Things you Should Know Before Moving to the West Coast

Does moving to the West Coast sound like a dream come true? Well, it is. Who would not want to live in a place with year-round sunny days (at least in California), stunning nature and welcoming people? WC also offers fantastic job opportunities and embraces all sorts of lifestyles. But, before you start to pack your bathing suit, let’s see what things you should know before relocating to the WC.

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August 25, 2017 Posted in Moving Tips

When Choosing a City, Make Sure to Know the Weather Conditions

Moving to a different climate can be challenging, but also quite pleasant, especially if you’re relocating to the Californian part of the WC. Southern California can be called a land of never-ending summer because most of the year is sunny. Summers are hot but not humid. Winters, however, can be cold and warm, but it’s never freezing.

Seattle, on the other hand, is a city of rain. It receives almost 40 inches of rain every year, and the wettest period is between October and January. The average temperature in winter is around 45 degrees Fahrenheit, while the average daily temperature in summer is approximately 70 degrees. A hot wave is possible during the summertime, with the temperature rising to 90 degrees.

Portland, sitting in between, has cold and wet winters and warm and dry but short summers. Temperatures here vary from 36 to 84 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Unlike the East, living in the WC means that you don't have to worry about severe weather too much

Cost of Living Is Not Too High

Despite the common belief that life on the WC is expensive, some things will surprise you. One of them is the cost of living.

When we compare New York City and Los Angeles, utility bills in LA are lower. According to specialized website Numbeo, in Los Angeles, you will spend around 120 dollars on basic utilities, including cooling, heating, garbage, and water, while in New York City that bill would be 135 bucks. Groceries prices are higher in NYC than in LA, as well as those of public transportation.

Seattle is more affordable than NYC, especially when it comes to groceries, which are 23% lower in the Emerald City. Numbeo, also, shows that basic utilities in Portland, Oregon, are around 160 dollars, while in Boston they are around 170 bucks per month.

Housing prices also vary depending on where you are.

Electricity Bills are Lower

Thanks to the moderate temperatures, most of the people who live on the WC don’t use air conditioning. As a result, the power bills are lower. Pretty convenient, right?

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Whatever city you choose as your future home, you will not struggle with high utility costs.

Moving to the West Coast Will Bring You a Lot of Job Opportunities

West Coast is a heaven on earth for all those who are searching for excellent employment options. The popularity of the WC in this matter is based on the fact that the best worldwide companies are located here. Whether you are relocating to San Francisco, LA,  Portland, or Seattle, you are likely to find a field suitable for your professional growth.

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Want to Find a Job in Tech? You’re Moving to the Right Place

WC is home to innovation and creativity. The tech industry is growing, and there are no signs that it will stop any time soon.

Headquarters of Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, eBay, and Google are in California. Amazon and Microsoft are in Washington, and while the base of Intel is in CA, the company is also a top private employer in Oregon with around 17,0000 employees.

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Don't worry about finding a job because that will not be a problem here.

People Take Good Care of Their Health

Those who live on the West Coast take good care of their health. It’s quite helpful when you live in a place like California to stay healthy. People here choose a lifestyle most suitable for their needs and well being. To be healthy and happy, that’s their goal.

Leave Your Bad Habits Because Peacefulness Is a Lifestyle Here

Fantastic job options, a lot of vibrant social life opportunities, and lovely weather are just some of the reasons to move here. WC loves alternative lifestyles and embraces differences. That makes it so appealing for newcomers. Though it’s impossible to avoid stress completely, it’s much easier to deal with it when you live in a place that’s helping you overcome almost any problem.

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Residents here know how to take care of their well being.

The Pacific States are Environmentally Conscious

The West Coast loves outdoors. People spend a lot of time in parks and other green spaces. Tree hugging is a big thing on the WC. People also recycle and take good care of the environment, especially in Portland.

Smoking is a big no-no in CA. And not just in the closed spaces because California is the first state to ban smoking in open areas too.

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All cities and each area on the WC is environmentally conscious.

Like on the East Coast, Food Here is Amazing

East Coast is a heaven on Earth for all those who consider themselves food lovers. WC is, however, a place where easterners get their products. Many don’t know, but California and Washington have fresh vegetables and fruits for the whole year.

WC also has a sizable Hispanic population, so coming to California means trying some of the most delicious dishes of authentic Mexican cuisine. Portland is famous for its fried chicken and dumplings, while in Seattle you’ll try some of the tastiest coffees and craft beers.

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WC is a home of great cuisines.

Extreme Sports Are Quite Popular

For those looking for a place on Earth ideal for extreme sports, the answer is – the West Coast. Thanks to its geographic characteristics such as deserts and mountains, the WC is made for all kinds of extreme sports. Moving here will give you the chance to experience all sorts of activities such as BMX biking, motocross, base jumping, paragliding, kite surfing, surfing, etc.

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There's no way that you will not like it here because options for sports and entertainment are countless.

If You’re A Millennial Looking for a New Adventure – Head to the West Coast

West Coast is ideal for young generations looking for a place that offers both job opportunities and a lot of entertainment options. Because the cost of living is manageable, young adults will not spend a lot of time struggling with finances, especially if they find prospective employment that ensures a good income.

You’ll probably not have to deal with moving stress because the WC will seduce you in no time. So, why waiting? Start organizing your move now. Consider finding a reliable moving company that offers moving and packing services, and get ready for a new and incredible chapter.

Hannah Michaelson

Hannah is a freelance relocation writer from NYC that has become an expert on packing and unpacking.



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