Are Movers Essential Workers – What We Have Learned During the Covid Pandemic

Around 22% of Americans moved because of the outbreak of the Covid 19 pandemic. And many of those people had to relocate because of the lockdown. So are movers essential workers? In this article, we will talk about how movers contribute to the functioning of people’s lives and why they are important for the economy.

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August 18, 2021 Posted in Plan the Move

Picture this. It’s spring 2020. You just bought a new house, and everything is arranged with your long-distance moving company only to hear the news that everything has stopped and that you can’t move because all non-essential businesses have to stop their work. The dilemma of what are fundamental and non-essential businesses tortured even the best lawyers in the country. Still, in the end, it was left up to states to decide what businesses will stay open and whatnot.

What Are Essential Workers? COVID 19 and Essential Services

Let’s break down this conundrum and see what fundamental employees are in the first place. When the Coronavirus kicked in, nearly every state has issued executive orders guided by directives from the federal level and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP) that outline industries as necessary during the pandemic. That typically include the following industries:

  • Health care,
  • Food service,
  • Public transportation,
  • Storage,
  • Government and community-based services,
  • Financial sector,
  • Energy sector,
  • Water and wastewater management,
  • Chemical sector,
  • Critical manufacturing.

And to be clear, long-distance moving companies are among the essentials. You may think differently, but in essence, this industry is a huge part of transportation and logistics, and it has proven to be more than necessary during a lockdown. Sometimes people don’t have any other choice but to relocate. And certainly, not everyone can carry their large and bulky furniture up and down the stairs.

 Man carrying a furniture piece for long-distance moving
Professionals were necessary for many customers during a lockdown

Moving and Coronavirus Pandemic – How Movers Prevent Spreading Of Virus

Relocation is always stressful, and with the COVID-19 around, anxiety about relocation is expected to be even higher. Making a DIY move became more complex, and many people had to organize their moves with the help of long-distance movers. Not only that you and your loved ones are safer with the help of professional long-distance moving services, but also relocation stress was minimal. Professionals were trained to pack your TV and other belongings and implement all the measures to prevent Coronavirus spread.

COVID-19 Protocols Moving Companies Had to Implement During Coronavirus Outbreak

Like everyone else in the world, the disease had an impact on the relocation industry as well. All businesses had to invest in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and cleaning products in order to protect their employees and customers. Also, all companies have to follow recommended rules and protocols, so what is done differently? Here are few things professionals must do on your relocation day:

  • They must wear masks that cover the nose and mouth,
  • Washable fabric gloves for protection and better grip,
  • Measuring a temperature,
  • Disinfecting a vehicle for each move,
  • Have hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes in every truck.
Hand sanitizer
Hand sanitizers are required in every move for employees and customers

Why Movers Had to Work During the Lockdown? Why Are Movers Considered Essential Services?

Lockdown impacted every area of our lives. And even in those circumstances, a lot of people had no choice but to relocate. Schools and colleges were shut down, so many students had to find a new place to live after leaving their college dorms and move back in with their families. Also, people moved in with their elderly parents or relocated them to their homes. There were many reasons for the move, and none was possible without the help of professionals. This mostly answers the question, “is moving considered essential.”

Many People Lost Their Jobs and Had to Relocate

Unfortunately, so many people lost their jobs because of the lockdown. And many of them had to move to a new state and start over. Some people had to relocate to smaller homes to cut some losses or to relocate to an apartment. Some went even further and relocated their entire business to another state. But relocating for the job was not the only reason to move. A lot of people relocated for love too. Many couples who could work from home decided to take their relationship to the next level, cut some expenditures, and finally move in together.

Some Were Just Finding a Nicer Place to Live

Coronavirus brought along a trend of cross-country moving from big cities to small towns or suburban areas. A lot of people decided that living in a high rise is either too crowded or too expensive. Lockdown made so many people crave a big house and yard since most people could work from home. Living in an urban hive was not necessary anymore. And this trend continues to rise in America. More and more people decide to move to a new home away from the fast life of a metropolis.

Couple unloading their belongings after cross-country moving
Lots of people relocated to bigger and cheaper house

They Implemented New Ways of Conducting a Business

As we mentioned above, some changes had to be implemented, and most were closely connected to rules and regulations every business has to follow. So on a relocation day, a limited number of employees are allowed to be in the same room because of the social distancing. Also, most companies moved their business online and decided to do as much work as possible without contact.

Estimation Is Done Virtually

One of the things that companies started to do is provide virtual in-home estimations – now, it is conducted through video conferencing. All you need to do is prepare a household inventory list before. That makes estimation much faster and easier, and most importantly, you will have an efficient move.

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And Payments Are Too

Also, online contact-free payments are much more in usage than ever, and paying with credit cards has never been more popular. Many companies now have portable wireless terminals for payment, so there is no need for cash withdrawals. You can even tip your worker this way.

Storage Facilities Are Open Too

It doesn’t matter if you have self-storage units or you decided to use a storage facility offered by your company since that service is considered necessary too. A lot of people had to downsize and relocate to smaller houses and didn’t know what to do with their belongings. Yard sale or garage sale was out of the question, so many decided to pack quickly and place most of their belongings in safe storage facilities.

Man packing a box for long-distance moving
Put your stuff in storage if you don't have a place for it right now

Find Reliable Long-Distance Movers Near Me and Prepare Best Way Possible

When searching for a reliable relocation company, you can implement some tips to avoid relocation scams. First, you must do a USDOT number check. After you see if the company is registered, go online, read reviews, and see other people’s experiences. Ask for a quote from at least three companies and see which one is most affordable. Make sure to ask their agent all about safety regulations they implement in order to avoid the spread of the Coronavirus and protection of customers.

Get Right Packing Supplies

If you wish to have a stress-free and safe move, our relocation tip is to buy your packing materials and not use second-hand ones. Even if it can be tempting to get free boxes, their safety is questionable. The best-sized boxes are medium ones because they are easier to carry around. Also, buy some packing paper, bubble wrap, labels for relocating, and cushioning for fragile items. And start your packing for a move as soon as possible if you don’t plan to hire professionals for packing service.

Pack and Clean Simultaneously

When you start packing pots and pans and other belongings, it would be advisable to clean them before packing. Not only will unpacking after a move be much easier, but cleaning is important for other reasons, especially if someone is in your home during Coronavirus. Before your truck arrives, do a good deep cleaning of all furniture, rugs, and other large and bulky items that will be in direct contact with workers. Even though they will wear masks and gloves, there is never too much protection when it comes to viruses. And even though professionals will not pack your clothes, you should clean them too before boxing them up.

Provide Hygiene Products for Your Workers

Before the truck arrives at your doorstep, make sure to clear a path for workers. If you are relocating with kids, send them to friends or family members for the day, if possible. Also, buy hygiene products, hand sanitizers, and wet wipes, and put them in every room to be available for everyone. Even if movers are wearing their gloves they will have to take them off for a lunch break or coffee break.

If You’re Not Feeling Well, Inform Your Company

One of the golden rules in preventing viruses from spreading is isolation. So if you or any family member is not feeling well, call your company and cancel the move. As you know, you can cancel your move whenever you want, especially if someone is sick. That way, you will do yourself and your workers a huge favor. Once you contact an agent, tell them about the situation, and they will be more than happy to arrange another date for your move. The same rule applies to the company they can cancel your move if some of their employees catch a virus, they will have to be in isolation.

For more tips on how to disinfect your house the best way, check out this video.

So Are Movers Essential Workers?

So, is moving essential? If anything, this horrific pandemic has shown us that the relocation industry was more than necessary for many people. During the lockdown, roughly one in five Americans moved, and most of them had no other choice. Taking this into account, you can see how much relocation industry is necessary for everyday functioning, especially in times of need. In conclusion, relocating is sometimes unavoidable, and these situations increased during the lockdown. Relocation companies worked through the whole pandemic, and they will continue to work. So book professionals and have a safe and stress-free move right away.

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