Best Atlanta Suburbs for Families

Are you thinking about changing your job and environment and relocating to some of the best Atlanta suburbs for families? If your decision to live here is a definitive one, then you would want to know what are the best residential areas for you and your family to start a new life.

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September 9, 2019 Posted in City Guides

The city consists of 242 neighborhoods divided into 25 citizen advisory councils, two counties, and three main districts. If you have never visited the city before and plan on moving there, these facts might be confusing to you. Fortunately, there are a lot of beautiful residential places where you can find a kind of life and home you always wanted. Here are some of the things you need to know about them.

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Atlanta’s Micro-Neighborhoods Are Paradise for Family Life

Whether you are looking for a quiet surrounding or a safe home for your children, you need to be aware that capital of the Peach State, like any big center, has a bad reputation when it comes to crime. But the decisive fact is that this place is becoming more secure every single day. Speaking the truth, the peripheries are amazingly safe and that’s why many families with children decided to live there. And their number is continually increasing.


Is Atlanta Stressful for Family Life?

The capital and most populous residential area of the Peach State has an estimated 2018 population of 498,044. This makes this metropolis the 37th most-populous place in the US. Knowing these facts, it’s evident that it has an urban rhythm, a specific way of life and very little space for calm minds. Research has shown that urban living has a powerful impact on mental health. Some studies found that people who inhabit the big cities were 21 percent more susceptible to anxiety disorder and carried a 39 percent higher risk of mood disorders. So, if you are a person who craves a simple and slow lifestyle, then you may consider Atlanta as a very stressful place to live.

Distance from the Town’s Core is Often an Advantage

Suburbs are large districts away from the city center, yet close enough to its social and cultural happenings. In today’s world, where everyone struggles to balance work and personal life, such residential areas can allow a different way of life, better in quality. 

One more benefit of these zones is a calmer environment compared to the fast-paced city lifestyle. There are many advantages to living in these quiet neighborhoods, and some of them are:

  • Lower crime rates
  • More privacy
  • Less crowded
  • Better education
  • Being in touch with nature
  • Bonding with neighbors
  • Children-friendly environment
  • Healthier life
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Some of the Most Popular Suburbs are Located in the Metro Areas

Metro area, also known as the Atlanta–Sandy Springs–Roswell, GA Metropolitan Statistical Area, is the most populous metro area in the state of Georgia and the ninth-largest metropolitan statistical area (MSA) in the US. If you are looking for the most popular metro communities to reduce commuting time and be closer to the center, then choosing some of the city’s suburban neighborhoods can have many benefits. Maybe you prefer a more relaxed lifestyle, but you still don’t want to miss professional, cultural and social opportunities provided by the metropolis. In that case, the metro district will fulfill all your needs.   

What Are the Best Atlanta Suburbs for Families?

The capital of Georgia is encircled by several of the best suburbs in the state. The most popular are Decatur, Johns Creek, Alpharetta, Peachtree, Cumming, Suwanee, Milton, etc. Although they are distanced from the capital, residential areas are becoming more and more self-sufficient. With shops, parks, recreation and gym spaces, cultural institutions, they allow families to avoid long and tiring commutes and save their budget. A great example is Avalon“ near Alpharetta that features a variety of shopping, dining, entertainment, and living spaces.

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Interesting Facts and Stats About The City

Population numbers in peripheries vary from 20,000 to over 80,000 residents, which are usually a mix of young professionals and families. It takes from 20 to 60 minutes to reach downtown from an average suburb in normal traffic conditions. One more advantage is the vicinity of Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, the busiest airport in the world, both in passengers and the number of flights. This airline connection has great significance when it comes to business people’s needs. Also, it can be important for family vacation planning.

Suburban Neighborhoods – the Place for Children to Play and Have Fun

Peripheries are usually the most suitable places for children. Compared to urban neighborhoods, homes are much larger and usually have extra room. That means your children will have additional space for their pets and games. Suburban homes typically include some yard space that provides a healthier life for your kids.

Safety and Connection With Nature

For parents, safety is a top concern, especially if they have small children. A relaxed way of life is the main feature of living in a suburban home and brings a more relaxed pace that the capital often lacks. Besides, these periphery areas tend to be more green and grassy. They offer their residents a chance to be more connected with nature. The peaceful environment is a precondition for quality sleep and fewer worries for parents and their children alike.

High pollution in cities nowadays is a reality. A high concentration of smog in the air leads to respiratory diseases, dense populations means faster spreading of viruses and illnesses, and hectic living increases stress and anxiety. In contrast, suburb areas offer more space for walking, jogging and spending time in nature. Those activities raise the serotonin and adrenaline levels that lead to great mood and boost immunity.

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Johns Creek As One of the Best US Cities to Live in

This north Fulton County city is home to the Atlanta Athletic Club, which has welcomed more than 10 PGA Tour championships. The most favorable hobby and sport in this place is boat riding and fishing thanks to the Chattahoochee River that borders the length of Johns Creek. This place is ranked as one of the best to raise a family in Georgia and its schools are top-rated and widely admired.

Decatur is Well-Known for Schools 

This residential district in DeKalb County is a great place if you want to settle down and live for a longer period in Georgia. Decatur’s residents have a privilege to be a part of mini-center equipped with all services which are associated with downtown neighborhoods – parks, restaurants, coffee shops, bars. The significance of education for Decatur is high since the number of schools as well as their quality is above average in the Atlanta region.

Education as a Lifestyle

City Schools of Decatur, as an independent public school district that serves all of the children and youth within the four square mile area of Decatur, has a total registration of approximately 5,700 students and operates a total of nine schools.


Do You Crave for a Peaceful and Healthy Life? Consider Peachtree as Your Home

If you prefer the quiet and calm style of living, filled with physical activities and sports events, Peachtree is an ideal place for you. This city is the largest in Fayette County and offers more than 4,000 acres of greenbelts, lakes and golf paths. Peachtree is an area for enjoyment and relaxation, perfect for fishing lovers, cycling fans and golf devotees. 

The Best Golf Cart Paths

Peachtree is surrounded by 90 miles of recreational trails perfect for golf carts which is an excellent form of transportation. Golf carts are used to shorten their distance and save time.

Peachtree City Recreation Facilities

This suburb has over 40 parks, fields and recreation centers, such as:

  • Athletic complexes
  • Community parks
  • Neighborhood and other center parks
  • Playgrounds and tot lots

Choosing the most favorable environment to live in will reward you with a lot of excitement and inspiring hours. If you are looking for a peaceful, greeny and healthy atmosphere where your children will have a happy and active life, then the suburbs of Georgia’s capital are an excellent choice. They will satisfy all your requirements, provide enough peaceful moments and contribute to a higher quality of your daily activities. 

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