Preparing Your Home for Sale

Preparing your home for sale is not a short and easy process, especially if you want to boost your home’s selling price and get the maximum from it. Usually, making some small repairs and adding details that will neutralize your realty is enough for potential buyers to envision their life there and for you to attain the price you want. For that reason, we prepared a complete guide on how to prepare your house for selling that will help you sell it quicker and at a better price.

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May 27, 2021 Posted in Housing Tips

How to Prepare Your House for Sale?

According to the National Association of Realtors, the average time needed for one realty to be sold is around three weeks. This means you’ll not have a chance for a second impression and that potential buyers should see the property in perfect condition. However, we all know that your budget is pretty limited when it comes to house cosmetics, so the first rule on preparing your house for sale is – you want to update, not renovate.

Adding some small details that will beautify your space or performing some small renovations can definitely help potential buyers decide that your property is their next home. The effect you want to achieve is that the property is well-maintained and that the buyer won’t have any additional costs associated with renovations.

Add Small Improvements to Increase the Property Value

Those small improvements will definitely help you return on investment and increase the property value even for a couple of thousand dollars. The first thing you should focus on is any minor maintenance issues you were aware of with your property. This maintenance you were neglecting for a while, like little holes in drywall caulk around the bathtub, clogged gutters, and all other things that might look insignificant to you but that the potential buyers will definitely notice.

The last thing you want to achieve is prospects going through the property and commenting on issues they should take care of because they usually overestimate the costs of repairs. It can sometimes result in them giving up on buying the property. For that reason, taking care of all these issues and creating an atmosphere of a house ready to move in will affect the perception of your realty crucially.

man is fixing the window using a drill
Small improvements can increase the value of your property by a couple of thousand dollars

Preparing Your Home for Sale Tips

The best thing about preparing your realty to be put on a list is that you will start preparations for the relocation of your household at the same time. Since these two processes will take place simultaneously, we’ve prepared a few useful tips for preparing your home for sale that will help you move efficiently and also help you pack quickly for a move. Here are the ultimate tips on how to organize your household for purchase.

Tip #1 – Declutter and Minimize Your Household Items, and Your Living Space Will Look Larger

According to many surveys, the average American household has 300,000 items. Knowing this fact, the very first thing that should be listed on preparing your home for sale checklist, and moving to-do list, too, is decluttering the household from unnecessary items. Doing so will make your space more inviting and spacious.

Don’t forget that once you put your realty on the list, many people will actually come to see it and peek into every corner of your household. They will want to check every closet, storage area, or kitchen cabinet. For that reason, your home has to be in perfect order, and the best way to attain this condition is to start decluttering and downsizing your household.

Get Rid Of All Stuff that Won’t Have Use Value In Your Future Living Space

Identifying all the stuff you won’t be taking to your new address and getting rid of them will also help you start packing for a move more quickly and get your house neat at the same time. One of the best moving hacks is to donate unwanted items.

So, don’t forget to explore where to donate toys your kids are not using anymore, what local libraries will accept the donation of books, and is there any nearby charity to donate furniture. All this will significantly decrease the costs of your cross-country movers and help you organize your move better.

Also, organizing a garage sale can help you downsize your household and support your moving budget too. In case you live in the realty you’re trying to sell, then consider using a storage place to store all superfluous items since this will be the best way to keep the household in order.

Tip #2 – Clean, Spruce Up, and Brighten Up the Realty

Making your space perfectly clean and taking care of the tiniest details is a must-do when preparing your realty for visitors who will potentially buy it. You want them to have a perfect impression, and for that reason, there is no space left for omissions of this kind. Hiring a professional cleaning service is a great idea if you want to attain a perfect impression and a stress-free moving experience. Also, don’t forget to bring some fresh air into the property before the visitors come. The smell of the house plays a great part in the overall impression.

Another thing to take care of is making the space bright enough, so all the advantages of space are highlighted. Turn on all the lights, spread the curtains, and make the sun part of your interior. Also, choosing some pastel, earthy colors for walls and furniture, creating a pleasant atmosphere and more open and luxurious looking, will help your property sell faster.

Open concept, bright dining room, and living room area with huge windows
Make sure your space will be perfectly clean before future residents come to inspect it

Tip #3 – Don’t Forget to Make Even Smallest Repairs

The thing you should ask yourself is when was the last time you updated the specific areas like kitchen, bathroom, floors, door handles, electrical outlets, and faceplates. This is what buyers are going to be looking at when they come to the property and start the inspection.

The prospects are usually looking for a property that is ready to move in, and in many cases, they are even ready to buy the furniture if it is in good condition. And not being obliged to organize the moving of furniture or sell it separately will facilitate the relocation process significantly. Investing in updates before you put your realty on the list can tremendously affect the value increase, so consider repairing and renovating everything you can, even if that requires a couple of thousand dollars investment. The areas that influence the buyer’s decision are definitely the kitchen and bathroom, so if you haven’t changed them for some time, this is the best starting point for updating the interior.

Tip #4 – Focus on the Front Door Area

The front door area will be the very first image that potential new residents will see when walking up to your home, so ensure it looks inviting. No matter the size of your property entrance, refine it with some flowers, greenery, and lanterns. This is especially important if you have a balcony or backyard since it provides you with great possibilities to attain this magazine-like looking.

Make sure your lawn is mowed, apply a fresh coat of paint to your door, buff and shine the hardware, clean your mailbox, and get a new welcome mat. You can even wash your roof and clean it from mold and dirt, clean the facade using a pressure washer, and try to repair all the cracks on the driveway. Although these details may seem insignificant, buyers will notice them, so you should make them appealing because everything counts.

house front door, garden, flowers
The front door area is the first impression potential residents will acquire once they come to your place

Tip #5 – Depersonalize the Space and Let the Potential Residents Envision their Future Home

One of the hardest things for the majority of those who are about to leave their home is dealing with sentimental items and depersonalizing its living space. When buyers step into the house, they should have the opportunity to envision how their family life will look there. And with your personal stuff all around the place, it will be almost impossible for them to start daydreaming about their new residence.

Remove Everything That Could Resemble Your Personal Life

This is why you should remove all your personal belongings from rooms, like family pictures, diplomas, or your kid’s toys. This is also a perfect moment to organize your documents and pack them because, believe it or not, although so important, documents are one of the most commonly forgotten things to pack.

Taking your family pictures with you and all other sentimental items can help you overcome relocation depression and deal with moving stress easier, so don’t forget to include them in the checklist for moving to another state.

Get ready to move Get a Quote

Tip 6 – Set a Stage – Let the Visitors Feel Like they are Already at Home

If you want your realty to be quickly noticed once it is put on the market, then hiring a professional stager who will make it an appealing place is the best decision for you. Licensed stagers are there to help you highlight the best parts of your house by placing the pieces of furniture and decorations in the right place and creating this magazine-looking atmosphere. This way, you’re achieving your rooms look more open, spacious, functional, and just make it much nicer and easier to show.

Having a professional stager by your side means you’re getting an interior design perspective on what looks right in the realty and fresh, trendy pieces that really will pop and make your property a real showroom. Having your residential place set like this will help the potential buyers understand how they could best utilize that space and how it will work for them and their families. Moreover, staging will definitely help you to sell your realty faster and for top dollar.

Tip #7 – Find Reliable Real Estate Agent Who Will Help You Sell Your Realty Faster

The most secure way to sell your house fast is to find a real estate agent that will take care of the whole process and put your property on the market. Consulting with a real estate agent will provide you with the right sales strategy and great marketing support, too.

Real estate agents will create professional presentations of your realty, taking pictures and videos, and market it on websites and other channels. Furthermore, since real estate agents are in contact with a large number of people and know the requirements of the local housing market, they can advise you on improving your house appearance, what price you should ask when negotiating begins. They will also connect you with potential buyers, so having real estate agents by your side is definitely a good decision. And when you’re preparing to sell your realty, there are a couple of questions that you should ask your real estate agent, so if you want to know what you should pay attention to, check the video below.

Ready to Move Out?

Preparations for moving out imply a lot of multitasking, so while you’re preparing your household for selling, you will also need to prepare yourself for relocation. Choosing a reliable long-distance moving company and booking all the long-distance moving services in advance will be of tremendous importance if you want to experience stressless relocation.

Be Sure You’re Dealing With Professionals

Once you contact the relocation company doesn’t forget to check their USDOT number check and make sure you deal with professional long-distance movers that can provide you with all the necessary packing services, as well as they can give you all the cross-country moving tips, and answer any questions you may have. And when it comes to packing, don’t forget to explore when is the right moment to start packing for a move, and prepare everything by timeline, whether you opt for cross-country movers or hire a rental truck on your own.

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