Best Ideas and Tips on How to Store Christmas Ornaments Once the Holiday Season Is Over

The most magical and inspiring time of the year is definitely Christmas and its unique spirit. Hanging decorations on the fir tree, eating fruitcakes, and drinking mulled, spiced wine are unforgettable experiences that everyone likes. But, have you wondered how to store Christmas ornaments properly in order to save that magic for the next year and the next Christmas eve? This might be a crucial question, especially if you’re planning cross country moving.

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Whether you’re moving to a smaller home or relocating from an apartment to a house, you should be familiar with how to organize your move, choose a reliable moving company, and avoid moving stress when it comes to unpacking after a move. If you’re relocating in winter, then you should know more moving tips and moving hacks to make your last-minute relocation easier. These can be really useful in packing toys for the journey or stowing your glasses rightly. No one likes to see broken items, especially if they are family heirlooms, delicate and fragile. Speaking of Christmas baubles and gimmicks, missteps during the storing process happen more often than you imagine.

So, if you’re wondering How should I stow my tree ornaments or Where should I store my holiday decorations, keep reading and find all the necessary answers. You know the saying: better safe than sorry. And if a long-distance move is going to happen soon, find out everything you can about the best-sized boxes and moving labels system, and things to know about packaging fragile items safely. If you’re relocating with kids, they will be happy to see all those sparkling tinsels, beads, and delicate baubles whole and intact. Let’s find out how to store Christmas decorations and, at the same time, make your relocation hassle-free.        

How Do You Store Christmas Ornaments?

Storing trimmings and other knickknacks can be tricky, but with the right materials, little planning, and DIY ideas, it can become a trouble-free task. Whether you need to store your artificial Christmas tree, fragile baubles, ribbons and garlands, the first step is to get the right boxes and containers. The adequate depository helps maintain the perfect condition of your holiday adornments. Keep in mind that your decor requires a cold and dry place beside the appropriate packages where they will be safe during the off-season.

Well-preserved decor is all you need to create magic
Make sure your Xmas decor is properly stored in order to ornament your home next year

Obtain the Right Boxes and Other Supplies When It Comes to Packing Up Christmas Decorations

When planning cross country moving, one of the most important things is to obtain the right types of packing materials. Depending on the type of your ornaments, you’ll get the boxes and other supplies to meet your requirements. Try these for a start:

  • Small and large moving boxes. If you have the original packages, use them,
  • A dish pack kit for smaller and fragile items,
  • Moving blankets or paper padding for large items,
  • Bubble wrap,
  • Packing paper,
  • Specialty containers,
  • Ziploc bags,
  • Tape and marker.

Of course, packing properly is more important than having good boxes. When moving cross country, there is no place for wiggle room inside of the box. Every box should be completely full. To avoid shifting, fill it with crumpled packing paper.

With the right packages, everything is easy and straightforward
Find the most suitable supplies for your delicate decor and be sure it will arrive in one piece at your new home

Why Is It Important to Sort Your Ornaments After Holiday Seasons?

There are plenty of things to do before moving, that’s true. Being occupied with decor and different sized baubles, trying to sort them first and after that to pack properly, might be the last thing you would like to deal with when trying to pack quickly for a move. Try to turn this process into a fun activity because sorting your decorations can help you avoid headaches when the time to ornament comes again.

Possibilities to organize your gimmicks are infinite, and you can do it in many ways. Some of them are:

  • By room,
  • By type,
  • By display.

After categorizing your trimmings, you can neatly pack them away in labeled boxes and know exactly where to look for specific tinsel or beads. If there are any ornaments you don’t like anymore or have scratches or dents, you can always organize a garage sale and make some extra money.

You will easy ornament each room if you sort your baubles and another decor
Organize your decor by type or room and be relaxed when the next year comes

The Most Important Steps When Storing Artificial Christmas Tree

When it comes to storing your decorated fir tree, the main obstacle is definitely its size and bulkiness. But, don’t worry, preserving its beauty until the forthcoming holidays is achievable. There are several options you can opt for, depending on your time and budget:

  • Choose sturdy storage bags,
  • Use plastic wrap to restrain branches, and after that, it will slip into the original package easily,
  • Purchase duffel bags,
  • Upright tree keeper bags will save your artificial plant as it is.

A Rolling Case for a Christmas Tree Might Be Your Best Bet

The artificial tree sometimes can be very heavy – it can weigh even 100 pounds. That’s why a storage bag with wheels can be your best bet. It’s easy to get the tree in, and the bag will keep it snug. Needless to say, this portable depository will make your life easier, and your back will thank you. Setting it aside in the basement, garage or attic will be a piece of cake with this rolling case with wheeling stands. Just keep in mind that these bags are for assembled trees.

If you would like to stow assembled Xmas fir, consider rolling case
Xmas trees can be heavy, so think about portable bags and cases for stowing

Try These Handy Ideas When Putting Away Christmas Items

Every household has some handy supplies that can be reused or given a second life, such as wrapping paper for presents, coffee cans, coffee filters, or egg cartons. If you’re tight on your budget, these DIY solutions will be perfect for you. They are both practical and protective. Your decor will be safe, and you can save extra cash and move on a budget.

Clear Resealable Bag Is an Excellent Storage Option for Tree Ornaments

You probably have in your kitchen clear gallon bags. If so, they are an excellent choice to put all your holiday adornments in the same container but sorted by color.

Wine Boxes With Dividers or Egg Cartons for a Low Budget

If you’re planning to get rid of beverage trays and egg cartons, don’t! They are the perfect cradle for fragile items. Even more, due to their mobility, they are fantastic portable storage when it comes time to decorate the tree. Just pack them into boxes or plastic bins, fill the gaps with bubble wrap or crumpled paper, and your decoration is ready for the cross country move.

Garment Bags for Large Wreaths and Garlands

For garlands, wreaths, and other artificial greenery, the most important thing is maintaining their original shape and avoiding flattening. In addition to special depository boxes, you can use your kids’ garment bags. They are a great way to stow any wall-hanging holiday decor. Mostly excellent for items with spangles or spruce needles.

For more ideas on securing wreaths and other decorations, check out this video

Pay Special Attention to Delicate Pieces – Store Them Into Reused Tissue Paper or Packaging Materials

If you have many glass baubles and other delicate items, think about using reused tissue paper. These pieces require special attention, so make sure to protect them well. You can’t go wrong with bubble wrap and padding – as much as better. Great alternatives are plastic cups. Just glue them to cardboard sheets, place them into a larger box or bin, and put your trinkets inside cups.

After Making an Apple Pie, Reuse Fruit Containers

Once you’ve made holiday sweets and apple pie with cinnamon, save plastic fruit containers. They’re large enough to hold your bigger trinkets. Rinse and dry these containers, put your items inside, and close the lid. For extra protection, use a plastic box or sturdy moving box and have a stress-free long distance moving.

With Household Items, Your Christmas Lights Get Proper Storage

Is there anything more irritating than tangled strands of lights? Dealing with them usually takes lots of time and nerves. Luckily, there are plenty of useful ways to make them tangle-free, such as:

  • Find small cones and wrap strands of lights around them,
  • Use cardboard sheet – cut small slits at both ends and wrap fairy lights around the sheet,
  • Plastic hanger with hollows for sleeves to keep lights in place will do an excellent job,
  • Spun them around coffee cans.
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How to Stow Other Miscellaneous Items

As you see, your household items are perfect for storing holiday decor. That’s why you shouldn’t worry about your budget when it comes to putting away all those beautiful and sparkling ornaments. Simply put, you have everything you need around you. So, let’s find out what supplies you can use to stow other adornments that are not baubles, tinsels, or wreaths:

  • Inside vacuum-sealed bags – great for table cloths, tree skirts, throw pillows, etc,
  • Repurposed plastic water bottles – excellent storage for strings of beads,
  • Tissue paper and cardboard tubes – your taper candles will be safe and protected inside them.
Your festive candles can last a long time if you preserve them properly
Paper and cardboard are an excellent depository for candles - just make sure to put them away in a dry and cold place

Where Should Christmas Decorations Be Stored in an Apartment?

If you’re moving from a house into an apartment, storing your holiday adornment might be a little problem. In case your future home is spacious and has a large wardrobe, you shouldn’t worry about a thing. You can store all your decorations with your assembled tree in the same place. But, what happens if your apartment is tiny and there’s not enough room for all these holiday accessories? Think in a different direction: basement or attic are probably the best way to store Christmas ornaments. With the right supplies and a dry and cold nook, your items will be safe.

Is It OK to Store Christmas Decorations in the Garage?

A garage is usually a perfect spot for most of your holiday decor. Yet, unless it’s climate-controlled, you should avoid storing items like these:

  • Tablecloths, stocking and hats, tree skirts,
  • Candles require cool places,
  • Delicate items, such as crystal or antique ornaments,
  • Food-based decor.

You should use plastic storage bins for other adornments because they are sturdy, stack easier, and provide moisture protection compared to cardboard containers. Also, consider overhead storage racks due to their advantage of maximizing your garage’s depository space.

You Can Always Rent a Storage Unit and Other Useful Services

Sometimes, you just can’t find the room in your home for all the holiday decor. But, don’t worry. You have an option to rent a storage unit. If you need to organize last-minute relocation, packing your fir tree and holiday decor would be probably the last thing on your moving inventory list. Luckily, with the professional long-distance moving company, you can rest assured that all your relocation needs will be satisfied. That being said, packing assistance and auto transport service can be easily organized in a way to fulfill your expectations and budget, as well. With choosing reliable cross country movers, you won’t be wondering what the most commonly forgotten things to pack are or when to start packing for a move. You’ll have more time to take care of your family, friends, and essential paperwork. And enjoy dreaming about your new home.

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