Tips on How to Move Safely During COVID-19 Pandemic

One of the most important things you should consider when planning a relocation nowadays is how to move safely. The pandemic changed almost every segment of our lives, and it shouldn’t be a surprise that relocating process changes, too. However, if you stick to some of the most basic steps, organizing a responsible move to a new home is manageable.

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February 18, 2022 Posted in How-to

Many people planned to move, but with the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, their plans changed. However, most of them couldn’t postpone the move and had to use long-distance moving services. For example, many had to move a business to another state, and others had to move in with elderly parents. Luckily, there are ways to make the whole relocation process as smooth as possible with useful tips you should definitely stick to.

Is Hiring a Long-Distance Moving Company the Best Option During the Pandemic?

Making a big step as relocating requires professional help, no matter if it’s a last-minute move or you’re relocating for the first time. All the preparation and tasks you need to do can be overwhelming for most people. And having to do all that during a pandemic where everyone’s health is at stake will make it even more stressful. So, hiring professionals will be the best possible option.

Besides professional help for each service needed, from secure auto transport to reliable moving insurance, having a relocation crew that will be by your side at any moment during the relocation will ensure you’ll have a stress-free move. On the other hand, DIY-ing is possible, but it will definitely take more time, effort, and energy. And since it’s not all about the money but everyone’s safety, you should turn to the professionals.

Are Professional Movers Actually Working?

The good news is that all long-distance movers are considered essential workers, and they can help you with packing service, and a secure storage facility. Since they regularly work during the pandemic, respecting all protection measures is expected. However, if you want to schedule a move, it would be best to call the company. Ask for a quote and check if any changes or delays are possible during the move. This will ensure you’re in good hands.

Check If a Moving Company Manages Social Distancing and Sanitization On-Site

Knowing how to choose a relocation company is important, especially nowadays when you’re doing everything to save your and everybody else’s well-being. Unfortunately, you probably know someone who ran into a relocation scam just because they didn’t know how to check if a relocation company is legitimate and all the necessary information to look for.

Don’t let the same mistake happen to you too, and prepare for some searching process. When you find a relocation crew with services that suit your needs, ensure you give a call to each company you find suitable and ask for a quote. That way, you’ll understand all the conditions and COVID-19 protocols they are following and be completely sure you’re in good hands. Alleviating relocation stress in this challenging period is possible only by having all the needed information of the movers.

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Move Safely With Preparatory Steps Before the Move

If you choose to move with professional cross-country movers, know that it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do anything to keep yourself and others safe. On the contrary, you need to follow some moving safety tips, as well. So, besides planning a relocation budget, keep in mind the following things and organize your move like a pro:

Many cross-country relocation companies faced a big problem with the outbreak of the Coronavirus. However, the professionals managed to reduce the exposure of their workers and clients to unnecessary risk. It’s quite simple, although the situation is more than serious.

It’s Best to Start Planning the Move to a New Home As Soon As Possible

A successful move without a moving-out list will be more complicated than you thought. Although you’ll have a reliable relocation crew by your side, you still have to plan the whole process. For example, you surely have to think about health insurance, among many things to consider when relocating to a new state.

Because there are other things besides relocation services you have to deal with, it’s best to start on time or as soon as possible with planning the whole process. You surely will have to look for a future house or apartment. Not only is it time-consuming, but it can be stressful, as well.

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A long-distance move on average will take two weeks to plan

Donate or Sell Items You Won’t Move, But With Extra Care

Suppose you’re looking for some ways to save on relocation costs or plan on relocating to a smaller home. In that case, you should definitely think about minimizing your inventory list. One of the ways is getting rid of things you don’t use or need anymore. This will also assist in relocating as safely as possible because the fewer items you want to move, the less work is there for professionals.

So, start decluttering room-by-room and put aside clothes and other things you can live without. And once the decluttering is done, you can donate or sell all the stuff that’s in good condition. Check your local charity organization but be aware that if they are temporarily closed, it’s best to check online Craiglist for donating. Just ensure that all items are clean before selling or donating them. However, it’s not just about donating things. You have to know how to do it responsibly, especially nowadays due to COVID-19. Learn how to do it in the video below.

What Is Personal Protective Equipment, and Will It Help You During the Whole Process?

Reasons to move are many, and people who had to move even during Coronavirus had to find a way to ensure safety during that process. Surely, one of those ways is using protective equipment. Although it can boost even more relocation stress, keep in mind that safety should be your top priority. So, search for the protective equipment that will ensure you are safe and the relocation crew that will move you efficiently.

Even if you search for it, you might not be able to find it. Don’t worry. You can still use the standard equipment like:

  • Disposable gloves,
  • Face mask,
  • Hand sanitizer.

However, know there are some things movers won’t move, and in a situation like this, you should do as many tasks as possible on your own. That way, there will be less contact and the possibility of endangering your safety. This doesn’t mean the professionals shouldn’t wear personal protective equipment during the whole relocation process. On the contrary, each team member should respect all the COVID measurements.

Keep Everyone’s Safe When You’re Cross-Country Moving to a New Location

The biggest concern of the whole relocation process is getting into contact with other people, right? And not only with the relocation team that will assist you with many services. You should consider visiting the future place, exploring the apartment or house and the neighborhood, as well. So, how to do it without direct contact?  Yes, in theory, social distancing sounds pretty easy, but what happens when it comes to traveling across the country?

You can easily learn about the area through the internet because relocating during Coronavirus calls up for some different approaches. Ask the landlord to send you accurate photos of the future place. Also, you can request a video tour as well. With Google Maps and Street Viewer, you can exactly get the bigger picture of what your future neighborhood looks like. Also, read online reviews of the place you plan to call home using the Instagram locations and Facebook groups to put you in touch with your possible neighbors.

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What Precautions to Take When Relocating With Kids and Pets

Relocating with kids in these challenging times will also require some preparatory steps. The same thing stands for relocating with pets, as well. Preparing them for the big change is one of the first steps to take.

Ensure your little ones know what’s happening and why everyone has to keep a social distance and wear protective gear. Also, it’s important to explain to them why this relocation is a good thing. Otherwise, they can feel less safe which can lead to complaining, misbehavior, and crying. Help your children cope during the pandemic move and handle the whole stressful situation.

When it comes to your furry friends, check their health with the vet first and prepare all the needed documents for the trip. The veterinarian might also recommend a mild sedative that will help your pet have a smoother trip. And don’t forget to pack water and their favorite snacks.

A girl sitting on a chair with a dog after cross-country moving
Ensure you prepare your kids and furry friend for the journey

Prepare Your New Place and Have a Fresh Start

Once you prepare everything for a safe move, you should think about the period after the move. Since the relocation team will help you with at least some of your things, ensure all the surfaces of the future place are sanitized and cleaned. This means before you start with the unpacking process, you should take some time to clean your apartment before you move in.

Relocating is an excellent opportunity to clean everything else you planned to move – from rugs to curtains. When you move in, and everything is all washed and cleaned, only then you’ll have truly a fresh start. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t clean the old place, as well. At least clean all the surfaces with soap and water. We’re all together in defeating the Coronavirus.


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Be reasonable and clean your old place after you move out

Embrace the Change and Keep Everyone Safe

When you’re making a big decision like relocating, especially during the pandemic, know it comes with a responsibility. Not only do you have to feel comfortable with the decision you’ve made, but also you should think about everyone’s health. So, make sure you do all the search necessary and hire only the trustworthy relocation team. Also, gather all information about steps and measures you have to take and have a safe move.

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