Creative Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Unless you’re living in a villa, there is no such thing as too much room. However, some creative storage ideas are much needed for teeny-tiny homes. Whether bought or DIY, those items will help you with better organization of your household, which can only positively affect the overall appearance of your house. Pay attention to storing hacks we will show you – we guarantee that some of them will be more than welcome in your home.

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July 1, 2021 Posted in Housing Tips

To DIY or to Buy – How to Decide?

Some furniture stores, like Ikea, have presented us with brilliant, space-saving storage items ideal for smaller living spaces. However, you can utilize many of their ideas as a startup and then continue creating something similar using those materials you already possess. So, what is better? We can’t give you the final answer, just to advise you to keep in mind that there are numerous things you can successfully assemble all by yourself.

If you’ve hired long-distance moving services and moved recently, a DIY system can be beneficial for coping with anxiety about moving to another state while you try to adjust to a new town. Thinking about what are the best ways to unpack after a move will undoubtedly awake your artistic side. Pay a visit to the online world and explore sites like Pinterest, that can supply you with some great solutions. If you have a fear of moving, thinking about ways to store your items may help you stay more calm and composed.

We will present different options for small apartment ideas and other spaces, but the final decision about whether to buy or DIY ultimately rests on you.

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Utilize Your Wall the Best Way

If you are about to unpack after a move, (after long-distance movers leave all of your boxes), be sure to memorize that the best place you can choose for storing in any kind of room is your wall. There are almost too many different ways to exploit a space that is otherwise just a nice-looking surface. Be smart and choose those installations that work the best for those room walls you want to cover.

Ideas for Kitchen and Entryway – the Advantage of Hooks

There is nothing worse than cooking and needing some kitchen utensils but couldn’t find it fast enough, or when you start to smash everything while digging through your cabinet. An easy DIY solution is to install hooks on your wall and enjoy looking at your pots, pans, mugs, and other utensils that are nicely organized out in the open. Bonus tip: try using hooks this way, but not just on a wall – put them on the bottom of shelves and upper cabinets.

The same goes for the entryway – what can you do when you don’t have enough room to hang your coat and jacket or put your hat or keys? You choose a nice spot behind your door, buy several stylish hooks, and voila! Just put away your things when you enter the house without thinking where the best place would be. And what is the best part? You can do it with your shoes too. Install some pegs close to the floor and hang your shoes on them to release your foot area completely.

Kitchen counter with utensils on hooks
Store smart to find faster your everyday utensils

A Cart and a Shelf – Multifunctioning at Its Finest

If you are missing a kitchen workspace because you have so many items on the existing one, try using a cart – paint it so that it is similar to other cabinets, and no one will see it as something that stands out. Furthermore, you can utilize carts to serve you as an ordinary shelf or a simple nightstand, for that matter. And if it has little wheels, the better – it can be an efficient storing option for different rooms at different times.

You will certainly need some more clever storage ideas for small kitchens if you have a tiny one and need it to function properly. Open shelves are a smart solution for items that you often utilize, such as plates and glasses. That leaves more room in your cabinet for stuff that you don’t need that frequently. Also, try to utilize small empty spaces – between the fridge and the wall, between two cabinets, and so on. You can buy or build sliding shelves for your spices or anything else that would otherwise occupy a workspace or cabinets.

Shelves – Primary Storage Option

Of course, when we think of storing, a shelf is the first thing that comes to our mind. That is not a wise option just for the kitchen – you can use them anywhere. Hanging, floor-to-ceiling, vertical, or horizontal, just pick ones that will look the best while giving you that extra storing space you need.

Open shelves are a better option for tiny homes because you don’t need to make space to open them. Cubics are very modern these days, and they should be on your new apartment shopping list if you want to modernize your apartment. You can arrange them any way you wish to, so release your inner interior designer and get to work! Be imaginative, reuse your old drawers for more cost-free units, or blow everybody’s mind by utilizing old hat boxes as your new, DIY stylish shelves.

A four-part shelf with books and other objects
A shelf is suitable for storing almost everything in your household

A Shoe Organizer – Unique Storage Idea

Some would say that the organization is the key to success. Even if the place is neat and tidy, it often happens that you can’t find anything because it just has too many things. One of the items that can help you with the organization is a simple shoe organizer. Hang it on the inner side of any door you want (a pantry or a bathroom door, for example), and utilize those pockets to sort your items by their size and type.

If you don’t have one, don’t worry, you’ll just need to follow a step-by-step tutorial and design a hanging organizer yourself. Watch the following DIY video to discover how:

Use Rack and Shower Curtain Clips for Your Clothes and Shoes

Do you have too much clothing but not enough closets for them? An excellent idea for storing them would be to utilize a simple rack and hangers, so there is no need for a new, big closet. The same thing you can do with shoes (the ones with a heel). That way, your clothes and heels will finally find their place, and your room will look modern and unique.

Your scarves, ties, and belts can often occupy your closet. Use shower curtain clips by putting them around the hangers, and multiple clothing items will be organized using just a small part of a closet. A chain with links can also be helpful – put hangers with clothes in each chain, so they are arranged vertically.

Clothes hanging on a rack
Using a rack for your clothes can be an excellent cost-free solution

Creative Bathroom Storage Ideas

Many small homes have big problems with tiny bathrooms – they can be very complicated for the organization. You can:

  • Utilize baskets for different objects, such as toilet paper, laundry, towels, even makeup. Try to hang them on the wall so that your floor stays free.
  • Utilize your shower curtains for storing purposes if you buy ones with pockets.
  • Curtain clips can be used for hanging beauty products on a shower rack.

Use the Space Beneath the Cabinet for Better Organization

Floating furniture is your friend in his case – you won’t believe how much of that empty space you can utilize. Smaller baskets could easily fit in there, but so can washbowls and even some cleaning supplies. You can even install an extra drawer there – just be sure that the water won’t destroy it.

A wooden bathroom cabinet.
Place beneath your bathroom cabinet can be good given when it comes to storing

How to Store Items in a Tiny Bedroom

If you don’t question anymore how soon is too soon to move for love and you are moving in with a boyfriend or a girlfriend, you would probably want those big, king-size beds that cross-country movers hate to relocate. That can be challenging for smaller bedrooms because it won’t leave enough room for anything else. You should try to think outside of the box. When buying a bed, either buy a bed that already has storage installed in it or just put your mattress on top of some fitting storage units.

For a bedroom with high ceilings, install shelves near the ceiling itself for those things you don’t need very often. That would be one of the best ways to store Christmas ornaments, for example. It can be a good choice for appliances that are not used a lot, too. However, if you have some unwanted appliances and you don’t know why you still keep them, don’t use space on them – throwing them, selling, or donating your old appliances is always a better choice.

If you don’t have a nightstand, try using old suitcases, which will give your bedroom a vintage look. You can install a picture ledge on a wall for minimal space usage and put your glassware or phone when going to sleep. If you have a fold-down desk and you don’t know how and where to keep it, utilize the space behind your bed and design an extra shelf at the same time. If you have to make a college packing list, you probably won’t question “how to find long-distance movers near me,” but previous moving and storing tips could be helpful, too.

Clever Ways of Storing Jewelry

If you are a girl or are moving in with your girlfriend, you will constantly battle with little jewelry pieces in and on nightstands, tables, and alike. Try to store them in a way that will benefit the whole look of your bedroom. Buy a board and board pins, put them on your wall, and hook your jewelry on them. You’ll see, you will enjoy making this easy DIY art piece.

Drawer Organizer – Never Enough Tidiness

If you decide to have a nightstand, don’t just throw random things in it without an order (which is what most people do). Purchase or design draw organizers so that every item has its place. It doesn’t imply only your nightstand, of course. Utilize them to make every drawer in your apartment neat, especially for stashing your kitchen utensils and organizing important documents. When the time comes that you need to move, doing a home inventory will be much easier, and you will probably make fewer moving mistakes.

Perfumes in an open drawer
Utilize drawer organizers whenever you can

Creative Storage Ideas for Moving

Innovative solutions are also very much needed when moving (or when you, for example, helping a friend move), whether you hire a cross-country moving company or not. If you don’t want to use a packing service provided by some long-distance moving company, we can offer you some moving hacks on how to pack and move efficiently.

For example, places you utilized for storing in your old home, such as plastic containers or laundry baskets, don’t need to be packed away empty. Put your shoes in them and save your money on boxes and packing supplies. Socks can be kept in your shoes, which will prevent them from being squashed. Utilize your duffle bags, plastic food containers, or anything else as a packing supply. That way, you will save room, which is extremely important if you want to relocate by using your truck instead of hiring cross-country moving services.

Shoes in a laundry basket before long-distance moving
Landry basket is an excellent choice to store shoes when moving

Set Your Imagination Free

Your home reflects who you are, so naturally, you want to design it to look incredible. However, that can be more complicated than you initially thought, especially when it comes to tiny houses. As much as you love all of your household items, sometimes they can suffocate smaller living areas and force you to develop creative storage solutions. We presented to you some of them, but note that you can find many others and create them by yourself. All you need is a little bit of inspiration, and you will open the door to endless possibilities.

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Born and raised in Portland, Milly has had a lot of experience moving and writing about the relocation process.



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