The Definitive List of Who to Notify When Moving (and Why)

If you are planning to move across the country, there are some things to consider before and after the whole process. One of the essential things to know is who to notify when moving. According to some research, the biggest reason why people move is that they found a new or better home. So, if you are one of them, make sure you are familiar with who to call and advise about your relocation.

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June 16, 2021 Posted in Moving Checklist

Years of coronavirus pandemic recorded a growing number of relocations. 25% of Americans who relocated did it precisely because of the pandemic. If you are one of them or have any other reason to move, whether you are relocating for love or you realized all the benefits of relocating to a smaller home, you should be well-prepared and organized. Only that way, stress-free relocation is guaranteed. So, to accomplish that, don’t forget to tell everyone about the move, from family and friends to banks and other institutions. We’ll answer who should you notify when you move and provide you with the definitive checklist.

Why Is Important To Know Who to Notify When Moving

We all realize how relocation to a new state can be a challenging period of someone’s life, especially if you decide to relocate alone. However, letting everybody know that you’re changing the place needs to be done, and you shouldn’t postpone it. This task is very important in the whole process because nobody wants to deal with hassles like service laps or missed bills. It’s better to start by notifying all the important institutions and services earlier because there are a lot of companies and institutions to call or visit in person.

Two white envelopes on the white surface
It is important to learn who to advise about your move since you may end up without your mail

When You Move Who Should You Notify – Create Your Own Checklist

For every successful relocation, the key is to start on time and be as organized as possible. To achieve this, you should create a checklist with each company and service you need to call and advise about your relocation. This checklist doesn’t have to stand on its own, and you can add this part to the relocation to-do list you already made before. Creating this kind of list will not only help you not to forget something during the move, but it will also keep you on track with tasks that are already done and with those that still await you.

A list of things to do
A list of every institution and company you have to call will keep you updated

Change of Address – Who to Notify and How To Do It

Among all the relocation hacks you had to learn and deciding when to start packing, being constantly updated on all the tasks that are still not done is essential. So, the best way to achieve this is to create more than one list that will help you stay organized during the relocation. This will also help you avoid the common things people forget when they move, which includes unpaid bills. Here’s a list of everyone you should contact and when you are thinking about relocating:

  • Start by telling your family and friends – The sooner you tell them, the sooner you’ll cope with moving away from family.
  • Advise your employer – Don’t postpone asking your employer the most important relocation questions, no matter how hard it could be.
  • Contact the Post Office – this should be one of the first steps when deciding the best time to move.
  • Call the IRS and tax agencies – Avoid having someone else receiving your tax return.
  • Don’t forget social security administration – Notifying SSA should also be on your list. You can do it online or by calling their client support center.
  • Call the insurance providers – call your insurance agent and announce your relocation day.
  • Take care of medical services – It is important to have all the medical records updated and with you.
  • Inform schools and other educational institutions – Transferring all records to your new location is essential, and for doing that, you’ll have to inform those institutions first.
  • Give a call to the utility providers – Nobody wants to sit in their future apartment without water, electricity, or heating, especially if relocating in winter.
  • Let your bank and credit card companies know about the move – It’s essential they understand you are relocating.
  • Advise all subscriptions and online accounts about your relocation – You might need to cancel some subscriptions after you move to the future home.
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Tell Your Family Members and Friends

If you’re asking yourself what is the best way to notify of address change and how to do it efficiently and without any fuss, you can start by calling your closest people. Doing this first will give you energy for all the other things you have to do in the whole relocation process. The support you’ll get from your family and friends is the most important thing and it will help you cope with the relocation stress, as well.

A group of people smiling
You'll get the biggest support from your family and friends

Who to Notify of Address Change Before the Relocation – Start With The Post Office

No one wants to have someone else’s mail, especially because you can end up behind bars if you open mail that isn’t yours. So, if you wonder how to stop getting mail from previous residents, the answer is USPS. But, first, you need to change your address. The great thing is that USPS offers you online registration, and in no time, you’ll have your info updated. Not only is it the best way to notify change of address, but it’s also the fastest way because when you register, you’ll get the confirmation mail right away. However, if you prefer an old fashion way and you visit the Post Office in person, you’ll need around five working days to get your info updated.

When Should You Change Your Address When Moving

No matter if it’s your first time to move or you’ve become a pro because you moved more than three times. The essential thing is to understand when and where to update your address when you move. We all realize how the whole process can be challenging, and some mistakes will probably happen. You must know that this is completely normal, and that’s why if you start in advance, every mistake and omission can be fixed. So, it’s best to contact them by phone, online, via mail, or in person at the Post Office two or three weeks before the relocation day.

A sign of USPS
Visit the USPS's website and get your address changed

IRS Should Be the Second On Your List

After the Post Office, Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is the first institution you should notice about your move. No matter if you are cross country moving from a metropolis to a smaller town, you’ll have to pay your bills and taxes anyway. Start your new life on the right foot and visit your state tax agency and the IRS office. This is also a task you can accomplish from your chair because both services offer online opportunities to shift your old residence to a new one.

A man with a laptop and notebook
Luckily, nowadays everything can be done online without waiting in lines

Schools and Medical Services Should Be Updated About the Move

Why you should transfer and update all the medical records isn’t something we should discuss because we all realize why it is important. However, we often tend to forget the most important stuff since the relocation can be a chaotic process. If you are relocating with kids, make sure their medical and school records are updated and transferred correctly. And if you move with pets, keep in mind you’ll have to update their documents as well. When you deal with a pile of documents and paperwork, it is essential to have them all in one place and correctly organized. So, in this whole relocation, don’t forget to keep your important documents organized and after the move you won’t have to deal with them. Here’s a video that can help you organize your records in the best way:

Who to Notify When You Move – Bank and Insurance Company

When thinking about relocating on a budget, don’t forget other financial questions you should think about – banks and credit card companies. Let them understand you’re changing your current place of residence. The best way is to call their support center, but there is also a possibility to do it online.

Don’t forget to update your life insurance with your new residence. You can do it online as well, or simply call the insurance agent that will do everything for you.

Two men with two laptops and a paper
Don't omit banks and insurance companies

Call Your Utility Providers and Let Them Know About the Relocation

Relocation doesn’t consist only of the things you have to do before, but also those after the move. However, you must contact your utility providers at least two weeks before the relocation day and be sure every service (such as gas, electricity, water, and the internet) is correctly transferred and is all working properly. You don’t want to end up after the move sitting in a dark room without water or electricity because it won’t help you adjust and feel like you are in your new home.

Bulbs in a row
Arrange switching or transferring your utilities in advance

Who to Notify of Change of Address After the Relocation to Your New House

As mentioned above, it’s better to let everybody on your move in advance. However, there are many tasks and chores you have to do, and it’s completely normal you forget about something. You need to realize that it is not the end of the world. You’ll get everything done at some point, so you shouldn’t force yourself to do it all before the relocation day. Here are something you can do after professional cross country movers unload the boxes with your stuff:

  • Visit DMV,
  • Cancel or transfer subscriptions and memberships of magazines.

Pay a Visit to DMV as Soon as You Move

If you hire reliable long-distance movers near you for the auto transport service, you’ll need to understand how car shipping works. But, this is not all. You’ll have to visit the DMV because the driver’s license and your car registration have to be updated as well. Make sure you set an appointment in the first week after you move because legally, you have to modify your driver’s license and car’s registration when you move to another state. So, prevent any kind of problem and make an appointment online with the specific date and time, and you’ll be done in no time.

Subscriptions and Memberships Should Be on the Checklist

Most magazines, newspapers, and many online retail shops have a one-click possibility to modify your address. You can also do this after the move, but don’t wait for too long because they might end up in someone else’s trash.

Many piles of paper
Don't have to cancel the subscription to your favorite magazine because you're relocating

Last but Not Least – Make Sure Your Trustworthy Long Distance Moving Company Is Aware Of Your Relocation Day

After dealing with all the companies and services because you are relocating to your future home, there is one big task left – finding a reliable company with all long-distance moving services. The trustworthy company can help you pack your belongings with efficient packing service and offer you a free storage unit in the beginning, for any kind of stuff you don’t know where to put. So, let the professionals take care of your relocation, and you’ll have more free moments to rest and take a deep breath because relocation can be a bit overwhelming for someone.

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