How to Prepare for Moving to College (and What Comes Next)

Why is moving to college so hard? Most of the freshmen have probably asked themselves this question. Indeed, it is an exciting and challenging time in every young person’s life since you are going away from the comfort of your home into an unknown environment. It is normal to feel a certain degree of anxiety, but you can be sure that you are entering the most beautiful period of your life, and knowing how to move to college will make the transition all the easier.

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What Should I Know Before Moving to College? See What Room Are You Are Going to Move In and Pack Accordingly

It all depends on what kind of campus you are relocating to. University dorms usually have small rooms where you should only bring a bag of essentials. But there are also campuses which have bigger rooms where you will sometimes need to move furniture. So, it is best to have an idea where you are relocating to before typing in the internet browser how to choose long-distance movers near me.

Ask Older Students for a Guide Before You Pack – It Is Important to Have a Plan

What should I know before moving into a dorm? If this is your first experience with relocation, there is probably a lot going on in your mind which can affect the efficiency of relocation. Therefore, why not ask older students to give you some relocation tips. Whether you are moving away for college or to another state, you should have a clear and concise relocating out list, and there is no better way to make one than to use someone else’s prior knowledge and experience.

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How Do I Prepare to Move to College? One of the Best Tips Is to Make an Inventory List

Your packing list for college will depend mainly on two things – how close the campus is to your home and what is the size of your room. As mentioned above, rooms will most likely be small and already equipped with furniture. Furthermore, if your home is in the vicinity, you’ll be able to go and get anything you need at any time. But, there are cases where for example, a student has to move to the East Coast from another part of the country and use a long-distance moving company and its packing services. Nonetheless, here is the usual students’ inventory list:

  • Clothes – Before you start packing clothes, do research on the weather where your campus is located. You can easily get surprised when relocating to a different climate, especially if you come from warmer parts of the country.
  • Electronics – Nowadays, it is hard to forget to pack your smartphone or laptop since they have become inseparable parts of our lives. But, it can easily happen that you forget to pack chargers, headphones, speakers, and other smaller gadgets when packing electronics.
  • Toiletry – Don’t forget to bring all your essential toiletry. You certainly don’t want to relocate and realize that you have to spend your savings immediately on shampoos and toothbrushes.
  • Documents – No matter what kind of relocation is in question, you should take time to organize all your important documents. If something important is missing, you’ll most likely have to return immediately to get it, and that can make the relocation stress much worse.
  • Medications – If you are taking any medications, this has to be put on the top of your cross-country moving checklist.
  • School supplies – Depending on your field of study, you’ll need school supplies. And there isn’t a better way to save money than to ask your parents to buy you all the needed school supplies before relocation.
  • Laundry supplies – This will depend on what kind of laundry service the campus will have, but it is not a bad idea to bring a small bag of laundry detergent if you don’t know what kind of service is available.
  • Bedding – Usually, most dorms will provide you with their own bedding, but if you can’t sleep without your favorite pillow or blanket, be sure to include these items in your inventory list.
  • Some personal belongings – Although there won’t be much time for leisure activities when studying starts, it is a good idea to bring a couple of books, skipping rope or a favorite board game. Students often experience depression after relocating, and such items can help a lot to relieve anxiety.

Check What Items Are Banned by the University Grounds Before Packing

What do I need to move into a college dorm? Many objects will probably go through your mind, but different campuses have different rules. Here is a list of the most commonly banned things.


We will begin this list with living things. Unfortunately, you cannot relocate with your pets to colleges. Therefore, you should start thinking about whom to give them to while you’re away. Hopefully, your parents will be eager to accept this task.

Small kitchen appliances

Although this depends on the institution, microwaves and toasters are often banned.

Wallpapers, posters, or paints

Basically, anything that affects the structure is strictly banned, and you’ll have to pay for repairs if you damage anything.

Ask For Help on the Relocation Day, Especially if You Have to Cross a Long Distance

Relocating to another state alone can create a lot of anxiety about relocation, especially among younger people. Therefore, you shouldn’t hesitate to ask your parents for help whenever you need it. Packing is more efficient when there are people beside you to help. But more importantly, they will also provide you with emotional support during these challenging times.

Storage Services Are Incredibly Helpful When Moving Out of State for College

When you finish a year at the university, during the break, you have to take all your belongings, and shipping everything back to your home is highly inconvenient. Good cross-country movers provide high-quality storage service where you can leave your belongings during the summer break. Also, you can store seasonal items like ski equipment in storage units and take them whenever they are required. Such belongings cannot be kept on university grounds mainly because there isn’t any space. Therefore, add to your relocating to-do list – “search for long-distance moving services.”

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Once You Have Arrived at the University Grounds, You Must Check the Official Guidelines for Relocating In

How long does it take to move into a dorm? Each university campus has its own guidelines and rules on where you are allowed to park your vehicle, where to register, and who to ask for help. Some universities even have a strict schedule when it comes to unloading belongings, so it is good to check everything in order to avoid any troubles on the first day of your academic journey.

Here Are Some Useful Tips When Moving Across Country for College

You are certainly not the first person nor the last who has been faced with this challenge. Therefore, you should always try to learn from past experiences, and here are some useful tips on how to make your relocation to university grounds easier.

Get the university inventory list

Before each academic year, universities post inventory lists of their rooms and also a list of belongings you are allowed to relocate. Therefore, be sure to go to the official website and obtain this information.

Bring a basic toolkit

Having a basic toolkit is always useful. There might be some loose screws, or the curtain might fall from the windows. It is always best to take care of these small problems right away.

Bring basic cleaning supplies

Although rooms should be cleaned before the start of each academic year, if you are unsure about the overall hygiene, definitely bring some basic supplies and perform additional cleaning by yourself.

Use storage bins instead of cardboard boxes

As mentioned above, there will be a lot of relocation between each academic year, and you will most likely have to use storage services. Therefore, it is better to have containers made of sturdy materials rather than cardboard boxes. When using cardboard boxes, you will probably have to buy new ones each year.

Check out the virtual tours

Nowadays, most universities offer virtual tours of all their rooms. So, if you are still unsure what to bring, seeing how much space is available can certainly help you finalize your inventory list.

Buy command hooks

As mentioned earlier, you will most likely be banned from making any modifications, such as drilling holes in the wall. Command hooks are incredibly convenient since they are attached to walls without any bolts and screws and are easily taken off when there is no more need for them (most importantly, they don’t leave any stains on walls).

Dress according to the weather on the relocation day

As mentioned, you should check the weather report before the relocation. If your university is located in some of the warmer parts of the country, you will want to be dressed lightly and with appropriate footwear. You will have to be highly active during the relocation day, and there will be some heavy lifting as well.

Try to connect with your roommate in advance

First of all, it is a great idea to get to know your roommates before the relocation as this will ease your period of adaptation. But also, you can plan an inventory list of your room together. This means that there will be certain shared items (for example, if university grounds allow small kitchen appliances, you can bring a toaster and your roommate a microwave). By having a shared inventory list, you will be able to pack more easily and save more money.

What to Do After Moving Into College? Get To Know Your New Environment and People Around You

For the first days after settling in your room, try to familiarize yourself with the environment and learn where all important services are located. Also, get to know your roommates and other people in the hallway. This will make your period of adaptation much easier. But you mustn’t forget why you have come to the university. Study obligations are the most important, and try to establish a strict schedule as soon as possible in order to successfully meet all academic requirements. Here is a useful video on how to adapt to the academic environment.

Is It Good to Move Away for College? Absolutely Yes, You Will Come Out as a Better Person From This Experience

Of course, the academic pursuit is the most important, and the main focus should be on studying. But, it is not just that. Don’t forget that for many young people, this is their first experience away from their parents. You will have to show self-reliability and confidence, but most importantly, you will have to show responsibility. Be that as it may, university life is, for many people, the most beautiful part of their lives, and you are bound to make many wonderful friends and memories.

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