Questions to Ask Yourself Before Moving for Love

Moving for love might be the best decision of your life and the biggest risk you’ve ever taken. Starting all over for someone else might seem crazy, but it might be even crazier not following your gut and letting your significant other go. And that’s precisely why we’re here, to help you weigh the pros and cons properly before deciding whether to embark on this journey.

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February 13, 2018 Posted in Moving Tips

Should You Move for a Relationship?

Depending on the depth of your feelings, moving to another state for a relationship may not be such a strange decision. Setting up a home together is the next logical step, and the upcoming transition can only spice up your life. It doesn’t matter if you’re relocating to a smaller home; experiencing a new adventure together is the whole point behind it. On the other hand, when starting a romance, you still have no clear idea of who the person you’re dating really is, let alone if you should move to a new home together. It might be wiser to consider a long-distance relationship until you get to know your partner better.

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Before you pack everything up, think carefully if relocating for love is the right move

How Long Into a Relationship Should You Move in Together?

There are many determining factors when making this jump together, but then again, none of them will reveal the magic date or formula for calculating the right time to do it. There’s a survey conducted by Stanford University where they tried to find out how long it takes for couples to move in together. According to them:

  • 25% moved in after four months,
  • 50% moved in after a year,
  • 30% waited for two years before they gathered the courage to try living together,
  • Less than 10% did it after four years.

And the reason for this is simple – for things to work out, both partners have to be on the same page. Taking a risk should be teamwork, not just your sacrifice.

Can Moving in Too Soon Ruin a Relationship You Have With Your Partner?

If you don’t want your romance to be over, you should take this question seriously. Living together and sharing a home doesn’t mean a never-ending date and a sleepover, but being ready to intertwine your lives and share both the good and the bad. When it comes to moving for love, a long-distance relationship is a better option for all the people not brave enough to take such a huge step yet.

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Are You Actually Relocating for the Right Reasons?

Sure, taking the next step in the relationship should be one of your main reasons to move. However, thinking about the future is more complex than that. Look closely at yourself and your partner and try to point the finger at all the weaknesses you two are trying to forget about. From simple stuff like your lifestyles to more important things, such as life goals you want to achieve or whether you want to have children. So before moving across the country for love, think these through thoroughly.

Signs That You’re Not Ready to Start Your Life Over for Love

Your thoughts have been flipping back and forth, from negative to positive, and then back again? When should you not move in together is a tricky question, but certain signals can tell if you’re not ready for such a huge step. Here are some of them:

  • If thinking about the move makes you anxious and unhappy,
  • If you’ve never considered relocating to another city before this,
  • If you’re using your romantic connection as a way to escape problems,
  • If you’re not sure they would do the same for you.
  • If you feel like you are sacrificing yourself for your partner.
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The quality of people's relationships will determine if both parties are on the same page

Have You Discussed Your Living Arrangements?

If you want to move efficiently, there are many things to do before moving for a relationship, like discussing all the details of your future place and preparing your home for sale. Not to mention all the house-hunting tips you have to go through, so you can find the perfect nest for you two and avoid common relocation mistakes people make when transitioning to a new city. For a stress-free relocation, you can always go for reliable long-distance movers. They will provide you with professional packing or any other moving services you need.

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It's important to communicate openly and on time about all the details

Do You Both See a Bright Future in the New Place?

Starting from zero and adjusting to a new city is a challenging endeavor, but each challenge allows you to change something in your life for the better. However, both you and your significant other must see the opportunities to reach new heights in a place you’re heading to. Make sure you know where you’re going and grab the chance to live a good life with your loved one.

Consider Future Job Opportunities

There are many benefits of relocating, but growing professionally must be one of the biggest ones. Taking the plunge and jumping into a new job market will not only help you get the employment opportunity you’ve always wanted, but it will also speed up the process of acquiring new skills and experiences.

You Won’t Have the People You Care About Around

Strengthening the romantic bond can’t happen without making little sacrifices along the way. Although we make these choices voluntarily, sometimes their consequences could affect us negatively. For example, when relocating to a different state, you’ll have to learn how to cope with going away from family and friends. Leaving your support system will be the most challenging part of the adjustment process, but dealing with some negative emotions doesn’t mean you didn’t make the right choice.

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Living in a different city will offer you a whole different life: from a new job and friends to a different everyday routine

Do You Have a Backup Plan if Things Don’t Work Out?

Sure, we would all be delighted to live La vie en rose, but sometimes life has other plans for us. The truth is nobody likes to contemplate failures in advance. However, unpredictable things can happen. And although no one can be entirely prepared for being broken-hearted, don’t leave yourself in the dark because the thought of a breakup is an unpleasant one. Go through all potential what-ifs and figure out the possible answers.

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Just thinking about a backup plan on time will give you a piece of mind

Moving for Love Should Be Worth the Trouble

How willing are you to pursue love and is there a distance too far or a mountain too high? Well, that’s a question only you can answer. However, keep in mind that if you never dare to try it, you’ll never have a chance to find out if it was worth putting your heart on the line.

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