Best Time of the Year to Move to a Different State

Many factors can determine the best month to move. Moreover, what’s the best time of the year to move for someone else may not be a good solution for you. That is why giving a straightforward answer is not possible. However, our comprehensive guide is here to point out all advantages and downsides of each season, so you can choose a relocation date that suits you the most.

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July 11, 2022 Posted in Moving Tips

What Is the Best Time of the Year to Move? The Answer Is Not That Simple

Numerous factors must be considered before this question is answered. First of all, you must count on your relocation reasons. If you’re relocating to improve your finances, you would want to go with the most affordable relocation and housing costs. If you want to get a job in the new city, you would like to choose the month when employers are hiring the most (January and February).

On the other hand, when moving to college, you won’t be able to choose between seasons – but it will be up to you to pick the exact part of the month and week. Additionally, if you’re not relocating to another state alone, you must count on more than just your wishes and needs. For example, relocating while school classes are underway is not always a good option when you have school-aged kids.

Therefore, before determining the date of the move, you must set some priorities. Only after discovering the most important aspects for yourself (and your family) will you be able to choose a day that suits you completely.

The State You Choose for a New Home Can Determine the Best Time of the Year to Move Cross-Country

People often forget that relocating to another state can imply a vastly different climate than the one they want to move from. However, it’s an important thing to consider when choosing when to move. For example, those moving to the East Coast (excluding Florida) should avoid winters, especially if they are not used to cold weather and snow. The same advice goes for states known for frigid winters, such as North Dakota, Minnesota, Wyoming, and so on.

On the other hand, if you plan to move to some of the hottest states in the US, such as Arizona, Texas, Georgia, or Hawaii, you should avoid relocating in the summerneither cold weather nor heat waves will be your allies during the move.

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Relocation During the Summer Season Is the Most Convenient but Also the Most Expensive Option

Almost 10% of Americans move annually, and most of those moves occur during the relocation season, from April to September. But what is the most popular month to move? Jun, Jully, and August take the lead as the busiest months. Remember that you’ll have to book long-distance moving services well in advance if you plan to move in this timeframe. High demand makes it hard to get the help of cross-country movers if you have a last-minute move.

Possible booking difficulties are just part of the problem when relocating during this period. Another equally significant issue concerns relocation costs. High demand has influenced higher prices. Therefore, if you plan to move during the season’s peak, be prepared to pay up to 30% more than you would in the off-season. Despite all the conveniences it offers, summer is not a good choice for those who want to save on moving costs.

Why Do People Choose the Summer Regardless of the Price?

With school ending in May/June, most leases ending in summer, and college classes starting in August, that shouldn’t be a surprise. Add the warm and dry weather summer months usually bring, and you’ll see why roughly 60% of those who move choose this period.

However, note that it’s unsuitable if you’re relocating from or to a city with extremely hot weather. During high temperatures, physical activity should be reduced – and relocation is a physically demanding job. However, if you opt for a summer date, make sure you stay safe during the high heat with the help of the following video:

Winter Moves May Require a Lot of Additional Work

If you’re relocating from or to a place with low winter temperatures, you should count on spending more energy preparing the move – especially if you don’t plan to get packing services. For example, note that household items such as electronics, leather furniture, artwork, or collector’s items are temperature sensitive and can get damaged when exposed to extremely low temperatures and high humidity. That means your boxes, furnishing pieces, and appliances must be insulated better than during a regular residential or office move. Additionally, aside from investing in additional packing materials, renting a temperature-controlled storage unit should also be considered.

Your vehicles can also get damaged during the cold weather, especially if you opt for driving to a new state. Not only that, but long road trips on snowy weather and icy roads can put both the car and the driver in danger. That is why many opt for getting professional auto transport when relocating during these months.

Last but not least, you’ll need to put in additional work when preparing for movers – all the snow and ice need to be cleaned from the pathway so they can operate safely. Additionally, after everything is loaded, you’ll probably have to spend more hours cleaning floors since they will likely get wet.

Of course, know that mild winters won’t require any extra work.

For Some, Winter’s Affordability Tops the Benefits of Moving in the Summer

Those looking for the cheapest way to move out of state are ready to oversee all the difficulties cold temperatures bring. Winter moves tend to be the most affordable ones since it’s when relocation companies experience low demand. When googling the best long-distance movers near me during this period, those relocating in a hurry will have more unbooked reliable companies to choose from.

However, keep in mind that a relocation company can experience a rise in demand during the holidays – from Thanksgiving to New Year. In combination with the staff shortage, it can bring higher costs. So, what is the cheapest time of year to move? If you have a limited moving budget, book your move when the holidays end.

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Fall and Spring Moves Also Have Their Pros and Cons

These two seasons can bring the best from both worlds, but it doesn’t mean they don’t have downsides. Like winter relocation, fall (before Thanksgiving), and spring (before April), moves can be affordable – but you won’t have to cope with all the inconveniences low or high temperatures bring.

However, if you decide to move during either of these seasons, you’ll have to deal with:

  • Unpredictable weather – early spring and especially fall can bring a few not-so-pleasant surprises that can even delay the relocation.
  • Safety hazards – fallen leaves in the fall and pollen in the spring can pose a threat to your health. While the first can lead to injuries if not dealt with, the second can cause more or less severe allergic reactions.
  • Moving during the school year – if you’re relocating with kids, this is far from the ideal choice. Changing schools, homes, and friends while classes still last can be very stressful for the young ones and can cause anxiety about moving out.

What Time of the Month Is It Cheapest to Move?

If you want to save up when organizing a move, you should consider more than just a suitable season and month. Remember – the price of the move will differ depending on the part of the month you choose for a move.

Since most leases expire at the end of the month, remember that most movies are usually booked either at a month’s ending or beginning. Therefore, if you’re looking for the most affordable option, make sure you book a move in the middle of the month when there is lower demand.

Instead of Weekends, Plan to Move Mid-Week

Some relocation companies have the same prices whether you choose weekdays or weekends. However, others tend to charge less during the weekdays because they are not as busy as on weekends. So, if you want to lower your expenses, choosing a midweek date is always better.

Which Month Is the Best Time to Move Regarding Housing Costs?

When planning your budget, besides the relocation costs, you must count on the cost of living in another country – and housing expenses as the biggest part. However, when you want to save money, you should follow the same pattern as with relocation seasons.

If you want to rent an apartment in your future city, keep in mind that you’ll get good rental deals between October and April, with apartments being the least expensive after the holiday season. The same can be said for home loans – January is the most affordable month to get a loan, while the period from June to October brings the highest rates.

How to Know You Are Ready for Cross-Country Moving?

All relocations are difficult, whether you’re relocating to a different neighborhood, city, or state – they demand you leave your comfort zone and everything you’re used to. Still, interstate moves are the most difficult ones, both physically and mentally. It’s only natural to feel indecisive about such a significant life change. However, when a move is bound to bring you more benefits than disadvantages, that is a path you should take. Consider it the right choice when:

You want a change of lifestyle

Younger generations look to move to a big city and experience all the amenities a metropolis offers. On the other hand, those raising a family may be annoyed and bored with the noise, crowd, and expensiveness inherent to the big cities, and they look for a quiet and peaceful place to move to. The bottom line is – if you think that you’ll be happier somewhere else, make sure you start planning the move.

You need a bigger house

A need for space is one of the leading relocation motives. If your current place has become too small for your family, or you simply can’t come up with more creative storage ideas for small spaces, you should look for a new one.

You need to cut costs

Financial situations can drive some to look for a more affordable place or a smaller home with lower expenses. The cost of living (housing, utilities, groceries, transportation, school tuition, healthcare policies, taxes, and so on) differs drastically between the states. Therefore, relocating to a state with much lower living costs is quite common.

You want career advancement or better education opportunities

Big cities are home to big companies and leaders in different work fields, so those who want to climb the corporate ladder and learn from the experts often choose places with many job opportunities in their sectors. On the other hand, those looking for top-tier colleges and universities shouldn’t hesitate to move all the way across the country.

Your relationships status has changed

Some decide to take the next step in their long-distance relationships and move in with their significant others. If you’re tired of celebrating Valentine’s day long-distance, an interstate move can be a good choice. On the other hand, a breakup is another reason people look to move to another home.

When You Decide About the Date, Make Sure You Find the Leading Long-Distance Moving Company to Help You Relocate

Now that you have the tools to select the relocation date, set your priorities straight and pick the one that suits you the most. After you do, research the movers nearby and choose the prime-quality company to help you move safely and without any worries. Remember – only a skilled and experienced relocation team can move you without a fault, regardless of the chosen date.

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