Ultimate Guide on How to Get a Job in a New City When Moving

When planning a relocation, one of the most important things to figure out is how to get a job in a new city. Finding a job in a new city is a bit more difficult than you might think since you’ll need time to adjust to the unknown environment. This is why we prepared this guide to help you with the “how do I get a job when relocating?” question.

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April 21, 2022 Posted in City Guides

Why It’s Important to Learn How To Get a Job in a New City

When relocating abroad, one of the things that should be on your relocating cross-country checklist is learning how to find a job in a new city. It’s no news that most people have to work in order to pay the bills, have a roof over their head, food, and all the other necessities.

You also probably want something more inspiring than just basic necessities, and you are willing to grow your career. When you are relocating to another town, things can be a bit more complicated, and since you don’t know many people, it’s an unfamiliar environment. Plus, you are in the process of adjusting to a different town, which certainly doesn’t make things any easier. Thankfully, our guide should provide all the help you need.

How Do You Start in a New City Without a Job?

If you prepare yourself well for the “how to find a job in another city?” task, you’ll have a stress-free relocation. That’s why you need to consider applying a few tips to make this task easier for you. If you are not relocating your business to another state and don’t have a position waiting for you, you’ll have to organize well for those first few weeks of living in another place without a job.

Prepare a Decent Amount of Resources

When relocating, you’ll need to have a financial cushion, some savings, to help you out until you start working. So the best time to move will be once you have saved enough to get you going for two to three months of living without an income. You should figure out some ways to save money for the move and balance your relocation budget and expenses. If your resources aren’t that big to cover living without work, you should consider saving on some relocation expenses.

Get ready to move Get A Quote

You Need to Work on a Good Resume to Attract Employers

Before you start stressing about how to get a job in a different city, ask yourself if you’ve done everything you could do to make your resume attractive. When applying for positions, most employers won’t interview you if they don’t find your CV impressive. Here’s what you can do to improve your resume and raise your chances of getting work opportunities:

  • Keep it simple with precise titles, nice pictures, and an aesthetically pleasing background.
  • Check if you’ve put good contact information, phone number, and email address. Use your professional email address.
  • When listing your previous experiences, don’t list everything you’ve ever done. Stick to the most relevant positions, and use reverse chronological order.
  • Add your education, which university you attended, if you’ve taken some other educational courses, how many languages you know, and other similar information.
  • Highlight all of the most important and relevant information and parts of your resume. Anything you want your employer to remember about you should be highlighted.
  • Don’t forget about the cover letter. The cover letter should be brief, effective, and compelling.

If you are interested in finding out more about how to create an impressive resume for work, you can search for more tips and tricks online. There are plenty of educational videos on Youtube that cover this topic. Here’s a video that can help you with creating a good CV.

Plan Your Hunt and Research Jobs and Employers

Generally speaking, getting a good position and growing your career is the reason to move for most people. When picking a place to live in, choose the one with the best business opportunities and industries. So one of the things to do before relocating is to conduct proper research on the town you are going to live in, especially focusing on hiring processes and businesses that are looking for employees. Figure out what kind of opportunities you have in your specific field.

Make Contacts for Building a Network

Sometimes in business, it’s more about knowing the right people and having good connections than about the skills you have. When relocating to a different location, it will take some time to start making friends in the different states, but with business, it doesn’t need to be like that. Once you research companies that are hiring employees and that you are interested in, don’t hesitate to contact them through email.

Set Up Your Profile on Apps for Career

Luckily we live in the age of technology, and you can use many different apps when applying for jobs and hunting for positions. You don’t have to be stressing about how to get a job in another city if you have a good profile on apps like LinkedIn. Set up a nice profile picture, put your experience, skills, and field of interest, and start making connections. We guarantee you’ll find some great options for positions immediately.

Apply for Jobs at Different Employers Regularly

When trying to get a position in the shortest time possible, you need to have more than a few options. Contact more companies, and apply for different jobs and businesses that are hiring. Some companies allow you to subscribe to their newsletter or create an account, which allows you to stay notified and receive email alerts.

Woman applying for a job on a laptop computer
It is highly recommended to apply for jobs regularly

Nailing the Job Interview With Local Employers

If you correctly fill out your resume, as we explained earlier, there is a high percentage of chances that you will land an interview for a position. Leaving a good impression on the employer can get you a work position you’ve dreamed of. Here are some tips on how you can practice nailing it.

Think About Some Essential Questions They Might Ask You and Plan the Best Answers

When employers ask you questions during the interview, you should try and give them the most meaningful answers you can think of. You should sound honest, confident, and convincing. Some general questions that they might ask you could go like this:

  • What makes you a good candidate?
  • Why are you interested in this position?
  • Where do you see yourself in X years from now?

Be aware that the interviewer may ask you some more personal questions about relocating away from family, how you are going to cope with your obligations if you are relocating with kids, and so on. However, know that you are not obligated to answer these or any other questions regarding race, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or even what your previous salary was (in some states).

Your Energy and Non-verbal Communication Counts Too

Besides figuring out what to say during the talk, think about how you’re going to be saying it. You should practice how you talk to make sure you have a nice tone and positive energy, and you’re not talking too loud or too quiet.

Your body language says a lot about you, and most professionals pay great attention to it. This is why you should try and practice how you are going to be holding your posture, arms, and head during an interview. It might sound unimportant, but it leaves a great impression.

Keep Growing Until You Find the Right Job

Once you send more than a few applications, you’ll have to wait a bit to receive feedback. In the meantime, you shouldn’t spend your days dwelling over no opportunities for your career. Get yourself out there, start growing both personally and professionally, and improve your chances of having a successful career.

Keep Educating Yourself

Many people relocating after college think that their educational journey has ended and that they should immediately start earning money. However, most employers love to hear that someone decided to continue their education and learning skills even after finishing their studies. Explore what kind of courses are there in your town, and apply for some. It’s also a good place to start connecting with people.

Apply for Volunteering Positions

To most people, volunteering doesn’t sound like the best option, especially since it’s not paid. However, doing something beneficial for the local community and meeting people can be a great step to landing a good position. If you make the right impression on the recruiters, they might recommend you to some employer they know.

You Shouldn’t Be Avoiding Bridge Jobs

Seeking employment in retail or customer service might not be the position of your dreams, but you shouldn’t be avoiding it either. Just because you immediately can’t get the dream position in a company that you’re interested in doesn’t mean you should waste your days with no income. In fact, you should take advantage of any employment opportunity that pops up. You never know how useful that experience might be for you.

A group of people sitting at a table drinking coffee and tea
Applying for volunteering is great if you want to make connections

What Is the Fastest Way To Get a Job in a New City?

When planning on relocating to another state, you’ll probably immediately start thinking about how you are going to be paying for your living expenses there. So the “How do I get a job in a new city before I move?’‘ question naturally pops up.

Anxiety about relocating is normal, and you’ll probably fear this moment, especially if you are relocating to another state alone. That’s why you should consider some of the following advice to help you out.

So, what is the first thing to do when moving to a new city? Once you move to your other place, you should start finding out about companies you are willing to work for. Create a list of businesses you find suitable for yourself, and figure out where you think you’ll fit in best. In the first few weeks, you should start seeking like-minded people and attending meet-ups, gatherings, and conferences.

Man searching for a job on a tablet computer
There are plenty of tips to use if you want to nail a position fast

Call Cross Country Movers To Help You With Relocating While You’re Focusing On Your Hunting

Relocations are a lot of work, and they are quite challenging and time-consuming. This is exactly why most people opt for booking long-distance moving services, such as packaging services, boxing, loading, and unloading all of their belongings.

When hunting for jobs, you most likely won’t have time to do all of this on your own. You should be focused on applying for jobs and preparing for interviews, and the long-distance moving company you hire should be taking care of your relocation. Just be sure you’ve chosen a reliable relocating company that’s going to provide you with relocation insurance.

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Now You’re Ready To Get That Dream Position Across the Country

Now, after you’ve read this ultimate guide on getting a job in a new city, you won’t have any trouble or stress. Keep in mind all of the tips we’ve provided here, such as preparing, researching, making connections, educating, and being open to different experiences.

Employers love people who are willing to step out of their comfort zone, so the fact that you’ve decided to relocate is already a plus. While searching for businesses, also look for some “long distance movers near me” to assist you with your relocation.

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