Long-Distance Valentine’s Day Ideas for Couples

Maintaining a relationship is complicated as it is. Nurturing a relationship where you can’t be physically together with your loved one is even more challenging. That is why many people in these kinds of relationships go above and beyond to organize a memorable long-distance Valentine’s Day for each other. Are you that person? If so, we bring you a few creative ways to surprise your special person on this special occasion.

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November 26, 2021 Posted in How-to

We are not always the ones responsible for picking the city to live in, which is why many circumstances may separate couples. Some needed to relocate a business to another state, while, for others, moving in with an elderly parent was a necessity. Of course, nowadays, plenty of couples even start relationships with miles and miles separating them. And how can you celebrate the holiday of love when your loved one isn’t there? Don’t worry – there are plenty of ways to show your partner how you feel, even when they are not physically together. Let’s see!

A Virtual Date Can Be Surprisingly Romantic and Interesting

These kinds of relationships are way more bearable now than a few decades ago. Yes, it’s a bummer that your significant other won’t be by your side, but that doesn’t mean that it is impossible to have a romantic and intimate holiday. All you need is the right technology. So, how do you do a virtual Valentine’s Day? Pick the app (Facebook, Zoom, and the like) and the device (laptop, phone, and so on) you wish to use and schedule a video call. Create a romantic atmosphere, light up some candles, and let some music play quietly in the background. Here are some additional Valentine’s Day ideas for long-distance relationships:

  • Order their favorite food and get it delivered to their address just before the date starts. It can even be a meal from their favorite restaurant.
  • Walk your partner through the city and famous landmarks. Sadly, you won’t be able to hold hands, but it can still be a romantic walk. It can even be helpful if your loved one plans to hire a long-distance moving company and move for the relationship soon. Alongside your stories about the city, the walk itself will help your partner get to know and adjust to the new town faster.
  • Go to the place you first met if possible and talk about the happiest memories together. Think about things that can help you recreate your first date to the fullest.
  • Wait and enjoy the sunset or sunrise together. Even if you’re not in the same time zone, it’s not impossible. All you have to do is screen-share.
  • Plan what you’re going to do after finally getting together. If you or your significant other are ready to move for love soon, start imagining life together and share your thoughts and wishes. Planning a move to another city with a significant other will help you stay focused on all the good that the future will bring.

Set Up a Movie Date

How do you wish your Valentine’s Day in a long-distance relationship to pass? Many regular couples choose to celebrate this holiday by going to the movies and enjoying the experience together. While this is not something you can do, it is still possible to enjoy a movie you both like (or new shows or games) together. There are plenty of ways to watch movies together online. Streaming possibilities have advanced in the last few years, so try to use them to your advantage.

Tour a Museum or Stream a Concert

Because of lockdowns and coronavirus-induced social distancing, many museums and other cultural establishments worldwide decided to provide virtual tours and online exhibits. If you are one of those couples who are interested in art, history, and science, use this opportunity to experience something you both like.

The same goes for concerts of your favorite singers and bands. Even theaters have welcomed this opportunity. Some of them will most likely decide to live stream on February 14th, so make a date out of it.

Get ready to move Get A Quote

Some Long-Distance Relationship Valentine’s Day Ideas Take Time to Complete, So Make Sure to Start as Soon as Possible

Do you have anxiety about moving out? Are you not ready to move in with a significant other just yet, or do you want to find a job in another state before moving there? Or did you have some emergency reasons to move away? Whatever the case, when you’re not physically there, you must put more thought into these kinds of relationships to work out.

It’s necessary to find a way to show how much you care, and this holiday is perfect for that. Remember – it’s always the thought that counts the most. Your gifts don’t have to be expensive to show the extent of your love. Those gifts in which you put time and effort can mean more than a costly necklace or a fancy watch.

Write down all the things you like and appreciate about your significant other on small pieces of paper and put a bunch of them in a box or a jar. You can also think about creating a journal with notes about every happy memory you two created in the last year and have it delivered on this holiday. However, those kinds of gifts can’t be made at the last minute, so start preparing in advance.

Many Unique Valentine’s Day Ideas for a Long-Distance Relationship Include Crafting Magic

What do I get my long-distance boyfriend for Valentine’s Day? What is bound to bring a smile to my girlfriend’s face? If those are some questions you’re asking yourself, know that crafting skills put to action will give you the opportunity to show how much you care. The best part is that you can let your imagination roam free. While things you’ve made represent the love you two share, there are no boundaries. Consider:

  • Making a scrapbook that will express your love in many different ways,
  • Creating coupons with rewards like kisses and hugs that your significant other can use the next time you meet in person,
  • Making cards with personalized messages and inside jokes,
  • Creating a T-shirt print that will remind them of you on days when you’re apart, and so on.

Possibilities are truly endless, but if you need some fresh inspiration to get going, watch the video below:

Choose Uncommon Gifts for a More Meaningful Celebration

If you or your partner had to use long-distance moving services and are forced to spend the next February 14th apart, you may want to gift them something that has a more personal meaning. Regardless of all the benefits of moving you or they got to enjoy, it’s certain that you miss each other very much, and those gifts should show how much you think and care about one another. Are you the one who had to move to a new home? Don’t let unpacking after the move and all other things to do after relocation occupy your time and energy completely. Put some of it into finding the right gift for your significant other.

Make a Special Playlist You Can Listen to Together

Poet Rabindranath Tagore said that music is the purest form of art, which makes it a perfect instrument (no pun intended) for you to show affection. Creating a playlist (via Spotify or some other app) that reminds you of your loved one is a unique way of showing your feelings. If a virtual meeting is an option, think about going through your favorite songs in the compilation and explaining why they are on the list. Who knows, maybe your special person will give up looking for the best time to move after listening to it, and start packing to move to be with you.

Care Packages Are Excellent Gifts for Those You Care About

Who wouldn’t want a basket full of things they enjoy? Coffee, snacks, candy, chocolate, books, accompanied by photos and other objects reminding your loved one of you is a very thoughtful gift. Just imagine the surprise on their face when they open it! Being away from a significant other is not a pleasant experience, but getting this kind of gift can make it a little bit easier.

Send a Love Letter

How many people do you know still send regular letters via snail mail, not to mention those in which they express their feelings? If you know your way with words, put it to good use, and write something that will swoon your significant other. If not, while exploring house hunting tips in the new state, dedicate a few web tabs to finding the best romantic quotes.

Express your devotion with love letters after hiring cross-country movers and moving away from a significant other
The first mention of a romantic letter dates back 5000 years

Send a Video Message or Create a Short Film

If your significant other is a more visual person, sending a video can be a better option. That way, you can recite their favorite poem, read a part from a favorite book, sing, dance or simply talk about your feelings. Using the photos and videos you’ve taken together, create a story of your life together and send it to them. Include materials from both periods, before and after organizing the move. It’s one way of showing that your story doesn’t end with a relocation.

Plan a Little Getaway Trip Together

What if you don’t want more Valentine’s ideas for a long-distance relationship and only wish to see your significant other? With a lot of miles between you and your loved one, it’s not easy (or cheap) to make arrangements to travel cross-country and back. But what if you decide to meet each other halfway? If this holiday means a lot to both of you, determine a meeting spot between your two cities. Exchange thoughts and find a solution that works for both. And when you’re finally there to kiss and hug your significant other, you’ll be sure that a little extra effort was more than worth it. Who knows, maybe the trip results in one of you getting packing services and relocation so you can always be together.

Person driving a car after long-distance moving
With a bit of effort and a lot of miles passed, this holiday can turn out amazing

Don’t Want to Have a Long-Distance Valentine’s Day? The Best Way to Surprise a Partner Is to Show Up

Surprise always tops pre-arranged plans, so think about visiting your significant other if you have that option. Have you ever googled long-distance movers near me and found a reliable moving company to help you relocate? If so, you must have also gathered some tips on how to pack quickly during that time – don’t waste them. Hop on the next plane and surprise your loved one by showing up. The same goes if you’re the one who stayed behind. After all, what better reason to travel to your significant other than to celebrate your love?

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