How Safe is Your Neighborhood?

Before you definitely decide to move to another home, you might want to check if you have chosen the right place for yourself and your family. Don’t choose the address of your next home randomly – you need to check how safe is your neighborhood. After you move, it will be too late to change anything.  There is the option to move again, but after all that trouble, it won’t seem like a reasonable thing to do.

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August 30, 2017 Posted in City Guides

Speaking with neighbors and going through guides is usually not enough. Check the map of your neighborhood and research the safety level with some of the best available online tools.

Security of Your Family Comes First

Even if you have spent many years in one place, you have to be alerted all the time. With massive migration flaws and the population density of big cities, the neighborhoods are constantly being reshaped. If your kids are older now and off to a high school, it might be easier. Nonetheless, if they are still in primary school or even younger, it can be stressful to wait for them to come back from school – you will be overwhelmed with anxiety. For that very reason, you have to choose wisely where you want to live, especially if you are moving with kids.

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Research the Area Before Moving

Sometimes, we want to be spontaneous and do things in the spur of the moment. If you feel like your life is too monotonous, you can easily make the wrong decision just because you want to change something. Don’t just decide – we are moving.  When deciding where to move make sure your new city is suitable for a family, has low crime rates, excellent educational standards, and decent housing. Safety should come before anything else! Thankfully, nowadays, you can quickly check the crime reports – everything is accessible online. After the detailed scrutiny of the new place, you are ready to move in!

Beware of the Low Pricing Quote and Check Crime Reports

Regardless of your reasons to move, don’t be rushed into purchasing a property just because you got a really good deal! The moment you see this, be suspicious. A lot of people who have lived in bad districts try to sell their homes for a low price and get out of there as soon as possible. This doesn’t have to be the only reason – maybe the owner doesn’t care and needs the money as soon as possible. Nonetheless, do your part of the job and double-check what you get for the price you pay by reviewing the latest crime reports of the area you are taking into consideration.

Install Security Cameras in Your Home

Even if you are moving to a nice area, there is no downside to getting security cameras. In case you can afford to have them installed in your home, do it right away. Maybe you have been in the same block for more than ten years, so what? Camera installation is a perfect way to track everything that is going around your house. This will also help when your toddlers are hiding inside the home.

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Learn online gadgets to keep your family protected.

How Safe is Your Neighborhood – Check with AreaVibes

If you are looking for a tool that can help you inspect the safety of your district and the overall quality of life, you should definitely check out AreaVibes. This website will take into account dozens of factors including amenities, crime, education, and housing, and calculate the livability score of a neighborhood you are looking at. AreaVibes ranks more than 35,000 cities and neighborhoods in the US to help you decide on a place that will become your future home. There are also tools to calculate the cost of living in a given area, as well as compare cities and their crime levels.

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Be alert all the time.

CrimeReports is an Excellent Website For Learning About Crime

If you want to have an update on the recent crimes in your district, CrimeReports is the best website to visit. This page covers a wide array of incidents – you just need to type in your address. The variety of incidents includes burglary, assaults, different types of property thefts, and even the consumption of drugs.

CrimeReports will keep you safe by providing a different set of features. You just need to click on the incidents and you will be up to date with the recent events:

  • you can set alerts for any new incidents in the neighborhood
  • register a security camera
  • work with the local law enforcement to improve the safety of your community
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Keep up with the new events in your region.

Watchdog Can Keep You Protected From Many Offenders

This is a great webpage that can help you educate your family members about possible dangers in the places they often visit. Teenagers can be too relaxed sometimes, but you have to teach them and warn them of the potential hazards. The WatchDog can help you locate the address of the registered sex-offenders anywhere in your region. There is a map that is easily used since there are colored-coded pins for different sex crimes such as sexual assault, rape, and attacks against children. Here you can have a look into the names of the specific offenders as well.

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Research the data reports of your region.

NeighborhoodScout Will Give You a District Profile

This search engine is used by many – homeowners and real estate professionals equally. If you are in the early stage of house hunting, this is the best webpage for you. NeighborhoodScout has patented algorithms that produce the profiles for districts and crimes. You can adjust the search just how you like it. This webpage can also lead you to similar districts in case the one you have previously found is not what you need.

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NeighborhoodScout will help you learn a bit more about the location

Research Everything and Find the Safest Neighborhood

Finding the best area for yourself and your family might take time. However, it will be worth all the trouble. While your long-distance movers are handling every tedious task, you can read about the crime rates. Also, when using long-distance moving services, you’ll have enough time to actually consider every other aspect of the new location.

You can learn everything about public transportation, educational institutions, and employment options. Use all the tools and websites to get as much information as possible, it will keep your moving stress at bay. And when you finally make a decision, hire cross country movers, kick back, relax and enjoy the relocation process.

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