Moving Day Preparation in a Nutshell – How to Be Ready for Movers

Without good logistics, long-distance moving can easily become chaotic and overwhelming. And even if you book the most experienced movers, there will have to be at least some moving day preparation from your side for everything to go smoothly. And don’t worry, these things are easy and don’t require plenty of effort, but they will make your transition a lot easier and without stress.

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June 9, 2022 Posted in Moving Tips

Even if you are relocating at the last minute, there are things you can do to make the whole relocation day less stressful. Your house will be crowded with people, and it can easily happen that you forget something important to do. But if you prepare everything in advance, relocation day will pass fast and without any mistakes.

Get Up Early and Go Through Your List

Once you pick up the city you are going to live in, the next step you need to take is to create your relocation-across-a-country list. So is there a checklist for moving? There are many templates you can download from the internet, but even those must be adjusted to your needs. In essence, from the moment you decide where to move, you can start with the creation of this list.

It should be a reminder of everything you need to do before and after relocation, so make sure this list is always within your reach. On your big day, go through this list once again just to make sure you have done everything. Here are some suggestions to put on your moving to-do list:

Designate One Safe Room In Your Home

What is the first thing to do on a moving day? No matter if you are relocating with kids, pets, or alone, you should designate one room in your home to be your “safe room.” That means this room will be off the limits for anyone except you and your family members. This room will be your nursery room if you are relocating with a newborn or a place where you can put your furry friends if you are relocating with pets. Here you will put all the important and essential items you are taking with you, so they don’t get on the moving truck by mistake.

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Preparing for the Movers – Best Tips and Tricks for a Safe and Efficient Move

If you think about should you empty drawers when moving or do you need to remove clothes from the dresser for movers, the answers are yes and yes. If you only book cross-country movers for long-distance moving services without packing, then you will have to do all the packing, including emptying your closet and drawers. But if you hired them for full packing service, then this should be done by your movers.

On the other hand, even though you hired professionals to do all the job for you, there are some things you can do to make this whole process a lot safer and more efficient. For example, if you are relocating in the winter, ensure to have spotlights ready because the dark will come much faster during the day. Also, put some sheets on your floors to protect them from moisture (if it is rainy or snowy outside) and scratching.


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Moving Day Preparation – All You Need to Prepare the Night Before

As we mentioned before, if you hire professionals for packing service, all you need to do is sit back and relax and deal with other important things. But if you decide to do the packing alone, then this should be finished at least one day before. So if you have your boxes all wrapped and labeled, you could move them all to one room. This way, the whole process will be much faster and easier both for you and your long-distance movers. Ensure all the passages in your house are clear so that bringing out the large and bulky items can also be safe and smooth.

Go Through Your Essentials Checklist Once Again

As you may know, there are some things movers won’t move, and these belongings you will have to pack with you. With most companies, these are the items you would usually put among your relocation essentials. Stuff like important documents, jewelry, laptops, and other irreplaceable items should be with you. Of course, you should also pack clothing and hygiene products.

Depending on the destination, it can happen that you’ll have to wait for your belongings for more than two weeks. If this is the case, your long-distance moving company should inform you about that before you move. This way, you can pack more than just one or two bags, but you should fill one or two boxes with the essentials and necessities you will need until your belongings are delivered. So go through your list once again and see if you have put all the necessary items aside.  Check this video for more tips on how to properly pack your home.

Buy Plastic Plates and Glasses for Your Moving Day

So your workers have arrived. You have packed all your glasses and plates only to realize you have to serve some drinks and food to you and your family. The best relocation tip is to go and buy plastic plates and glasses the day before. This way, you will not have to worry about washing your dishes. Also, book lunch as soon as your workers arrive. Order pizza or some other fast food, and ensure you have plenty of water available for everyone.

Have Extra Packing Supplies on Hand

Even though you probably have packed everything, you would be surprised how many belongings people forget to pack. And only after every room is empty and belongings placed on the truck can you see all the forgotten items. So ensure you put two empty boxes aside in case you forget something. And once your movers pack everything, go through each room and check everything once again in case something is left behind.

Buy Garbage Bags

So once your truck hits the road, you will be left in an empty house that will probably be full of garbage, from protective materials to plastic bottles of water. And if you have protected the floor properly, you will have nylon or sheets that have to be thrown away. So ensure you have enough garbage bags to clean your home properly.

It Would Be the Best to Leave Some Cleaning Supplies

While we are at cleaning, ensure to leave some cleaning supplies. If you have some half-spent cleaning bottles, keep them in the house and use them once workers leave. You will have to leave the house spotless no matter if you are selling the house or not. So keep one bucket, mop, and universal cleaner with some sponges, and you will be fine.

Bucket with cleaning supplies
Once workers leave the house clean everything

Have Some Cash to Give Tips to Movers

If you don’t know what to expect on moving day or what is expected of you, don’t worry – we got you covered. Most of the things are already mentioned, but there is one last thing you must not forget, and that is to have some cash on you so you can tip movers. Even though you are not obliged to give them any additional money, if you believe they have done a good job and taken good care of your belongings, tipping will be a great way to show them your appreciation.

There Are Some Things You Need to Prepare Weeks Before Movers Arrive

Like with any big project, it couldn’t be done stress-free without weeks of preparation. And it is the same with cross-country moving. Only a few things can be done on the relocation day, but if you wish to have an efficient move without stress, you have to start weeks in advance. Here are some things you can do to make a job easier for you and your workers.

Do a Deep Cleaning of All Your Belongings

This probably sounds like a waste of your time and energy, but trust us, if you do a deep cleaning of all your belongings before you move, your unpacking after will be bliss. And don’t worry about your stuff being in transportation. If you pack them properly and protect them, nothing will happen to them. When you start packing pots and pans, do not put dirty pots in boxes. You will come to the clean new house, and the last thing you would want to do is wash all the pots and other dishes once you settle in. Also, if you have a sofa and rugs, order a deep cleaning of those items. It will be much nicer to have a clean place to relax as soon as you step inside the new home. Also, do the same with your clothing. This way, your unpacking will be done in a couple of hours.

Schedule Utility Transfer

No matter if you are relocating from house to apartment or vice versa, you will have to cancel utilities in your name. If you are relocating within the same state, you should probably be able to transfer most of the utilities, but if you are relocating to another state, you will have to cancel them. You can do this week before the date of your move, and you can even schedule for utilities to be shut off the day after you leave. There are also other entities you are required to inform, such as the post office, IRS, your bank, car insurance, and others. Also, ensure you visit DMV and the medical insurance company as soon as you arrive at your new location. For these things, you will only have a small amount of time when it is possible to apply for an address change.

Downsize for a Move

If you wonder what should you not pack when moving, the list can be quite long. But let’s put it like this: If you haven’t used the item for more than two years, it should be tossed away. We don’t have to mention how important it is to downsize for a move. First of all, your whole relocation will cost less. Secondly, you will get the chance to finally get rid of some items that have been dragging around the house. And lastly, your unpacking will be much easier, and you get to buy new items for your home.

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Downsizing will help you with unpacking as well

When Should You Start Preparing for a Move?

As soon as you decide where you are gonna live you should start with your preparations. Because booking a long-distance moving company will be the easiest thing of all move. You will have to sell your house and buy a new one. If you are relocating with kids, you will have to transfer them to a new school. If you are relocating without a job, you will have to save some money upfront and look for a job before you move.

As you can see, depending on your situation, your preparation can last from one to three months. But one thing is for sure – if you book a company to help you with your move, this whole process will be much easier and less stressful. Because aside from all the obligations you will have, you will not have to worry about trivial stuff like protective materials and in which boxes you put what item. Professionals will ensure everything is done meticulously.

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