safety and comfort. Doing this right after your move will help you ease your way into your learning more about your new surroundings.

Now that you have read our article about some things you should do right after your move, it is time to settle into your new home. If you need a professional moving company to help you with the moving process, then you are in luck. Our Trico Long Distance Movers moving services can help make your move go more quickly and efficiently. Get in touch with our Trico Long Distance Movers customer service staff will answer all of your questions about the relocation process and can help you to organize the relocation. So get in touch with us today and let us help you get to your new home.